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    Fix Those Flaws & See Your Confidence Soar

    Flaws are something that every woman has, and it’s important to realize that they aren’t anything to stress about. We all have our imperfections, and it is these little flaws in our appearance that make us unique. That being said, while every woman is beautiful, regardless of her flaws, if there is something about yourself that you don’t like, it can really start to get you down.

    You should never change because you feel pressure from society to be ‘perfect’ – what constitutes ‘perfect’ anyway? But if you personally dislike something about yourself, and it is impacting your self-esteem, then it is worth considering your options. After all, you deserve to feel happy and confident in your own skin, don’t you?

    So bearing that in mind, what’s a girl to do when she hates her imperfections and can’t get past them? Fix them, of course! If you fix the flaws that are getting you down, you should see your confidence soar. Check out this advice for fixing the most commonly hated flaws…

    Get rid of blemishes for good

    Do you dislike your skin? Do you suffer from acne, dryness or other blemishes? The fact is that facial blemishes can really knock your confidence, especially if makeup isn’t very effective at masking them. When it comes to having healthier skin, it’s all about your skin care routine and diet. It’s the combination of these two factors that impact your skin’s health, so it’s vital to get both right. A good skin care routine is made up of cleansing and toning twice a day, applying a day moisturizer in the morning and a night cream at night. Exfoliating twice a week to remove dead and dry skin cells is also important. If your skin is acne prone, avoid using products with oil in, as this can make breakouts and blackheads worse. Is nothing working? How about considering undergoing a chemical peel or microdermabrasion treatment? Both are meant to help reduce blemishes and refresh the skin. As for your diet, eat clean and drink plenty of water, avoid processed foods and sugar – your skin will thank you for it!

    Straighten your teeth

    Are your teeth not perfectly aligned? Does the fact that they are slightly wonky get you down? Don’t worry, because you are not alone. Studies show that of all the factors impacting a woman’s confidence, teeth are one of the highest reasons for a lack of self-esteem. The good news is that if your teeth are getting you down, it’s now easier than ever before to fix that. From simple whitening procedures that give immediate results to Smilelign Invisible braces that make having your teeth straightened easier and less embarrassing, fixing your teeth has never been easier. If having a straighter or whiter smile will give your confidence a boost, then it is worth having your teeth fixed.

    Fill in those fine lines

    Aging starts at such a young age, doesn’t it? From when you reach your early to mid-twenties, the process of aging begins. It’s scary how quickly fine lines can start to form. The good news is, however, that you can turn back time. Well, almost, anyway. If you use the right anti-aging creams and gels, you can mask fine lines and prevent new ones from forming, or at least, slow down the formation of fine lines. Obviously, undergoing Botox is another option, as is a facelift, but if you don’t have to go down those avenues, then it is best to steer clear of them and stick to using effective anti-aging products.

    The fact is that every woman has flaws; things about her appearance that she doesn’t like. While it’s perfectly fine not to be flawless, if a certain aspect of your appearance is getting you down, there is nothing wrong with fixing it. What matters most is that your confidence levels are high, and you are happy with who you are. 

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    Ipsy February 2014 Sneak Peek (spoilers)

    Michelle Phan
    It is the 1st of February and Ipsy has already start charging for Feb glam bag. Hopefully by the 3rd of February the spoilers will be released. I will update this page as Ipsy release the sneak peeks, so check back often. If you are not already signed up, then join me and subscribe to the monthly glam bag where you will receive 4-5 beauty products every month delivered to your door, for just $10 a month or $110 for the year. Michelle Phan curates the monthly glam bag.
    You can also check out my review from January Glam bag.
    The Ipsy bag theme is still unknown also, but an update will be available asap.

    FEBRUARY SNEAK PEAK #1 It pout perfection with these pretty picks.

    Source: Ipsy Fb pg
    Pop Plump Pout

    Plump Pout by Pop Beauty is a plumping pout perfector which combines the high shine of a lacquered gloss with the long wear of a stain that is packed full of lip-plumping peptides and Avocado & Jojoba Oils.

    FEBRUARY SNEAK PEAK #2: Hold your heart in your hands? Why not, with one of these awesome nail shades?

