Beauty Is in the Beast

We often talk about how beauty is something that is delicate, dainty and aesthetically pleasing. However, the path you take to reach beauty is filled with trial and error, challenges and all manner of beastly things. Scrubbing your face and exfoliating is something we do on a regular basis just to keep the skin clear, but when you really break it down to what you’re actually doing, you’re furiously scrubbing away dead skin in order to make way for new cells.

There’s a certain beastly quality in all people who care about their appearance, whether they’re young, middle-aged, a senior or male or female. We have to pay attention to the beauty inside of us that is just waiting to burst out of your current shell, and in order to break that shell, we need to put in some elbow grease, money and a lot of time.

beauty and the beast


This is a treatment that is used to improve the look of your skin. It’s usually done with a wire brush or a wheel that is used to remove layers of skin; much like exfoliation. However, the main difference is that microdermabrasion uses much rougher materials and often removes dead skin at an accelerated rate. If you don’t exfoliate on a regular basis; then you may need some sessions of microdermabrasion in order to clear up dead skin cells and rough patches on your skin. If you have certain skin conditions or very delicate skin; then you may want to reconsider microdermabrasion and stick to just a regular soft exfoliator to keep your skin clear.

Just remember that all types of skin need to be exfoliated at some point to keep it looking healthy and smooth. Exfoliation is already seen as quite harsh to some people, but if you don’t exfoliate on a regular basis then you may need to consider microdermabrasion in order to remove large amounts of skin to keep it clear and free of excess oils and impurities.

Facial Steaming for Beauty

Another fairly harsh-sounding treatment is facial steaming. For clear skin, you should check out these facial steaming devices that essentially blow hot steam into your face to help you clear clogged pores. It also helps to make your skin more comfortable when you apply other facial treatments and skincare products; meaning it’s the perfect addition to your existing skincare regime.

Furthermore, facial steaming enhances blood circulation in your face; improving the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin tissue and enhancing your appearance. It can also help to remove toxins from your skin; much like when you sweat during a workout or in a hot bath. This helps to restore balance to your face and ultimately gives you a smooth and glowing complexion.


One of the most rigorous things we can do for beauty is exercise. Aching muscles, sweating and heavy breathing are the three key signs that you’re giving yourself a workout that means something. Regardless of what age or body type you are; exercising will help you maintain a beauty and healthy body, but it has to be assisted with dieting.

As you can see; staying beautiful requires a lot of work. If you can awaken that inner “beast” inside of yourself that can get things done. Then you’re going to achieve those beauty goals a little faster; than if you had remained delicate and patient with your regular beauty regimes.

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