How to Get Glitter Lips

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Trending glitter lips, learn more about how to achieve glitter lips.

1. To make lip makeup last longer, begin by blending a small amount of concealer or foundation over the edge of your lips with your fingertip or simply apply lip primer. 

2. To create a sharp lip contour and prevent lipstick bleeding, one can always outline the lips with a lip pencil. Start in the middle of the top lip, and by using small short strokes, work outward to the corners. Then, using the same technique described above, line the lower lip.

3. For a precise application, paint on your lipstick with a lip brush. Applying lipstick with a lip brush, as opposed to directly from the bullet, gives you a greater control along the curves of the lips. Accuracy is important when you are using bright/dark pigmented colors because they are not as forgiving as natural shades and flaws are more obvious.

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4. It’s time to add some glitter

(a) Decant some glitter glue onto a mixing tray (or similar).

(b) Immerse the tip of your makeup brush in the glitter glue.

(c) Dip the glue-laden bristles into a pot of cosmetic grade glitter.

(d) Press the brush over the surface of your lips to deposit the glitter.

(e) Repeat steps (b) to (d) until you achieve the desired effect.


Try to avoid applying the glitter too far inside the mouth or it will end up on your teeth.

To remove any excess glitter, put your thumb in your mouth, suck it gently and slowly pull it out of your mouth or place some Vaseline on your teeth before you apply lipstick or glitter.

For maximum impact, pair the glitter lip with a neutral eyeshadow.


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