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    Beauty Is in the Beast

    We often talk about how beauty is something that is delicate, dainty and aesthetically pleasing. However, the path you take to reach beauty is filled with trial and error, challenges and all manner of beastly things. Scrubbing your face and exfoliating is something we do on a regular basis just to keep the skin clear, but when you really break it down to what you’re actually doing, you’re furiously scrubbing away dead skin in order to make way for new cells.

    There’s a certain beastly quality in all people who care about their appearance, whether they’re young, middle-aged, a senior or male or female. We have to pay attention to the beauty inside of us that is just waiting to burst out of your current shell, and in order to break that shell, we need to put in some elbow grease, money and a lot of time.

    beauty and the beast


    This is a treatment that is used to improve the look of your skin. It’s usually done with a wire brush or a wheel that is used to remove layers of skin; much like exfoliation. However, the main difference is that microdermabrasion uses much rougher materials and often removes dead skin at an accelerated rate. If you don’t exfoliate on a regular basis; then you may need some sessions of microdermabrasion in order to clear up dead skin cells and rough patches on your skin. If you have certain skin conditions or very delicate skin; then you may want to reconsider microdermabrasion and stick to just a regular soft exfoliator to keep your skin clear.

    Just remember that all types of skin need to be exfoliated at some point to keep it looking healthy and smooth. Exfoliation is already seen as quite harsh to some people, but if you don’t exfoliate on a regular basis then you may need to consider microdermabrasion in order to remove large amounts of skin to keep it clear and free of excess oils and impurities.

    Facial Steaming for Beauty

    Another fairly harsh-sounding treatment is facial steaming. For clear skin, you should check out these facial steaming devices that essentially blow hot steam into your face to help you clear clogged pores. It also helps to make your skin more comfortable when you apply other facial treatments and skincare products; meaning it’s the perfect addition to your existing skincare regime.

    Furthermore, facial steaming enhances blood circulation in your face; improving the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin tissue and enhancing your appearance. It can also help to remove toxins from your skin; much like when you sweat during a workout or in a hot bath. This helps to restore balance to your face and ultimately gives you a smooth and glowing complexion.


    One of the most rigorous things we can do for beauty is exercise. Aching muscles, sweating and heavy breathing are the three key signs that you’re giving yourself a workout that means something. Regardless of what age or body type you are; exercising will help you maintain a beauty and healthy body, but it has to be assisted with dieting.

    As you can see; staying beautiful requires a lot of work. If you can awaken that inner “beast” inside of yourself that can get things done. Then you’re going to achieve those beauty goals a little faster; than if you had remained delicate and patient with your regular beauty regimes.

    Beauty Is in the Beast
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    Essential Items to Bring While Traveling

    To avoid the nerve-wracking cycle of packing and unpacking that almost every trip away entails, it is helpful to be aware of the items that more experienced travelers consider are absolutely necessary for traveling. Ensure these items are at the top of your packing list.


    11 Essential Items for Every Traveler

    As much as every trip is different, here are the items you should always bring with you when traveling:

    1.     Versatile Luggage

    You will want to use luggage that is durable, lightweight and is large enough to carry all your essentials. Lugging around travel bags with broken handles or wheels is no picnic. Ensure you buy your luggage from trusted companies that provide warranties for their bags. Look at websites like Luggage Direct to have an idea of the many types of bags available and pick luggage that is versatile while meeting your particular needs.

    2.     Travel Documents

    When it comes to traveling, you can forget to bring all else except your travel documents. You can buy a travel document organizer to help you carry these documents in one place. You can carry some extra money in most document organizers as they have slots for coins, cash bills, and credit cards. For seamless international travel you will need:

    •        Your Passport and Visas
    •         Travel Tickets
    •         Loyalty Program Cards
    •         Hotel Reservations
    •         Emergency Contacts
    •         Cash and Credit Cards

    Before you leave, check expiration dates for your passport, visas and credit cards, and make copies of all these important documents in case the originals get lost.  Many countries require that there be at least six months’ validity left on passports to permit entry.

