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My name is Tione Rodney. I am a full-time college student currently studying Business Administration in Management at the University of the Virgin Islands. I consider myself as a full-time Blogger/Editor-in-Chief at Beauty That Walks.

I created Beauty That Walks to share my thoughts about beauty, lifestyle, fashion and tech-savvy contents and offers in-depth and very honest product reviews. I enjoy dedicating my time to produce premium high-quality content for my fellow readers. I do hope to share beauty tips and tricks, my love for makeup, honest product reviews, DIY’s, my relaxed and natural hair struggles and continue to share my love for all things beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and tech related.

Please note that I am not a fashion expert by profession and this blog is only to share my love and interest in the world of beauty and fashion. From a young age I had a love for writing articles, as well as sharing my interest in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry; therefore, I use this platform to express my views. I enjoy shopping, playing around with makeup, styling my hair, going out to watch a movie, have dinner and hanging out with friends.

Beauty That Walks Logo


About: Beauty That Walks

Beauty That Walks was started in December 2013. It was formerly named Beauty with fashion and Style but considered a name change in 2015.

Beauty That Walks is a lifestyle blog that focuses on beauty, hair, reviews and much more. It offers writing that educates the readers such as natural hair care tips, makeup tips, DIYs, product reviews and other lifestyle topics. Firsthand experience and expertise are also shared so viewers can also relate.

Products are being tested for a duration of one to two weeks before a review is published. All images on this blog have been taken by myself, if not the source is being credited and all information on this blog are my own views, if not it will be stated otherwise.

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For direct contact, you can catch me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
For general inquiries or business related (PR) contact info@beautythatwalks.com or simply use the contact form provided.