    Source: Ipsy Fb pg

    Have fun with the Zoya nail polish…

    Zoya New Nail Polish Collection

     FEBRUARY SNEAK PEAK #3: Sugar and Spice, everything nice. Two of these sweet picks will be yours this February

    Source: Ipsy Fb pg
    City Color Be Matte Blush
    Mally Beauty Eyeliner
    J.Cat Eyelashes + Eyelash Glue
    Jesses Girl Eyeshadow Palette
    Eyetini Cordial Cream Shadow + Base in One
    Subscribers will get one of these items from sneak peek #3:
    1. City Color Be Matte Blush (retail: $2.99)
    2. Mally Beauty Evercolor Starlight eyeliner (retail: $15)
    3. J.Cat Beauty Eyelashes + glue (retail: $3.99)
    4. Jesses Girl 9 Pan Eye Shadow Compact in Tickled Pink (retail: $3.99)
    5. Eyetini Cordial Cream Shadow + Base in One (price: $18)

     FEBRUARY SNEAK PEAK #4 You’ll be getting one product from this bouquet of beauty picks (fit for the Queen of Hearts).

    Source: Ipsy Fb pg
    Uberliss Hydrating shampoo
    Pacifica Hawaiian Body Butter
    First Aid Deep Cleanser
    Moist & Firm IPKN BB Cream
    Skyn Iceland Fresh Start Mask
    Dr. Lin Acne Spot Corrector
    PHYTO Velvet Gel

    FEBRUARY SNEAK PEAK #5 Love is in the air! Get ready for FIVE fabulous products to discover in your “Look of Love” glam bag.

    Source: Ipsy Fb pg
    Source: Ipsy FB PG; YAY! Your February Glam Bags are just starting to leave our warehouse in batches, and we are going to start emailing your tracking codes all this week AND NEXT (so no need to worry if you are still waiting). Please stay tuned for the Glam Room coming up very soon. It will tell you which products you will be getting this month, and will also be filled with awesome deals from all of February’s brand partners. Get excited

    Glam rooms will be updated on Monday!!!

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    Nourish And Protect This Season For Flawless Fall Skin

    Now that you’ve said a fond farewell to the summer season and warm weather; it’s time to embrace fall. The change in season will mean colder, harsher weather conditions, and you’re likely to notice the difference that these elements make to your skin. Therefore, you’ll want to switch up your skincare routine and think about how you can nourish and protect your face and body so that you look and feel your best.

    The transition in seasons and weather means that there’s no better excuse to think about investing in some new products, and changing the habits you were so fond of during summer. The following are some tips and ideas for those who want flawless, healthy skin so that they can look fabulous for the rest of fall, and upcoming winter.

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    Eat Your Way To A Healthy Glow

    Skin health and beauty starts from the inside; so you’ll need to ensure that fall is full of nourishing food that will help you glow. It’s not about diets and cutting out your favorite treats; you simply need to introduce more foods, rich in antioxidants and good fats, into your everyday meals and snacks. Avocados are a superfood that you shouldn’t ignore; they have the oils to keep your skin youthful and hydrated and can tackle lackluster complexions. Try throwing a few slices on some toast or into a smoothie each day; you can find out more here to understand all the benefits and avocado will bring to your skin this season.

    Oily fish, nuts, and seeds are other great ways to boost the production of collagen in your face, and they’ll help to combat the signs of tiredness and skin aging. Research into some skin-healthy recipes, and rewrite your next grocery list. Next time you’re at the supermarket; shop with your inner health in mind, and you’ll see the boost to your outer appearance in no time.

    Up Your Moisture Game

    You might think that it’s the summer months where your skin needs extra care and moisture; and while it does need more sun protection and hydration during hot weather, fall poses its own problems for beauty. The cold, wet wind and weather, coupled with hot aircon and indoor heating, can dry your skin out.

    Dry, damaged skin can look older than it needs to, and you’ll soon lose that summer glow. Therefore, it’s worth investing in specified moisturizers, that will combat these skin issues and provide a barrier for your face. You can learn more here about retinol creams, which are targeted at rebuilding your collagen and targeting those fine lines that you might acquire in the frosty conditions.

