The Many Benefits Of Showering With Cold Water

Besides the severe climate and dropping heats outside, utilizing hot water can sometimes dehydrate out our skin and hair. It may be very tempting for a person to want to submerge into a hot bath or relax under your thermostatic shower system in a steamy shower. Cold water is known to be better for you. Unlike hot water, it does not dry skin and hair, making them prone to damage. While there is no way to repair years of damage done instantly, there are some simple tips that can aid in that remedy. Some shampoos, conditioners and leave-in products can help reduce the damage by introducing vitamins and some oils back into our hair. There are advantages to both hot and cold water.

showering with cold water
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Washing your hair in lukewarm water, however, is the best. Hot water tends to burn it and causes it to dry out. It has the same effects as a curling iron or a flat iron. If the water is too hot, it will scald the shaft and the scalp. That will not help the damage that is already done and will cause further damage! It can also become brittle and fade, for those with color treated hair. You can help repair and tame your hair by using the right water temperature.

Your shaft and scalp both need the natural oils that are produced by going a few days without washing. When you wash daily, you strip your hair of those oils, and it can become greasy or dry; depending on your hair type.

screaming under cold water
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Both our skin and our hair are secured by a layer of natural oil or oil called sebum. Boiling water can become destroy that layer of sebum, making our skin to dry and cause fragileness. If we go specifically out after a hot shower, Hot water can likewise prompt the pores getting clogged. Cold showers are one of the best anti-aging secrets that keep your skin tight, versatile, energetic, and brilliant looking. They can likewise prompt more grounded hair, which can keep it from rapidly dropping out and back off general balding.

High-temperature water dries out your hair depriving it of its common, solid oils. After you wash your hair in warm water, utilizing both your cleanser and conditioner, showering in cold water helps support hair firmness. This aids hair quality and even accompanies the additional advantage of glossy, less crimped showing up hair. If you have a natural hair, this is a major factor since healthy hair tends to be more of the unusual size!

The cold water will lock in the oils and chemicals from the shampoo. Cold water closes the pores. When the water hits your scalp and hair, the pores will close without the hair fully being cleansed. That will lead to oily hair, itchy scalp and frequent showers for your hair to feel clean again. What you want is for the vitamins to be locked into your hair and not the shampoo. Washing your hair with luke warm water will aid in the vitamins being absorbed, but not the shampoo or conditioner chemicals. Since the lukewarm water washes the scalp clean with no residue, you won't have to wash your hair as frequently.

thermostatic shower system
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Reduced Stress
It cools you down man... seriously; then you can adapt to any stress anybody throws at you.

Two great de-stressing things happen. That is, your uric acid level is lowered - one of your bodily waste products that can cause painful Gout or Kidney Stones. And the level of Glutathione in your blood is increased - the absolute master detoxifier for your immune system.

Instant Total long
The extra oxygen provided by an increased breathing rate as well as a faster heart beat will kick every synopsis and organ - especially the brain, into a super-accelerated high gear that will last for as long as you need it.

Your Self-Discipline and Will Power are Super-Charged
Discipline and willpower are two very human factors that I believe are so closely related that they need to be mentioned together... and taking a daily natural cold water shower is a test for both - at the same time.

If your will-power gets you through the initial stages of this health-strengthening habit, then your self-discipline cannot be faulted... simple..!

Alleviate Depression
It's all about brain-freeze I think... Noradrenaline, a chemical that plays a big part in the calming of depression, is activated under a cold shower.

There have also been studies that have confirmed the fact that an overall anti-depressive effect is gained when the brain receives heavy amounts of electrical impulse signals due to the cold-water "shock."

Improved Post-Exercise Recovery
It's an age-old tradition and well-known remedy for tired and aching muscles... professional athletes will often partake of an ice-bath for speedier muscle recovery.

Again there are studies that have confirmed the effectiveness of ice water treatment for aching and even injured muscles and tendons - it simply works by helping to dilute lactic acid... and where a cold shower hasn't quite got the major muscle fixing power of a solid freezing dunk in an ice bath, it goes a long way to being effective enough - and isn't quite so "heart-stopping"... believe it or not..!