    3.     Travel Health Kit

    Carry a travel health kit that contains any prescription meds that you are on, plus pain and fever relievers. Take medical notes from your doctor if you have any special health conditions and the prescriptions for the medications you will be carrying. Many countries require that you show these prescriptions if you are selected for a customs inspection on arrival. Remember that most countries do not accept prescriptions from overseas, and many medications have different brand names in different countries, so it is best that you include all that you need in your travel kit for the period that you will be away.

    4.     A Day Pack

    A small collapsible bag, which fits in your luggage, will come in handy for day trips once you are at your destination. You can use it to carry your gadgets, water bottles, guidebooks and folding umbrellas among other things you will need during an activity away from your hotel. It will also be useful for carrying any extras that you buy on your way back home.

    5.     Flashlight

    A lightweight LED torch is a necessity especially if you plan to do some camping, or venture into caves, or if there happens to be an electricity outage at your hotel. Carry a flashlight that has durable and rechargeable batteries.

    6.     Universal Travel Adapter Plug

    Until the world adopts a single AC power standard (which is probably unlikely), every traveler has to carry adapters to charge their devices. Get an all in one universal adapter or, if you are traveling to only one country, you can check what plug is used in the country you intend to travel to, and buy the cheaper single-type adapter for that country.

    7.     Plastic Storage Bags

    Plastic bags will be useful when you want to protect any of your items from moisture. You can also use them to carry damp clothes or to separate dirty clothes from clean ones. Clear zip-lock bags will help you keep your suitcase organized especially if you will be changing accommodation often which will require packing and unpack several times.

    8.     Ear Plugs

    For sound sleep on your flight, quality earplugs will help to drown out the aircraft sounds and any noisy passengers. You can purchase flight earplugs that will help reduce the discomfort that comes with changes in air pressure during flights.

    9.     Bungee Cord

    A mini bungee cord will be helpful in case you damage a suitcase or a zipper gets broken. You can use it to hold your luggage together in an emergency. It can also be a makeshift clothesline if you want to hang wet clothes in your hotel bathroom.

    10. All-Weather Shoes

    Instead of carrying multiple pairs of shoes that will only add to your luggage weight, find a pair that is multi-purpose, durable and waterproof. Keep in mind the activities you will undertake at your destination as you choose which ones to carry. If one pair won’t work, limit yourself to two.

    11. Some Pens

    Bring a couple of cheap pens with you for filling out arrival forms and customs declarations at the airport. You will get through faster when you don’t have to wait for fellow passengers to finish using the ones provided.

    One of the top tips for traveling is always packing light, but the more important advice is packing smart. The tips above will help you avoid the stress of worrying that you might have forgotten something. Remember too that anything you forget to bring – aside from your travel documents – you can buy at your destination. And try to put as many of these essential items in your carry-on. That way, you will have most of your essentials with you in case something happens to your checked-in luggage.

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    Making a Better Car Purchase

    Sponsored post.


    2017 Lexus IS 200t Image source: photo by Angela Conners

    It can be difficult at times to shop around for things that we need to make our life fast, much easier and comfortable. Having a busy schedule can prevent us from getting a lot of work done and yet we procrastinate day after day. If you are like me the first place you would check to research and buy items would be from a web-store on the internet.

    The internet offers ample information on how to shop for the best car online. From tips to tricks to helping to find the best deal, vehicle comparisons and something that will fit your lifestyle and budget. At you can sit from the comfort of your home, office etc. behind the computer screen and have an idea of all the great features of your dream car.

    2017 Lexus IS 200t


    Unfortunately, your car got broken down or stuck in the mechanic shop with a possibility of no return and it is time to replace and or upgrade to a different style, colour, brand etc. but with limited time it can be difficult to check an in-store dealer. Fret not at they have cars ranging from all different prices, brands, style, colour, new and used readily available and easy to access.

    2017 Lexus IS 200t


    Performing adequate research before purchasing a car is efficient for consumers whether it is your first or multiple purchase. This is what is all about giving you the information towards making a better purchase, great customer reviews and specific details on each car and jeep.


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    Them Boots Were Made For Walkin’

    Them boots were made for walkin’

    And that’s just what they’ll do.