    Keep Sipping

    Just because the weather has changed; it doesn’t mean that you should stop drinking as much water as possible to hydrate your body, skin, and to give you that glow from inside out. Make a flask of hot water and add a couple of slices of lemon for added health benefits and a touch of natural flavor. You don’t have to steer clear of those pumpkin spice lattes; however, don’t overdo your caffeine intake, as it will only dry out your skin more. Stay nourish, hydrated, and moisturized throughout the new season, and you’ll have a flawless and beautiful complexion to be proud of.

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    Stemuderm Review: The Complete Anti-Wrinkle Treatment For Healthy Skin

    Every woman has a special beauty regimen that they follow every day to ensure their skin look at its best at any given time. In the morning, they get up, hit the shower and they perform their beauty regimen to ensure they are good to go for the entire day.

    Most women would only remove their makeup just before they go to bed when their beauty regimen often still continues as many women prefer to wear a special cream that is designed to be worn at night.

    Unfortunately, even with all of this effort, age is one factor that cannot be treated or avoided – and the effects that age has on the skin can be quite worrisome for most women, especially when they suddenly notice their skin is aging faster than they thought it would.

    In this post, we will be looking at how Stemuderm can be used in your beauty regimen to help you get rid of symptoms related to aging.


    What Causes Premature Aging?

    Premature aging can be caused by quite a large number of factors. One particular factor that tends to contribute greatly to premature aging usually lies within the beauty regimen of a woman. Annmarie Gianni explains that numerous ingredients found in everyday beauty products can speed up the aging process of the skin. Sulfates, some types of alcohol, some ammonia compounds, and mineral oil are all excellent examples of ingredients found in skincare products that speed up aging.

    Venus Treatments explains that not wearing sunscreen when you are out and about, and not properly washing off makeup at the end of the day are also two factors that considerably contribute towards premature aging. Pollution is also a factor that needs to be considered, as well as consuming too many products that are high in refined sugar.

    Furthermore, women should also be aware that anti-wrinkle creams may take some time to become effective, so switching from one product to another frequently will also not help them solve their problem.


    Stemuderm: Solvaderm’s Anti-Aging Solution

    With the signs of aging appearing, such as fine lines and wrinkles, a person may seek out a solution that will help them get rid of these symptoms. Stemuderm has been proven as one of the most effective solutions that can currently be purchased without a prescription from a dermatologist.

    The ingredients that are included in this anti-aging serum will not cause any damage to the skin or to the rest of the user’s overall well-being (some products contain chemicals that may enter the bloodstream and cause harm).

    Stemuderm contains professional strength ingredients that are similar in strength to some products that can be obtained from dermatologists but does not require a visit to a dermatologist first, which can cost quite a lot of money. 

    The product is made from highly-effective ingredients that will not cause the skin to become dry or oily, and the product is appropriate even for the younger ones who are seeking a way to avoid having to deal with the signs of aging at a premature age.


    The Ingredients Of Stemuderm

    Stemuderm contains various ingredients that all work in combination with each other to produce the particular results that this product claims to provide. The primary ingredients in this product that have been included for either their particular benefits they have for the aging skin include:
             Acetyl Hexapeptide-8
             Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate
             Acetyl Glutamyl Heptapeptide-1
             Pentapeptide-3& Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7
             Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture
             Palmitoyl Oligopeptide
             Hyaluronic Acid
             Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil
             Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oil


    Stemuderm Benefits

    Let’s take a quick look at the benefits Stemuderm can offer you if you are experiencing premature aging, need to get rid of the signs of aging even at a somewhat older age, or if you are simply worried about aging starting to take its effect on your skin. 

    • The product targets multiple aspects of aging; thus resulting in a multi-action formula that can address several contributing factors, such as frequent muscle contractions and damage that are being dealt by free radicals.
    • The product is safe to be used around the eyes – this is a significant benefit as with most brands, a customer has to buy a completely different product if they wish to target the aging symptoms that have developed around their eyes as well.
    • The product offers long-term results, which means by using Stemuderm frequently, the effects will last for a significant amount of time, even when the user stops using the product (considering the product was used for at least a couple of months).

    Where To Buy?

    Stemuderm is available on Solvaderm’s website, the official manufacturer of this anti-aging cream. To buy this product, simply visit the Solvaderm website, navigate to the official product page for Stemuderm and use the “Add to Cart” button. This will add the product to your shopping cart and allow you to complete a checkout process, where you can enter your shipping information and, of course, pay for your order.