Raise Testosterone and Fertility Levels in Men
It's been a known fact for a long time that regular HOT bathing reduces a guys' sperm count... a lot... whereas a cold dunk has been proved to effectively improve that sperm count up to a massive 400+%... there's a reason those things hang outside us guys' body you know - it's cooler than inside..!

And that all goes hand-in-hand with the Testosterone levels - hot = low... cold = high... simple..!

Improved Immune System
A British study proved that regular cold showers increased the circulation of disease-fighting white blood cells - regular hot showering just doesn't make the grade when it comes to revving-up our biggest natural defense system.

Fat Loss
There are two types of fat in our bodies, white and "brown"... and the brown fat is the 'good' fat - it is the heat generator for your body.

A cold shower stimulates the brown fat (why do you think all those Tibetan monks are so lean..?) with the result that extra calories are burned to keep your internals warm and cozy while you suffer the onslaught of freezing water - over time, this can lead to a substantial fat loss.
The Many Benefits Of Showering With Cold Water

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5 Quick Beauty Fixes To Prevent Monstrous Mishaps

Picture the scene ladies. You have a hot date / big night out/ important interview / first day of your new job and you want to leave the house looking flawless. You pay great and painstaking attention to every facet of your appearance from the tip of every strand of hair right down to the shellac on your toes. You’re dashing around loading your purse with all the essential accouterments, and on your way out you take one last minute glance in the mirror to see…

girl sitting in pile of clothes wearing red boots
Image source: Pixabay

Uh oh! Something has slipped through the net. There’s a small but definitely perceptible flaw in your otherwise immaculate appearance. It needs to be corrected before it becomes an embarrassing beauty disaster. Here are the most common beauty mishaps and how to fix them quickly and effortlessly so you won’t be late.

Creased clothes
There are few things more frustrating than noticing unsightly creases in your clothes when you’re just about to step out of the door. You don’t have time to steam your clothes or fire up the iron, but fortunately a faithful friend can be most helpful in your time of need. Simply switch on your hair irons and set them to a medium heat. It’s the perfect way to straighten out those unsightly creases. Good hair irons are an essential tool in any beauty arsenal and you can find various brands ranked at If you don’t already own a pair, you’ve just been given one more reason to invest!

Over conditioned hair
Many of us spend a long time making sure our hair is absolutely perfect, but it’s often not until after we’ve dried and styled our hair that we see the greasy results of over conditioning. Leaving your home with less than perfect hair can damage your confidence so give it a blast of dry shampoo for a shot of instant freshness. It will absorb any excess grease while lending your hair body and texture.

Forehead sheen
If things have gotten a bit frantic while you’ve been getting everything ready before you go you may catch yourself with a little bit of perspiration on your forehead, peeking through your foundation. An extra dab of primer is the perfect way to quickly perfect the matte texture of your foundation even on hot and humid days.

Clumpy Lashes
Nothing can ruin your look like clumpy lashes. They cheapen the effect of your mascara and make your look seem rushed, definitely not the path to making the right impression. This is why you should carry clear mascara with you at all times. Brush out the excess on your lashes, sliding off any buildup on your lashes and buffing them out from there.   

And finally that most hated of all…

Image source: Pixabay

The surprise pimple
That pimple you thought you’d slain before you showered? Surprise! It’s back again, meaner and redder than ever just waiting to announce its presence to the world. Not to worry, you can calm the beast with a dab of natural witch hazel. This natural astringent will alleviate the redness and inflammation so you can go about your day with confidence.

Now that you’ve quickly averted these last minute beauty crises all that remains is for you to get out there and be fabulous!

5 Quick Beauty Fixes To Prevent Monstrous Mishaps

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The Best Party Wear Trends to Keep Your Eye on This Autumn/Winter

It’s kind of sad to think that the summer is coming to an end. The temperatures will soon start to drop and the nights will draw in quicker. But while the shorts and summer dresses get packed away, the little black dress and heels come out as we welcome party season!

Most retailers have already started to stock party shoes, dresses and accessories and you’ll find plenty of choice in a range of styles.