    So, they better be comfortable!
    Everyone knows that new shoes, especially high heels, aren’t the comfiest footwear ever. But that doesn’t mean you need to be in pain every time you put them on.

    Here are some life-saving hacks that can keep you walking without any pain and discomfort. You’ll be amazed at how well they work!

    boots, walking
    Image source: Pexels
    Stretch Leather With A Blow Dryer

    One of the main reasons new shoes hurt so much is because the leather is brand new. It hasn’t been given the chance to stretch, so will be quite hard and will rub up against your feet. There is one really easy way to get around this, though – simply use your blow dryer to blow the leather for a few minutes! This will heat the leather up and give it a chance to stretch. It’s a good idea to wear the boots or shoes while you do this so the leather stretches around your feet.

    Use Panty Liners In Your Shoes
    Ok, so this may sound a bit bizarre, but trust me for a minute – this is a really great hack especially if you suffer from sweaty feet! We’ve all suffered from sweaty feet at some point.  Instead of wearing a regular insole in your shoes, you should slip in a panty liner. This is an especially good idea for shoes for small feet as you might not be able to find small enough insoles. Once you add the panty liner, you won’t have to worry about sweaty feet as it will absorb all the sweat!

    Use Sandpaper To Add Grip
    There is nothing more frustrating than realizing your shoes don’t offer you enough grip. Once winter is here, you will end up slipping and sliding on ice and snow! Thankfully, there is something you can do about this! You should take some sandpaper and use it to sand the sole of your shoe. This will add a lot more traction, so you don’t have to worry about falling over on smooth surfaces!

    Use Baby Powder On Squeaky Shoes
    Sometimes, new shoes can squeak quite a bit. Over time, this will stop as the leather becomes a lot more flexible. However, it can be very annoying! To stop it, though, you can sprinkle some baby powder onto the leather. This will prevent any friction when parts of leather rub together.

    Use A Nail File On Suede
    I know lots of girls who won’t buy suede shoes because they are so scared they will get them dirty, and they’ll be ruined. But there is a very easy way to remove stains on suede. And you don’t need special tools or materials to do so! If you rub your nail file on the stain, it will eventually lift off and you will have a clean shoe once again!

    These hacks range from the weird to the wonderful, but one thing is for sure – they will certainly make your shoes look great and feel comfortable.

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    How To Visually Expand Your Tiny Living Space

    Regardless of the size of your home, you’ll probably find yourself thinking about more space at some point. In order to make your house look bigger and spacier, you’ll need a good action plan. The text below will provide you with some tips and guidelines which could come in handy when you decide to redesign your living space a bit.

    room, decor, tiny living space
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    Incredible Destinations For The Perfect Wedding

    Planning a wedding is a tough task. It can take months – perhaps years in some cases – of hard work to ensure your big day goes off with a bang. And that’s just for when you decide to hold your ceremony and reception in your local area. If you are planning on going abroad to tie the knot, it’s another world of headaches and planning problems – however, there are a few incredible destinations that just might be worth it. In today’s guide, we’re going to take a look at some of the best wedding destinations in the world right now – read on to find out more.

    wedding destinations Read more

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    Facelift Treatment in India

    Nowadays, the people residing in Delhi are very much conscious about their looks especially face and the facelift treatment in India is playing an important role to make to the looks better or to retain the existing look as a result facelift treatment in India became a much-in-demand treatment.
    According to the renowned skin specialist in Gurgaon, the facelift treatment in Delhi, as well as other areas of Delhi, is increasing rapidly.
    facelift, facelift treatment

    Why is India an Ideal Place for Facelift Treatment?