    Stemuderm is affordable, at only $79.99 per container. Each container contains 50ml of the serum and should last for at least a couple of weeks before a new container will be needed.

    For best results, it is recommended to use the product for a couple of months before adding more than one product to your initial order. This will give you a longer period to test the product before making a final decision as to whether or not Stemuderm anti-aging serum works for you.



    If you are noticing signs of aging, you are most likely worried about your physical appearance and what those you are dealing with everyday will think. This could be especially a problem if you are still at a young age.

    Stemuderm offers you an affordable way to deal with these signs and if you are not yet experiencing these signs. It can help you to delay the development of wrinkles and other particular symptoms that are related to aging.

    Also, watch video on: “Solvaderm’s Stemuderm – Anti-Wrinkle Dermatological Treatment”

    Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in any guest post featured on our site are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Beauty that walks as a whole.

    Author Bio: Sophie Addison is a popular blogger. She is very passionate about writing about health and beauty. She has posted articles on skincare tips, joint pain treatment, weight loss and fitness news. Apart from work she likes gardening and listening to the music. You can also contact her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
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    How my Makeup Survived Hurricane Irma Sint Maarten

    It was early Monday morning on the 4th of September when we received the news of an expectant hurricane coming towards our country Sint Maarten. The government did not yet call a state of emergency and I still had plans of going to class that said day. After contemplating about the weather, I was wondering if I should go to class for that day or just stay home and prepare for the hurricane ahead. Lucky enough I received an email from the school board saying all classes will be canceled and we all should be preparing for the hurricane.

    A curfew was also placed for the following day Tuesday. Everyone was given time to prepare for the natural disaster ahead. Hearing the news, I quickly updated my WhatsApp 24hr status and notified my friends.

    Makeup Junkie Black Opal Blendsmart Bobbie Brown Ambrosia Cosmetics Sephora
    Makeup collection

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    Preparing for Hurricane Irma

    In preparation for Hurricane Irma, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few snacks, tin food etc., I returned home to complete my laundry just to ensure that I have all clean clothes and towels. After filling the water tanks and recharging all electronic devices I placed all important documents in zip lock double seal bags and store them in a dry place. Then I removed all my makeup from my vanity and placed them in my caboodle, airtight containers and huge garbage bags. I also placed my blogging materials in huge garbage bags and store them away in a closet.

    At this moment, I began to get frustrated. This was my very first Hurricane experience. I started to think I was overreacting but as they say, prevention is better than cure. 

    During my preparation of Hurricane Irma I had 2 things in mind:

          1.      Always prepare for the worse
          2.      Hurricane Irma will not pass through and leave me naked (without my belongings). Even though these things are replaceable I rather know that I had tried saving them rather than not doing anything at all.

    Waiting on Hurricane Irma

    Approximately 9 pm Tuesday night on the 5th of September videos started to circulate throughout Facebook and WhatsApp showing the sea level rising. It was making its way past the Boardwalk unto the main road (keep in mind that the hurricane did not cover our island yet).

    There was an estimated time of Hurricane Irma passing and the curfew was still in place. The environment was feeling warm and inside the house became extremely hot. While waiting up I became drowsy and fell asleep.

    Waking up to the Natural Disaster

    When I woke up it was minutes after 4 I could hear the sound of the wind whistling. I thought I was in a dream. I did not panic but immediately grabbed my phone and checked my WhatsApp messages. With tons of notifications, I was getting updates from my friends near and far wondering how the Hurricane was behaving. I replied to the several messages just before we had a power outage and lost connection to the internet. With shouts of praises, I was giving God thanks that I get to send replies to my friends updating them on the current state of Hurricane Irma since we had lost electricity for 1 week and 3 days. Messages that I received claimed that roofs have flown off houses this is when I became more alert.

    Damage to Cost-U-Less roof due to passing of Hurricane Irma

    Watching Out Our Windows

    During the passing of Hurricane Irma I could hear the loud sound of the wind moving objects at 185 mph. At this present moment, I was walking from door to door checking to see that everything is still intact. At one point, I thought the door was gonna blow in and the house might flood. Hurricane Irma passed during the early morning so I could see clearly what was happening outside. A lot of trees was down, the entire place was a mess and I was terrified. I prayed for it to stop!

