The Many Benefits Of Showering With Cold Water

Besides the severe climate and dropping heats outside, utilizing hot water can sometimes dehydrate out our skin and hair. It may be very tempting for a person to want to submerge into a hot bath or relax under your thermostatic shower system in a steamy shower. Cold water is known to be better for you. Unlike hot water, it does not dry skin and hair, making them prone to damage. While there is no way to repair years of damage done instantly, there are some simple tips that can aid in that remedy. Some shampoos, conditioners and leave-in products can help reduce the damage by introducing vitamins and some oils back into our hair. There are advantages to both hot and cold water.


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Washing your hair in lukewarm water, however, is the best. Hot water tends to burn it and causes it to dry out. It has the same effects as a curling iron or a flat iron. If the water is too hot, it will scald the shaft and the scalp. That will not help the damage that is already done and will cause further damage! It can also become brittle and fade, for those with color treated hair. You can help repair and tame your hair by using the right water temperature.

Your shaft and scalp both need the natural oils that are produced by going a few days without washing. When you wash daily, you strip your hair of those oils, and it can become greasy or dry; depending on your hair type.

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Both our skin and our hair are secured by a layer of natural oil or oil called sebum. Boiling water can become destroy that layer of sebum, making our skin to dry and cause frailness. If we go specifically out after a hot shower, Hot water can likewise prompt the pores getting clogged. Cold showers are one of the best anti-aging secrets that keep your skin tight, versatile, energetic, and brilliant looking. They can likewise prompt more grounded hair, which can keep it from rapidly dropping out and back off general balding.


High-temperature water dries out your hair depriving it of its common, solid oils. After you wash your hair in warm water, utilizing both your cleanser and conditioner, showering in cold water helps support hair firmness. This aids hair quality and even accompanies the additional advantage of glossy, less crimped showing up hair. If you have a natural hair, this is a major factor since healthy hair tends to be more of the unusual size!

The cold water will lock in the oils and chemicals from the shampoo. Cold water closes the pores. When the water hits your scalp and hair, the pores will close without the hair fully being cleansed. That will lead to oily hair, itchy scalp and frequent showers for your hair to feel clean again. What you want is for the vitamins to be locked into your hair and not the shampoo. Washing your hair with luke warm water will aid in the vitamins being absorbed, but not the shampoo or conditioner chemicals. Since the lukewarm water washes the scalp clean with no residue, you won’t have to wash your hair as frequently.

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Reduced Stress

It cools you down man… seriously; then you can adapt to any stress anybody throws at you. Two great de-stressing things happen. That is, your uric acid level is lowered – one of your bodily waste products that can cause painful Gout or Kidney Stones. And the level of Glutathione in your blood is increased – the absolute master detoxified for your immune system

Instant Total long

The extra oxygen provided by an increased breathing rate as well as a faster heart beat will kick every synopsis and organ – especially the brain, into a super-accelerated high gear that will last for as long as you need it.

Your Self-Discipline and Will Power are Super-Charged

Discipline and willpower are two very human factors that I believe are so closely related that they need to be mentioned together… and taking a daily natural cold water shower is a test for both – at the same time. If your will-power gets you through the initial stages of this health-strengthening habit, then your self-discipline cannot be faulted… simple..!

Alleviate Depression

It’s all about brain-freeze I think… Noradrenaline, a chemical that plays a big part in the calming of depression, is activated under a cold shower. There have also been studies that have confirmed the fact that an overall anti-depressive effect is gained when the brain receives heavy amounts of electrical impulse signals due to the cold-water “shock.”

Improved Post-Exercise Recovery

It’s an age-old tradition and well-known remedy for tired and aching muscles… professional athletes will often partake of an ice-bath for speedier muscle recovery. Again there are studies that have confirmed the effectiveness of ice water treatment for aching and even injured muscles and tendons – it simply works by helping to dilute lactic acid… and where a cold shower hasn’t quite got the major muscle fixing power of a solid freezing dunk in an ice bath, it goes a long way to being effective enough – and isn’t quite so “heart-stopping”… believe it or not..!

Raise Testosterone and Fertility Levels in Men

It’s been a known fact for a long time that regular HOT bathing reduces a guys’ sperm count… a lot… whereas a cold dunk has been proved to effectively improve that sperm count up to a massive 400+%… there’s a reason those things hang outside us guys’ body you know – it’s cooler than inside..!

And that all goes hand-in-hand with the Testosterone levels – hot = low… cold = high… simple..!

Improved Immune System

A British study proved that regular cold showers increased the circulation of disease-fighting white blood cells – regular hot showering just doesn’t make the grade when it comes to revving-up our biggest natural defense system.

Fat Loss

There are two types of fat in our bodies, white and “brown”… and the brown fat is the ‘good’ fat – it is the heat generator for your body.

A cold shower stimulates the brown fat (why do you think all those Tibetan monks are so lean..?) with the result that extra calories are burned to keep your internals warm and cozy while you suffer the onslaught of freezing water – over time; this can lead to a substantial fat loss.

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