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    5 Ways To Fight Facial Wrinkles



    The face is the part of our body we all want to keep looking youthful the longest. Over the years, our faces take a lot of punishment, which results in wrinkles – but some of this can be avoided if you start taking action early. Here are a few effective ways to fight those facial wrinkles.

    Get a good night’s sleep

    It’s whilst we’re asleep that our body does all its repairs, including supplying anti-oxidants to our skin. By not getting enough sleep, your skin may not be getting the healing it needs. A lack of sleep can also cause puffy eyes, which can eventually turn into permanent bags under the eyes. Because our body doesn’t go through its full detox cycle, blood vessels in the thin skin under the eyes dilate causing these bags. Start going to sleep earlier and you’ll give your skin enough time to rejuvenate itself.

    Protect your eyes

    Squinting can cause wrinkles known as crows’ feet to develop around the corners of the eyes. We often squint when there is too much or too little light. Wearing sunglasses in the sun and always providing sufficient lighting when reading can prevent squinting, and in turn prevent crows’ feet from forming.

    Drink Water

    Staying hydrated helps to keep all our organs healthy. This is because water is essential for flushing the toxins out of our body. By drinking lot of liquid throughout the day, you could help prevent skin inflammation such as sunburn that can lead to wrinkles. Drinking lots of water also keep your skin from drying out, which also causes wrinkles to form. You should aim to drink 8 glasses of water a day.

    Try skin supplements

    Various skin supplements can help top up your skin with all the nutrients it needs. These may include probiotics and proteins such as omega-3, which can help accelerate healing. Moisturisers are meanwhile important for keeping your skin topped up with sebum. Sebum is an oil that your skin naturally secretes to keep it from drying out, but as you get older the skin stops producing as much sebum. Moisturisers can ensure that you’re still getting these oils and potentially keep you looking more youthful.

    Stop smoking

    If you ever needed another reason to quit, it may be worth noting that smoking adds years to your skin. This is for a variety of reasons. It firstly affects the body’s ability to produce collagen, which helps to heal our body. It also restricts the flow of nutrients to the skin, making it appear more pale and dry. When it comes specifically to the face, smoking is also one of the leading causes of wrinkles around the lips. This is due to the muscles used to smoke, which non-smokers don’t use as often. Heat from cigarettes also causes smokers to squint more often, which contributes to crows’ feet.

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    Beauty Is in the Beast

    We often talk about how beauty is something that is delicate, dainty and aesthetically pleasing. However, the path you take to reach beauty is filled with trial and error, challenges and all manner of beastly things. Scrubbing your face and exfoliating is something we do on a regular basis just to keep the skin clear, but when you really break it down to what you’re actually doing, you’re furiously scrubbing away dead skin in order to make way for new cells.

    There’s a certain beastly quality in all people who care about their appearance, whether they’re young, middle-aged, a senior or male or female. We have to pay attention to the beauty inside of us that is just waiting to burst out of your current shell, and in order to break that shell, we need to put in some elbow grease, money and a lot of time.

    beauty and the beast


    This is a treatment that is used to improve the look of your skin. It’s usually done with a wire brush or a wheel that is used to remove layers of skin; much like exfoliation. However, the main difference is that microdermabrasion uses much rougher materials and often removes dead skin at an accelerated rate. If you don’t exfoliate on a regular basis; then you may need some sessions of microdermabrasion in order to clear up dead skin cells and rough patches on your skin. If you have certain skin conditions or very delicate skin; then you may want to reconsider microdermabrasion and stick to just a regular soft exfoliator to keep your skin clear.

    Just remember that all types of skin need to be exfoliated at some point to keep it looking healthy and smooth. Exfoliation is already seen as quite harsh to some people, but if you don’t exfoliate on a regular basis then you may need to consider microdermabrasion in order to remove large amounts of skin to keep it clear and free of excess oils and impurities.

    Facial Steaming for Beauty

    Another fairly harsh-sounding treatment is facial steaming. For clear skin, you should check out these facial steaming devices that essentially blow hot steam into your face to help you clear clogged pores. It also helps to make your skin more comfortable when you apply other facial treatments and skincare products; meaning it’s the perfect addition to your existing skincare regime.

    Furthermore, facial steaming enhances blood circulation in your face; improving the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the skin tissue and enhancing your appearance. It can also help to remove toxins from your skin; much like when you sweat during a workout or in a hot bath. This helps to restore balance to your face and ultimately gives you a smooth and glowing complexion.


    One of the most rigorous things we can do for beauty is exercise. Aching muscles, sweating and heavy breathing are the three key signs that you’re giving yourself a workout that means something. Regardless of what age or body type you are; exercising will help you maintain a beauty and healthy body, but it has to be assisted with dieting.

    As you can see; staying beautiful requires a lot of work. If you can awaken that inner “beast” inside of yourself that can get things done. Then you’re going to achieve those beauty goals a little faster; than if you had remained delicate and patient with your regular beauty regimes.

    Beauty Is in the Beast
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    5 Things To Do Before Your Wedding Day

    After the long months of planning every last detail of your wedding, the day is finally upon you! Being just weeks away can be incredibly exciting, albeit filled with worry about whether or not you’re actually prepared. While you might have the vendors paid and the guests confirmed, what about preparations for yourself? Beyond the dress and shoes, it’s important to consider the beauty details of your big day. To ensure you’re ready, five of the most important things you’ll want to do (and when you’ll want to do them) are listed below.
    face mask, facial, spa

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    MIX Masters

    Sometimes it’s difficult to find our foundation/powder shades or we just want to play around with makeup, so we turn to mixing different kinds of products together. Numerous beauty companies has catch the drift and are now coming up with mixers; products that you can combine to create something that you can use.
    If you are into mixing product then you could try these mix master ideas, so grab your Surface.Pro by Beauty Blender and start mixing.

    Get a Tan
    Add a few drops of Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster to any facial moisturizer for a subtle glow without changing your day-to-day skin routine.
    Adjust your base.
    Alter your foundation shade with Make Up Forever Chromatic Mix. Use a drop of white to brighten, brown to darken or yellow to correct redness.
    Brighten your hair color
    Swirl Eufora Beautifying Elixirs Color Revive into your conditioner to refresh dull blonde, brunette and red toned hair.
    Waterproof your Makeup
    Swipe Anastasia Beverly Hills Waterproofing Gel on bare eyelids; this will prevent shadow from moving or smearing for hours.