    Hurricane Irma St. Maarten Sint Maarten French St. Martin SXM Texaco Gas Station Bush rd
    What was left of Texaco Gas Station after Hurricane Irma

    The After Effect of Hurricane Irma

    Hurricane Irma passed through our beloved country of St. Maarten and left numerous of people homeless. Many with roof and windows destroyed, cars damaged, gas station pumps torn down to pieces, supermarkets and other places destroyed, debris blocked the drainage and streets. My home and my makeup withstand Hurricane Irma. Although I had a bit of mopping to do from water that came in. I felt relief as the storm had stop and my makeup was securely stored in a dry area

    Hurricane Irma St. Maarten Sint Maarten French St. Martin SXM
    Car flipped to the side and pinned to the wall due to Hurricane Irma

    With this natural disaster, we did not experience any flooding in the area that I live. It was pure heavy wind with light-medium showers of rain. The wind was strong! Strong enough to move a 40 ft. container, flip cars to the side and move boats away from the sea.

    In Conclusion

    I am blessed to be alive and I am happy that I live to experience this moment in my adulthood. Even though it is dangerous and considered to be natural; there was nothing that we could have done to prevent Hurricane Irma. I pray for the families that have been affected and that our country Sint Maarten will rebuild better and stronger than it was before.

    How was your experience with Hurricane Irma? How do you prepare for a hurricane?


    Hurricane Irma St. Maarten Sint Maarten French St. Martin SXM

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    Five Beauty Problems The Guy Will Definitely Notice On Your First Date

    Despite all your best efforts in making yourself look glamorous for the night, you may have some unfortunate issues that may undo all your hard work. These are just some of them.
    That all important first date can be terrifying, as you will be desperate to make that excellent first impression. From the moment the date begins, you want to grab his full attention, wowing him with your beauty, and keep him coming back for more.
    Discoloured teeth
    You have spent hours on your makeup, your hair is aglow with color, but you are terrified of opening your mouth. Why? Because your teeth are yellower than a ripe banana! So, to preserve your smile, you should probably visit a professional dentist to fix the problem. Take a look at  to find out what a dentist can do to whiten your teeth. Alternatively, use a whitening toothpaste, or a natural method such as a lemon juice and baking soda paste, to remedy the problem.

    Bad breath
    You reach in for that first kiss, but you are alarmed when he recoils with horror, like a vampire to garlic. Bad breath is something we are all prone to. It can be due to poor dental hygiene or eating something particularly smelly without freshening our breath afterward. So, to avoid scaring your date away with your unpleasant breath, follow the advice given at, and be sure to give your mouth a quick spray of a breath-freshener before meeting your man.

    Sweaty armpits
    You will be understandably nervous on the first date so you may be sweating more than normal. Thankfully, you can easily fix this. For starters, apply a deodorant before you leave the house. Then wear an outfit that will let your skin breath, such as something made from cotton or silk. To be on the safe side, you might also want to wear a color that will hide those unfortunate sweat stains, such as a dark color, rather than something light or bright. A quick spray of perfume may mask some of the smell if you have forgotten to deodorize beforehand.

    Bad acne
    You may want to eat a pizza on your first date, not look like one, so read the lifestyle advice we gave you at to help you with your acne problems. You may be able to gloss over your spots with a skincare product, but if your guy sticks around, he will see beneath the surface eventually.

    Chapped lips
    Again, a real turn-off for the guy when he reaches over to plant a kiss on your lips. Wearing lip balm is one remedy, or use a moisturizing lipstick with a statement color for extra pop when you’re getting ready to go out. Certain foods can cause dryness to your lips, such as citrus fruits and anything spicy, so be careful with the dinner menu. Avoid licking your lips after eating as that can cause further irritation.

    Follow these tips, and you will have peace of mind when meeting your man. Let’s just hope he’s worth it
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    Fight Hyperpigmentation with Olay Luminous

    This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.

    It can be difficult to find a product that matches my skin concerns sometimes… When I’m not dealing with my t-zone being too oily under my makeup, I’m having problems with dark spots and rough areas on my face. Over the past 28 days, I’ve been using products from the Olay Luminous line to help with these noticeable skin concerns as part of the #Olay28Day challenge.