If you’re as excited as I am, check out all my favourite trends ahead of the season...

woman at shoe store
Image source: Pexels

Something sparkly
As you’d expect, there will be plenty of sparkle this winter. Shimmering gold and silver dresses are everywhere. They are all styled differently but are all eye-wateringly shiny. Naturally, it is not a look that will appeal to everyone, but an awful lot of us will give these exciting fabrics a go.

Shiny shoes
Naturally, if you have a glittery dress you need a pair of shiny shoes to go with them. Dressy patent leather court shoes in gold or silver are everywhere. Diamante open toed shoes are also widely available. If you are not keen on shiny footwear, do not worry because velvet will also be a head-turner at parties too across the Christmas period.
For the ultimate bang, look for a pair of Disco ball boots. Versions of these crazy glittering knee-length boots have been cropping up on catwalks, across the world, over the past few weeks. It’s a trend that’s brave, but it’s also bold and beautiful.

Little black dresses with a twist
As ever, the little black dress is going to be a party favourite. Highly tailored, mid length or long dresses are set to be big this year, with the possibility that velvet will start to make a bit of a comeback. This comfortable, flexible fabric is fantastic for dance Divas. They really enjoy the freedom of movement that velvet offers.

Tweed anyone?
One of the oddest trends is the incorporation of what are normally considered staid fabrics into party dresses. Stella McCartney has led the way in showing how combining different traditional tweeds and tartans to create striking dresses that could turn heads at the office party. It is too early to say if this interesting design idea will be taken up by High Street retailers, though. If you see one, try it on. It is a look that has the potential to work for all body types and one that will certainly turn heads.

Party trousers
If dresses are not your favourite option for a party, do not worry. Most fashion designers have opted to include trousers in their party wear ranges this year. A pair of baggy-legged black trousers will look great paired with a wide belt and a shiny fitted top. The best thing about this party outfit is that you can get away with wearing black baseball boots. So, you can dance all night without worrying about waking up with feet that are covered in blisters.

Picking your perfect party outfit
As you can see, you really are spoilt for choice. The designers have come up with something for everyone. However, if you would like a bit more guidance about buying an outfit for a party, you can find it here.

The Best Party Wear Trends to Keep Your Eye on This Autumn/Winter

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Get Travel and Shop Coupons

When shopping I always try to find the best deals. With Groupon Coupons it is possible to find coupons for your favorite merchants. I have and so should you! Groupon Coupons will provide you with their best-deal-of-the-day ranging from restaurants, stores, movie tickets, beauty deals and much more. Groupon Coupon has partnered with over 9,000 retailers to provide shoppers with savings on their purchases and more value on their money. The entire family can enjoy a day out by using Groupon Coupons for their shopping and/or traveling experience.

Stores like Charlotte Russe, Aeropostale, and Agaci Stores are my go-to for feminine styles. Charlotte Russe have a unique array of clothes, shoes and accessories for teenagers, petite and plus size women. Whereas on Aeropostale you can find uniforms, polo shirts for boys and girls. I love shopping for casual attires on Aeropostale. Shopping online at Agaci Store will be able to find casual and dressy outfits for any occasion. Try Goupon Coupons for savings and the best shopping experience.

Also, If you travel a lot whether for work or pleasure sometimes it can be  difficult finding cheap tickets or a flight to your destination since we might not know which airline can get us there, please don’t hesitate to check out Expedia they will provide several airlines that you can choose from. Whenever I am traveling I always search Expedia for the best tickets to buy. They also protect your trips for a very low cost. If an accident should happen and your flight got delay and/or something came up and you won’t get to travel on that same date it is a guarantee that Expedia would refund you or extend your ticket for that cost since your trip is protected.

If you are looking for a place to stay try out They will help you to find a hotel in the area that you will be staying. If you are unable to cover the entire expense check Groupon Coupons to be applied to your order.

Whether shopping or traveling Groupon will have a coupon that suites your lifestyle and will have you spending less on a budget. Enjoy shopping hauls and family vacay while you can spend less and save with Groupon Coupons.

Get Travel and Shop Coupons

This post was written on behalf of Groupon. All opinions, shopping and traveling experience are strictly of my own.