    According to the researchers, facelift treatment in India is sixth most well-known aesthetic surgery performed after abdominoplasty, breast implant, rhinoplasty, body lift and liposuction.
    Presently, India is acquiring enormous recognition on facelift treatment as well as for other medical treatments on a global scale.
    In India, metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai have become a preferred destination for skin treatment. Presently, skin problems are extremely common affecting around 10% of the population worldwide.
    If someone is looking for any skin specialist apart from NCR, he/she can visit some of the renowned skin specialists in Mayur Vihar, Janakpuri, etc. as all these areas are easily equipped with highly advanced technologies that are easily comparable to those offered by developed countries.
    Fortunately, skin clinics in Delhi have a multi-specialty, technically advanced and managed by a highly skilled team which provides quality skin treatment at low costs.
    Most of the dermatologists in Delhi are highly experienced and use latest technologies to provide best services to the patients.
    In the recent years, many international patients from places like US, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc. prefer visiting India for the treatment purpose because of
    •    availability of international standard treatments at a reasonable cost with the best results.
    •    State-of-art infrastructure and facilities, specialized doctors, para-medical staff, a constant up gradation of technology and equipment.
    •    Consultants to help international patients.
    •    There is much medical staff who can communicate properly with the international patients in English.

    Why is Facelift Treatment needed?

    Today most of the people believe that fairness has become a symbol of social status but because of too much work pressure or busy schedule, most of the people are undergoing through mental stress which to some extent are affecting the look of the face.
    Basically, with the advancement of age also, the face loses its brightness. Wrinkles and fine lines around the nose and mouth area start showing making the face look exhausted, due to which the person loses his/her confidence.
    The facelift treatment plays an important role in solving all these problems. It not only helps the person to look young but also helps him/her to gain confidence.

    Different Types of Facelift Procedures:

    Traditional Full Facelift:

    As it focuses on a larger area, by taking help of this technique, the specialist can find profound wrinkles beneath the eyes, abundance fat and skin under the jaw, cheeks, and more. Full facelifts play an important role for the patient of age more than 50.

    Mid Facelift:

    Mid facelift targets smaller area, primarily below the eyes and around the cheeks and involves shorter recovery time. This procedure is often suitable for man and woman in their 30’s and 40’s who are simply looking to rejuvenate their appearance.

    Mini Facelift:

    Mini facelift mainly involves lifting of the muscles, removal of unwanted fat and elimination of excess skin within a shorter period.
    It is also referred as “weekend facelift.
    Most of the surgeons are using endoscopic techniques for this treatment.
    Basically, this procedure is for younger patients who are showing the first signs of aging.

    Lower Facelift:

    Basically, lower facelift removes the wrinkles of the face.
    Unlike other types of facelifts, this procedure is used to remove the excess skin, tightens the underlying muscles and improves the outline of the jaw. Lower facelifts are suitable for patients who want to remove the signs of aging.

    Thread Facelift

    Thread facelifts involve very small stitches just below the skin to lift the underlying muscles. As it does not require anesthesia so the procedure can be completed quickly. The duration of the entire treatment is about one to two hours. This treatment is appropriate for the patients between the age of 30 – 40.

    The Cost of Facelift Treatment in India:

    The cost of facelift treatment in India is much lower in comparison with different countries around the globe. The average cost of the facelift treatment is about $6,000, not including anesthesia, prescriptions, or preparatory tests. Mostly the facelift treatment starts at around Rs. 150000.00 while the combined face and neck lift cost starts from approx. Rs 200000.00.
    Comprehensive facelift prices will include these costs, in addition to the surgical fees. If you are considering a rhytidectomy, you should discuss all costs with your surgeon.

    Factors That Affect the Cost of a Facelift:

    ·      The type of facelift treatment.

    ·      As the procedure of facelift treatment is faster so its cost is also more than a mini or mid facelift. 

    ·      The type of anesthesia.

    ·      Endoscopic facelifts cost more than traditional procedures.
    ·      Additional treatments: Many patients combine facelift treatment with other surgical procedures for more comprehensive results
    ·      Specialist’s reputation: Highly experienced specialists provide effective treatment and cost more.
         Location:  The cost of facelift treatment also depends on the location i.e. where the person lives or in which city he/she is going for the treatment.
    ·      Most of the times facelift treatment is not covered by insurance. So, many surgeons offer excellent facelift surgery financing options to cover the cost of facelift surgery.
    ·      The cost of facelift treatment in India depends on various factors.