    Olay luminious, Olay

    What a way to enhance my skincare regimen with these wonderful products from @olay. I’m taking the #Olay28Day challenge so help me countdown to smooth, soft and flawless skin. Or better yet – take the challenge with me! #ad #beauty #skincare

    Read more

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    Top 7 Drugstore Foundation for Dry Skin

    It seems not easy to figure out which drugstore foundation that is suitable for your skin especially if your skin is dry skin. We understand how hard it can be to hide those blemishes when you are rushing to your special occasion. So here is your chance to figure out which drugstore suits your skin best. In this article, we will introduce 7 out of hundreds dry skin foundation that you can purchase online and several helpful tips to help you find the best foundation for your skin. 

    Related makeup tips for newbies.

    Top 7 Drugstore Foundation for Dry Skin


    Before we get into the list of the top 7 drugstore foundation for dry skin, let us demonstrate the crucial factors that determine the usefulness and effectiveness of the foundation. And you should keep in mind those factors to choose the best foundation for your dry skin.
    Firstly, you need to check the proper formula for your skin. If your skin is dry, what you should look for is something with moisturizing ingredients like glycerin. Other compounds that you should take into consideration are anti-aging properties, sunscreen as well as antioxidant properties.

    Another crucial factor that you should keep in mind is the shade. Ensure that the foundation’s shade has to match your skin tone. To check whether the shade matches the skin tone or not, you can draw it along your jawline to see if it matches your face and neck skin.
    Lastly, the application should be considered as well. The best foundation for dry skin can be varied regarding shapes and sizes. Being so, you can assume that such foundation can be applied in different ways. Moreover, the best full coverage foundation for dry skin should be in liquid form as it will contain a high amount of moisturizing content. However, if you do not prefer liquid form, you can choose sticks, mousses, powders or creams.
    There are many types of drugstore foundation for dry skin nowadays, however, if you want to find those best that suits your skin, you can consider these seven bases which can be easily purchased online.
    Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation
    If you are struggling with figuring out which foundation suits your dry skin best, you will know that heat and humidity doesn’t combine well and at the same time that’s the great thing when Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation can quickly solve the problem. Thanks to its incredible moisturizing, protecting and hydrating your dry skin for an amazing look that can last for a whole day.
    Revlon Color Stay Makeup for Dry Skin
    When talking about the perfect foundation for dry skin, you can’t choose wrong with Revlon Color Stay Makeup for Dry Skin. This impressive product can go on amazingly smooth and has a lightweight sensation that won’t smudge off like other products. Another important factor is the SPF 15 will make it an excellent choice to block the sun and its harmful UV rays. Besides, it can also help you stay hydrated and protect your skin while offering it beautiful appearance that you will treasure. And the reasonable price that you can’t deny it – $9.99.
    COVERGIRL + Olay Simply Ageless 3-in-1 Liquid Foundation
    This three in one liquid foundation from Covergirl has been collaborated with Olay to create a cosmetic product that is famous for its anti-aging and moisturizing properties. Thanks to this fantastic combination, it can be ranked among the best foundation for aging skin in the cosmetic market nowadays. The greatest thing about this foundation is that it does not only cover your acne and other types of facial blemishes, but it will also let you maintain a young and moisturized skin. This factor has improved the importance of this best moisturizing foundation in the cosmetic market nowadays. Besides, it also can cut down wrinkles, firm up your facial sin and significantly improve your skin tone.
    Neutrogena Liquid Makeup with SPF 20
    This cosmetic product can offer you the results that you crave while you are on your way to improving your skin health. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup SPF 20 can give you a silky smooth skin and a glorious, fabulous and perfect look. Moreover, the specially blended formula will work correctly to protect, keep your skin always hydrated and improve overall tone and texture of the skin for a face that you will fall in love with. Besides, the flawless price of this product is just $13.99.
    Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Makeup
    This should be granted as queen of all foundation for those who have dry skin as it is more than just a standard foundation. It can hydrate the driest or roughest skin tine while offering you a great and fresh look that can last throughout the day. This amazing foundation can leave you great skin tone thanks to its unique formula hidden and blurred in the ingredients. Besides, it works great when it comes to hide and blur the imperfections on your face from wrinkles to acne. Working as a combination of different essential ingredients to defend and improve the appearance of fine lines, brighten beyond belief and hydrate skin to the fullest extent, this foundation will be the lover of thousands of women. And it’s worth $39. 
    Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse Foundation
    This special foundation is outstanding from others thanks to its revolutionary whipped formula. It can go on smooth for a soft, glorious and beautiful skin with unbelievable coverage with satisfactory results every time you use. This foundation is free, lightweight cosmetic products which meant for dry skin and will help you obtain a fresh and smooth looking throughout the day. Cost only $8.99; you will be surprised at the results this foundation brings.