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Hair Raising Ideas for Luscious Locks

hair dryer hair style hairstyle hair
Image source: Pexels
We all have parts of our bodies that we aren't happy with which we occasionally have to make huge efforts with just to look “normal” and for some it’s hair. It can start when you’re a toddler with thick, extremely curly, blonde curls that have to be brushed into submission by an overzealous mother every night and plaited; if she can get you to stand still for long enough. Eventually she’ll say she’s had enough and have said curls lopped off into a haircut akin to Julie Andrews in Sound of Music, including the too short fringe. Trouble is, those curls will still want to stick out. Growing up, we’ll go through various styles from a feather cut, a bob, a purdey cut, a lob and through it all will continue the battle with our unruly hair.

Thank goodness that due to the hard work of the hairdressing industry and some of the many brands of shampoos treatments and colours, on the whole as adults we look pretty acceptable and would even go as far as saying that on occasion our hair is our best feature. Now, there will be those among us who will be saying wow I wish my problem was too thick hair or too curly hair as yours may be limp, fine or dead straight but it works both ways - we always want what we don’t have!

We are never satisfied with what we're given are we? We’ve all spent many hours trawling through shops and hairdressing salons as well as online to find products or advice that we think are worth the time and money to use. So here’s a list of some of the best buys out there with a couple of great sites for hair tips and some that people with other ”hairy” problems have used with good results.

closeup photo of woman on blue textile
Image source: Pexels

The Perils of Bleach

Having a dry scalp is a nightmare especially if it’s prone to a little psoriasis (just to add to the hair problems) so it’s important to learn early on that the harsher the products e.g. perming, the worse the effect on your scalp. Often people with dark hair want to lighten it and the hair will resist most efforts and where people have continued, they have ended up with hair like straw and a red blistered scalp! There are ways of course to add bright colors to the hair without bleach, though you need to take into account that usually the effects are not as bold or dramatic.

All Time Favourite

One of the most popular companies, now in the world, has to be Lush, for the sheer range of products tackling all manner of problems not to mention their ethics. Hair doesn't always behave in the same way so needs different products at different times. Don’t believe that old rumour that your hair gets used to your shampoo or conditioner - so what you think it suddenly decides “Nope not gonna let you have a good affect on me now you've stocked up?!” There are so many factors that can affect the condition of your locks, leaving them anything but luscious. One of the worst can be humidity. Hair may start out the day like a smooth pedigree coat but by teatime it’s looking like the local rough coated mutt with a halo of frizz round the face.

Sometimes, especially in cold and windy weather, scalps also begin feeling itchy and sore and occasionally if it's that time of the month too (thanks hormones!) Some people’s hair is even effected by their health going from fry dry, coarse hair to lank, greasy ”hair strings” when ill and then the hair feels like it needs a really deep cleanse (as does the body!). So many problems though are covered by Lush, plus you can even colour your hair and treat it to a shine treatment using their wonderful blocks of henna - although be  careful when you do and get the colour otherwise you’ll need to bleach clean the bathroom afterwards!

Splurge on a Treat

If you fancy giving your hair a real treat, if it's been coloured, flattened, soaked in the sea and generally been neglected, a great go to product is Damage Remedy conditioner from Aveda. A real treat, this miracle worker can be used once a week to maintain soft and sleek hair. Some can honestly see and feel a difference after the very first use. (Do make sure you give it a while to soak in and do its magic). Aveda is of course another company that has a fab range of products for your every follicular challenge.

Supermarket Bargains

You know some months the pennies won't stretch to an indulgent conditioner or treatment but there are some pretty good brands out there in your local supermarket or chemist that student friends swear by. A popular brand is OGX who have a big range of shampoos and conditioners that won't break the bank especially if you get a 3 for 2 or a BOGOF deal. You could actually cover most of your “Hair Moods” with their range that uses ingredients from Argan oil to Eucalyptus and Mint.

Go Organic

If you want to be as natural as possible without the chemical nasties that some products contain then you can't beat Daniel Field for quality and choice. There is even a great pamphlet you can download giving you advice on what colour you should choose and loads of videos for tips and demonstrations. Organic colours are sometimes of particular interest to ladies that are undergoing treatment for cancer such as chemotherapy too as they don’t contain any nasties!