    Advantages of facelift treatments

    It helps an individual to look young without leaving any scars.
    Wrinkles on the face will disappear or diminishes.
    An intangible benefit may be a boost in their self-esteem.
     Once performed, the treatment needs repetition at least after five to seven years.
         Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in any guest post featured on our site are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Beauty that walks as a whole.
    Author Bio: Arjun Moyade is an online medical counselor and health blogger. Follow him on:
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    Useful Tips on Hiring Best Event Catering Company

    While planning an event, the choice of catering staff makes a lot of difference. Whether you are planning a wedding, a charitable event or a business seminar, serving your guests with the best food along with well-equippedvenues is always on the priority list.

    For your event to be perfect and also gaining the worth of your investment, you would want everything to fall in the right place. For this, hiring the best catering company becomes utmost important. However, it is an intimidating task, even the most efficient event planners have to run miles to ensure that they have the best caterer in their team.
    There are many things that you need to keep in mind while hiring a catering company for an event. The article highlights on a few useful tips to hire the best catering company in the town to make your event a success:


    catering companies


    Fail-safe tips to hire the best event catering business

    ·      Where to start your search from?
    There are endless options in the market that are enough to make you confused. It is also better to have a plan to start your search. The first thing you need to research is the possible ways to search for the event catering company. You can start your search on:
    1.     Virtual space as today most businesses advertise online.
    2.     Offline Markets.
    3.     Call your relatives and friends to ask for any referral.
    4.     Visit offices of caterers.
    5.     Ask the venue management to offer you recommendations
    ·        Narrow your list

    Once you have a list of caterers in-hand, you must narrow it down to some selected vendors that fit your requirements. There are many aspects that you must keep in mind while doing so. You need to consider your budget, experience of the event catering company, specialization of the company, their past record, achievements of the company and so on. You will be able to analyze the list more efficiently if you have limited entries on it.

    event catering


    ·       Visit the office
    After you have a precise list of options, now it is time to have a face to face meeting with the companies to understand them better. This will also offer you a chance to visit their kitchens. While your visit, keep a close scrutiny of the cleanliness & hygiene factors and at the same time observe the professionalism of the staff. If you find a dirty kitchen, it means that the catering company has no interest and pride in its business.
    ·       Type of services they offer
    You will certainly want a catering company that understands your type of catering style and do justice to it. Also, the company you hire needs to have the desired number of staff available for the event. The number of staff required for the event depends on the type of services you need. While for buffet style reception ten to fifteen waiters are enough, you need one server per table for a sit-down dinner/ lunch.
    ·        The cost of the services
    This is another critical concern while hiring a catering company. The final choice of the vendor depends upon the price they offer you. You must be having a specific budget in mind for the entire event and a major portion of that is always dedicated to a catering service. Hire a company that fits in your budget and at the same time ensures quality and elegance.
    Keeping these tips in mind while looking for a reliable catering company will ensure you get the best hire in your team.
    Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in any guest post featured on our site are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Beauty that walks as a whole.
    Author Bio:Amelie Lawrence is an experienced professional and informative Guest blogger. I love to write blog on various topics, like automotive, home improvement, business, health etc.
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    Ultimate Birthday Gift Ideas for Two Year Old Boys

    Buying birthday gifts can be troublesome at the best of times, but buying birthday gifts for two-year-old boys, well, that takes things to a whole other level entirely. Once your child reaches the terrible twos, you’ll be looking for as many ways to keep him entertained as you possibly can, and rightfully so. The terrible twos can last for what feels like an eternity to some parents, so you’ll want gifts that not only provide entertainment but also provide longevity as well. By two, many young boys will be very mobile, they’ll be stringing concise sentences together, their imaginations will be running wild, and they’ll require plenty of entertainment and stimulation to assist with their development. If you’re still not sure which gifts to get your boy for his second birthday, take a look at the following, as we look at a few ultimate birthday gift idea suggestions for two-year-old boys.

    birthday gift, gift ideas

    Building Blocks – When we say building blocks, we don’t mean Lego, as unfortunately Lego bricks will simply be too small and could potentially pose choking hazards for your son. No, when we say building blocks, we mean big building blocks. Building blocks may be painfully primitive in design, but that is part of their charm and appeal. They’re so large that using them is easier than ever, and they can actually be a whole lot of fun. The blocks, many of which will be painted bright and bold colors, not only provide mental stimulation when they’re being stacked and used to construct all kinds of things by your son, they also provide visual stimulation due to their colors. 

