How to Make Your Nose Look Smaller

Don’t we all want well-balanced facial features? Everything seems to be in the right place. For some people, they have these features. Naturally, others had used clever methods or other options to get their outstanding look with every feature looking proportional. One of the facial features that give many people issues when they try to achieve the balanced look is the appearance of the nose. We have different nose structures.

In many cases, our ethnic origins play a major role in determining the shape of the nose. Regardless of the nose structure commonly found among people from your home country, you can make a change. In this post, I will be discussing some useful tips to help people who think their nose distorts the balance of their facial features.


In my case, I have quite a broad looking nose which suits my look sometimes, but other times, I have to be clever to get the features I need. I learned tips that work so well, and the compliment received from admirers is always nice to hear.

Use makeup to highlight contours

There are contours on the nose that can be highlighted by skilfully using makeup. This way, the contours can become more prominent giving the nose a smaller and more proportionate look to blend with other facial features. The use of contouring involves carefully selecting the right cosmetics that blends with my skin tone because the effect has to look natural. Then select a slightly darker shade of cosmetics that will be used to create the contouring shadows. It is not a really difficult process although I had to try a couple of times before getting it right. But then I found a pattern that worked. Everyone can learn to use contouring to make the nose appear smaller.


In simple terms, rhinoplasty means a surgical operation to enhance the features of the nose. It is a permanent solution for people who would like to have smaller noses. Rhinoplasty has been done by many actresses and actors we know today, it is safe, and the outcome is always fantastic. It is, however, important to use only qualified, and experienced surgeons to have a rhinoplasty done. The results can be seen shortly after the process is completed. However, patients may experience some swelling which is perfectly normal after such a procedure. There are tips that can help you cope with the swelling after rhinoplasty to get amazing results at

Enhance other facial features

It is also possible to make my nose appear smaller by skilfully enhancing other features on my face. This way, I can encourage people I interact with to notice these features rather than focusing on my nose. This is how I do it; depending on my fashion ensemble, I can choose to wear a brightly colored matching lipstick, or use makeup to enhance the look of my eyebrows. Another useful tip is using my specially selected fashion accessories to draw attention away from my nose. People tend to notice accessories because they look so attractive. So I use them as leverage, it works every time. Find more tips here

It is also important to adopt a good skincare routine to prevent skin blemishes such as blackheads from appearing on your nose.


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