Well there you have it, a few suggestions of great brands that can help you all the way to luscious locks. The best tip around is be sure to match your product with the mood of your hair then you’ll always get the look you’re after!

Hair Raising Ideas for Luscious Locks

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Questions Relationship – Perhaps You Should Listen

In case you have someone, say a friend who questions relationship that you’re in, do yourself a big favor and listen. Most of the time your own mother, or perhaps sister, or even best friend will discover warning signs that you already know exist, and you just deny it. No one should subject themselves to a bad relationship; life is too short for that.

When it comes down to business my own initial advice is always to avoid bad relationships from the start. I’m aware that a lot of people reading this article would just say, ‘well I wouldn’t know till I’d been in love”. That may well be true, I have no idea about you or your own situation, however I know that in case of my friends and my own sister who happen to be in awful relationships that can be a lie.

The reality is that, often, the signs are already there. We simply tend to disregard them, and in most cases for the wrong reasons. Most of us normally ignore them simply because we really don’t want to become alone or maybe the person looks truly hot, and so on for foolish reasons. And before we all know it, we’ve been in over our heads and feel as if we’re confined and uncertain of where to start.

Questions Relationship – Perhaps You Should Listen

The good thing is that there are a lot of things you can do about this. Here are some tips to get you started:
1. With regards to this post, when I speak about a bad relationship I really don’t necessarily mean an abusive one. I simply mean that both of you are not compatible and do not get along. If abuse is present within the relationship, you should be going on to find for help, get to a shelter, go out of town with friends, anything that must be done to break free and get safe.

It is not awful in trying to find out (be truthful) if both of you can easily work on some things making them better. At times, the problems within a relationship tend to be minor and that we can simply deal with them provided that both sides would like to try. In case you really believe that your partner is eager to try it out, then try it out.

2. Many times, once the partner begins asking with regards to the relationship, and letting you know that both of you should make some changes, the opposite partner will quickly get scared and advise that both of you will move it one step further. I understand that this seems unproductive, yet it happens. In case you begin seeing the imperfections in your partner or perhaps the relationship your own partner may turn to feel undecided about them self and as a way to keep you they will often aim to lock you in tighter by way of letting you know that you get married or live with each other on a single roof.

Don’t be misled. In case your partner creates this change, it simply implies that they’re trying to stay away from the real issue and they are seeking to manipulate you and play on your feelings. In all honesty, in case that happens, it should get you to question the relationship a lot more, not less.

Thus, if someone you know throws questions about the relationship that you’re in, then you must pay attention to and listen closely. They’re just taking care of you and they’re, right to get worried.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in any guest post featured on our site are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Beauty that walks as a whole.

Author bio: Alex Wise is the publisher and founder of Love awake free dating site, which launched in July 2009 and has been providing original free dating services and relationship advices, tips, articles, reviews, and videos to readers ever since. Follow him on the company site or on Facebook and Twitter.

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Accessorize your Tech Device with Toddy Gear

Welcome to the century of smart phones, power banks and selfies. If that camera lens is not clean your selfie will be blurry; something that we would not like to see in our pictures after snapping away that million and 1 selfie. A drained battery while on-the-go without any hope of getting a charge feels like a horrible disaster. I just can’t live without my power bank.

Accessorize your Tech Device with Toddy Gear

With Toddy Gear we are now able to clean our screens, camera lenses effectively with their fashionable and customizable accessories. Say bye bye to 1% battery with these power bank built to keep your battery alive while you drive.

Accessorize your Tech Device with Toddy Gear

Using my Toddy Gear Smart Cloth I am able to keep my tech devices clean at all times whether I am on the go, in the office, at school or at home. The Toddy Smart Cloth is made of premium dual-sided microfiber perfect for cleaning and polishing away dirt, grime and fingerprints from smartphones, tablets, laptop screens, sunglasses and much more. It can also be used to clean other items around the house. The Toddy Gear Smart Cloth is just 5x7 in length and width. It can be easy to store away or taken with you.