    Kitchen activity sets – Kitchen activity sets are also very popular among young children, so that is another gift idea you may wish to consider. Kitchen activity sets are basically smaller mock kitchens made from plastic. They come complete with miniature cookers, pots, and pans, sinks, cupboards, microwaves, as well as imitation foods and drinks. Your child will have hours of fun pretending he’s a whiz in the kitchen, and who knows, perhaps you’ll inspire him to become a chef later on in life?

    A Tricycle – If you really want to keep your son entertained, for many months, even years, to come, a tricycle is absolutely essential. Tricycles come in all shapes and sizes, and providing your son is indeed large enough, and mobile enough, to use one, he will instantly fall in love. The great thing about tricycles is the fact that they can be used indoors or outdoors in the garden under your supervision. The design is very stable, meaning it will be virtually impossible for your son to fall off, and most importantly of all, he will have huge amounts of fun on it. If you really want to make your son happy and assist with his development at the same time, make sure you get him the decent tricycle that long lasts for years.

    Mini tea set – Sticking with the culinary theme, another gift idea that is sure to impress, and one which will allow you to interact with your child at the same time, is a miniature tea set. A simple plastic teapot, along with cups, saucers, chairs, and a table, will provide your child with everything he needs to host his very own Teddy Bear’s picnic with you and his stuffed animals and various other toys.

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    Eating Better For Your Skin… Food For Thought!

    It’s always food for thought, but can we eat our way to a more youthful complexion? We all know the benefits of eating well on our heart health and general well-being, but there are lots of foods that can do you wonders for your skin. What you eat can affect your skin purely because of inflammation, and as this is your body’s way half protecting itself and getting rid of toxins it can show up in things like acne, but it can also cause your skin to age. So what are the best foods for your skin?

    Coconut oil
    Image credit: Pixabay

    Coconut Oil

    You can’t really escape coconut oil it’s wherever you go now, and they’re even selling it in high street supermarkets, but while it’s the healthy fats that people are buying it for when it comes to diet, you can actually also use coconut oil on your skin! It is used in many natural beauty products as a key ingredient, but as a skin moisturizer, an emollient and even as a body scrub you can use coconut oil for numerous health benefits. There is a lot of debate as to the best types of coconut oil to use, and you can have a look online for the best coconut oil brand that is cold pressed and has a higher quantity of MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) which will contribute to your overall health and not just your skin.

    Read the 92 Sneaky Causes of Acne

    Dark Chocolate

    The health benefits of dark chocolate have been tested for a long time, but the benefits of eating this sweet treat with a higher cocoa content have shown to reduced skin roughness and scaliness over a 12 week period. However, for a lot of us, it’s not good to eat so much chocolate because of the high quantity of calories, so eat it in moderation and reap the benefits.

    Oatmeal, foods
    Image credit: Pexels


    If you’ve ever tried the old home remedy for bad skin by putting oatmeal in a sock and putting it under the tap in your bath you’ve seen first hand how good it is for your skin. But eating it is just as good if you don’t fancy bathing with a sock! Try and go for whole grain oatmeal where you can.

    Oily Fish

    A lot of oily fish like sardines have a high quantity of Omega-3 fatty acids. A lot of fatty fish is rich in DHA which is a type of Omega-3 fatty acid that is anti-inflammatory. So by upping your fish intake by eating mackerel, or sardines or salmon, you will be cutting back on inflammation which is known as the root cause of acne.
    Image credit: Pexels



    As well as being high in antioxidants herbs like rosemary and thyme have been associated with a reduced risk of melanoma. As they are so high in antioxidants, they eradicate free radicals from skin-damaging sources like the sun before they can cause any issues.


    Do you drink enough? Don’t forget drinking plenty of water keep skin hydrated which will make it appear less wrinkled. If you are fed up with water by itself, add a bit of lemon or lime to zest it up!