    L’Oreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup
    This revolutionary product can match your skin tone very quickly. Not only does the foundation can match your skin tone in a matter of seconds to make a great look every single time, but it also provides vitamin C and E to improve overall skin health and skin clarity. You will quickly fall in love with this incredibly hydrating liquid foundation which is made of 40% of water. Hence you do not have to worry about the effectiveness of the foundation even if your skin tone is the roughest. It is a great product to consider when your dryness has become uncontrollable. Only $12.99 for one bottle so why not quickly grab it before it is sold out?
    Now you have a list in your mind so what are you waiting for? Online shopping is your next stop. These beautiful products have proved themselves to be the top 7 drugstore foundation for dry skin. Have you ever tried any of those before? How are the results? Which one is your favorite? Let us know!!!
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    5 Tips to Improving Acne-Prone Skin

    Some people are lucky enough to never have an acne breakout, but there are many who have not been so lucky. While most people would complain about the acne on their face, it can actually happen on any part of your body.

    Sometimes the acne is bad enough that some people lose confidence over how they look. Some acne is very severe that they become too inflamed and results in serious scarring on the face or other parts of the body. Acne affects both men and women, albeit a little bit differently. Men tend to experience acne breakouts when they are younger, while women can experience them even until they turn 40.

    In order to reduce the occurrence of acne flare-ups, try some of the tips below so that your skin will improve.

    1.  Eat healthily  – if you are used to eating greasy food, you might want o to cut back on that as it may be linked to your skin breaking out. It was in 2010 when researchers have found out that there are certain types of food that could increase the chances of acne occurring. Some of those are fast food, food that is high in sugar and junk food. In order not to trigger your acne breakout, stick to healthy food like fish, green tea, and probiotics.

    2. Exercise regularly- It would also help if you exercise regularly as this helps flush out the toxins in your skin and prevents skin breakouts from happening. Exercising keeps the blood flowing on your body giving it a youthful glow.

    3. Maintain good hygiene – bad hygiene per se is not the root cause of acne, but it can lead up to it. Acne happens when there is a more than the normal amount of oil or sebum in the follicles. Because of the sebum, along with the cells, it brings with it up to the surface of the skin, the pores become clogged. That becomes a pimple and when the bacteria in, it becomes inflamed.  That’s why it is a good idea to maintain good hygiene, making sure your body and face are always clean. Establish a regular skin regimen so that your pores will always be free from extra oil that clogs it.

    4. Be careful with the skin care products you choose – whether it’s cosmetics or just cleaning your face and body, you need to make sure that your skincare products are non-comedogenic and oil-free. You do not want to irritate your skin further if the makeup you are using is not hypoallergenic. The same is true for the soap or body wash you use during your shower or bath. Be careful in reading the labels of your face soap, lotion and body wash so that you will not aggravate your skin. You may have found the perfect face wash, but your body wash should also be given consideration if you tend to have acne in your body. Check out this list of the best body wash for acne that you can buy.

    5. Change your pillowcase and beddings every week – you may not realize that dirt has already built up on your beddings and because your skin is in contact with it, your skin becomes clogged with dirt too. Make it a point to regularly wash your linen so that you can avoid getting pimples.

    Improving the state of your skin may not be easy, but as long as you commit yourself to it. You will find that it’s all worth it in the end.

    5 Tips to Improving Acne-Prone Skin
  • InSkin Care

    5 Ways To Fight Facial Wrinkles



    The face is the part of our body we all want to keep looking youthful the longest. Over the years, our faces take a lot of punishment, which results in wrinkles – but some of this can be avoided if you start taking action early. Here are a few effective ways to fight those facial wrinkles.