The Pocket Toddy will fit comfortably attached to your purse or in your pocket for on-the-go mistakes. The Pocket Toddy is built with the same premium dual sided microfiber as the Smart Cloth. With a built-in pouch to easily push fingers in to wipe away the mess of dirt and grime from devices, an elastic loop to attach to any purse, backpack and/or key chain. The Pocket Toddy is just travel-friendly and ready to use while on-the-go.

Accessorize your Tech Device with Toddy Gear

The Wedge Mobile Device Stand brought my life at ease. Often, I would be on a video call for long hours and I would have to be holding the phone in my hands which defeats the purpose of doing other activities. The Wedge doubles as a mobile stand and a cleaner for device which can be found at the bottom of the wedge. It is a plush like beanbag that stand upright to hold smartphones, iPod at an ideal angle. It can be used for viewing purposes or just a phone rest.

Accessorize your Tech Device with Toddy Gear

Nothing becomes annoying until cords are left to become tangled together. The Universal Lightning Cable will charge and sync your device with one single cord and an attachable lightning to Micro USB Adapter.

Accessorize your Tech Device with Toddy Gear

The day would just not be right if you can’t get your phone to 100% or just enough juice to bring you throughout the day. My Power Bank I do not go without. I am happy that I was able to customized it to my very own liking. The Smart Charge Power Bank consist of two ports for charging; one made specifically for IOS devices and the other for any other smartphone device. It comes with its very own micro USB cord to recharge the power bank when the energy runs low. The Smart Charge Power Bank holds a battery capacity of 7000 mAh. It has a sleek design and portable function fit for on-the-go purposes.

At Toddy Gear there are a lot of designs for you to pick and choose from. If you like it is also possible to customize a selected set of accessories with your own personalized image, logos, text or just whatever you like.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Accessorize your Tech Device with Toddy Gear...

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Temporary Hair Solutions For Indecisive People

It’s impossible to decide what to do with your hair on the best of days, let alone when a special occasion is approaching. If it’s your wedding day, your prom, or you’re just celebrating a big achievement, you want to do something special to your hair, but you’re not always prepared to deal with any long term changes. If you want to give your hair a makeover for just one night, here are a few temporary solutions for you to explore.
Temporary short hair
temporary hair solutions
Image source: Flickr

Normally, you love having luxuriously long hair, and you’ve been very patient waiting for it to grow to the desired length. The last thing you want is to cut it, but sometimes you think an outfit would look better with shorter hair, or you just want it out of the way during a heatwave. Fortunately, you can achieve this look without trimming a single hair. The
faux bob is an easy way to style your hair short, and no scissors need to get involved. At most, you’ll only need to search the house for every hair pin you own.
Temporary long hair
Whether you’re happy having short hair, or you’re impatiently waiting for it to grow, sometimes it’s nice to have a night of showing off your long shiny hair. This temporary miracle is easily achieved with clip in hair extensions, which are cheaper and less time consuming than getting a weave. There are extensions to suit every color, and style of hair, so all you have to do is style it the way you want. On the other hand, what’s the point in having long hair for a night if you’re not going to let it flow free.
Temporary color
coloured hair
Image source: Wikimedia
Perhaps you’re usually very conservative with your hair color; if you ever think about dyeing it, you always stick with something close to your natural shade. However, if you’re going to a concert, a festival, or you have an epic Halloween costume in mind, then it might be the right time to get a little crazy with your hair color. If you don’t want to commit to having blue hair, however, then there are a few solutions. You could try colored hair spray so you can wash it out later, or use semi-permanent hair color to decide if you want to make the look permanent later.
Temporary big hair
Despite all the volumizing hair products you use, it feels like you keep walking a fine line between flat hair, or a frizzy lion’s mane. Some stylists recommend sticking with short hair, or getting a blunt trim to make your hair look like it has more volume, but if you’re hoping for a memorable style for a special occasion then there are a few sneaky ways to add volume to your hair. Dry shampoo, back brushing, and plenty of hairspray at the roots will keep your hair elevated for the duration of the evening. It might also help to curl the roots for a little extra bounce.

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