    Get a good night’s sleep

    It’s whilst we’re asleep that our body does all its repairs, including supplying anti-oxidants to our skin. By not getting enough sleep, your skin may not be getting the healing it needs. A lack of sleep can also cause puffy eyes, which can eventually turn into permanent bags under the eyes. Because our body doesn’t go through its full detox cycle, blood vessels in the thin skin under the eyes dilate causing these bags. Start going to sleep earlier and you’ll give your skin enough time to rejuvenate itself.

    Protect your eyes

    Squinting can cause wrinkles known as crows’ feet to develop around the corners of the eyes. We often squint when there is too much or too little light. Wearing sunglasses in the sun and always providing sufficient lighting when reading can prevent squinting, and in turn prevent crows’ feet from forming.

    Drink Water

    Staying hydrated helps to keep all our organs healthy. This is because water is essential for flushing the toxins out of our body. By drinking lot of liquid throughout the day, you could help prevent skin inflammation such as sunburn that can lead to wrinkles. Drinking lots of water also keep your skin from drying out, which also causes wrinkles to form. You should aim to drink 8 glasses of water a day.

    Try skin supplements

    Various skin supplements can help top up your skin with all the nutrients it needs. These may include probiotics and proteins such as omega-3, which can help accelerate healing. Moisturisers are meanwhile important for keeping your skin topped up with sebum. Sebum is an oil that your skin naturally secretes to keep it from drying out, but as you get older the skin stops producing as much sebum. Moisturisers can ensure that you’re still getting these oils and potentially keep you looking more youthful.

    Stop smoking

    If you ever needed another reason to quit, it may be worth noting that smoking adds years to your skin. This is for a variety of reasons. It firstly affects the body’s ability to produce collagen, which helps to heal our body. It also restricts the flow of nutrients to the skin, making it appear more pale and dry. When it comes specifically to the face, smoking is also one of the leading causes of wrinkles around the lips. This is due to the muscles used to smoke, which non-smokers don’t use as often. Heat from cigarettes also causes smokers to squint more often, which contributes to crows’ feet.

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    The Link Between Your Diet and Your Smile

    People don’t seem to realize the correlation between smiling and your diet. Setting weight loss goals is fantastic, but actually reaching them can be a problem if you’re not paying attention to the things you’re consuming. Your diet can ultimately affect a lot of different things in your body. It can change your stress levels; it can change how much energy you have and it can also affect your smile. In this article, we’ll be going through some of the key points to remember when you’re about to go on a diet or change your eating habits, and how they can affect your teeth.

    smile diet
    Keep Drinking Water

    Changes in your diet can demand different levels of water intake. When you make changes, be they drastic or not, you might neglect to drink enough water and this can have a serious effect on your teeth. Drinking water helps to rinse your mouth of all kinds of acids and bacteria that could be the result of the food you eat. For instance; drinking juice is a fantastic way to cut down on calories (especially if you’re used to soda) but it can leave acids that erode tooth enamel. This leads to easy staining of your teeth; which is why drinking copious amounts of water is a fantastic option to lose weight and keep your teeth white. Low-calorie drinks such as diet soda are also not friendly to your teeth, so if you have to change the liquids you drink, try and stick to water.

    Watch Your Breath

    You might be looking at how to get whiter teeth by following some guides, but don’t neglect the importance of your breath too. Bad breath can stem from a number of different things, but your diet is perhaps the most overlooked component. Healthier foods such as garlic, onions and dairy can lead to bad breath due to the way they break down in our mouth and our stomach. Eating less can also cause bad breath due to the gasses released when your body breaks down fat stores instead of using carbohydrates as a source of energy; which is common in low-carb or low-calorie diet plans.

    Eat Scrubbing Foods

    When dieting, it’s common to eat more often and in smaller portions. This is to help with portion control and it’s a good way to limit the amount you eat if you restrict your calories. It can also help you feel fuller throughout the day which is never a bad thing. However, as a result of this constant eating, your teeth will be coated in bits of food and bacteria. To counteract this, eating foods that have scrubbing qualities at the end of your meal. This includes apples, carrots and celery. These types of foods are high in fibre and they promote saliva production. In a way; these foods act like toothbrushes because they sweep up and clean away all of the bits of food in your teeth.