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    How to Impress Clients Visiting Your Office For The First Time

    office space

    Besides being a workspace, the design and layout of your office speak volumes about you and your staff members. A beautifully decorated office often indicates creative and artistic employees and staff members. A dull, boring and dilapidated office indicates lazy and disinterested staff members and so on. The first time an important client has to visit your office, it is necessary that he or she be impressed with the surroundings of your workspace. If you have an office where the walls have chipped paint, the flooring is uneven, and other design flaws are prevalent, you may leave a very distasteful feeling in the mind of the client. We have compiled a list of ways that you can decorate your office to leave first-time visitors utterly impressed: Read more

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    How to Decorate Your Makeup Room

    Do you look at those beautiful vanities on Instagram and or in the Makeup Facebook Group? And immediately you are inspired to transform your tiny space or an empty room into your own personalized makeup room. Some even go the extra mile and remodel their bathroom to become their own personalized glam room.

    Decorating our own space gives us the freedom to express ourselves. It is easy to add accessories to our liking. Wall murals are my favourite piece of art to add; it suffices for self-expression. If you are thinking of transforming your space with little or no budget then you can get a loan at Northcash and then you can spread payments out over the next couple months at an affordable fee.

    makeup room

    Image source: Pinterest

    Read more

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    4 Old-Fashioned Gardening Tricks Every Gardener Should Know

    old fashioned gardening tricks

    The benefits of gardening are well known. Psychiatrists and psychologists recommend it for improving mental health and mood. Physicians see it as a perfect way to strengthen the musculoskeletal system and lower the risk of diseases like obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Read more

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    New Year, New Design?

    home decor, design

    Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

    Entering the new year makes the perfect opportunity to redecorate our homes because they’re so 2017. Moving into 2018, you want to leave everything in the past and in terms of interior design, this is achievable. We’ve teamed up with Oldrids & Downtown, a retailer of quirky bedroom furniture and a department store that has over 200 years’ experience, to find out what the trends look like for home design in 2018. Read more

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    One Stop Makeup Vanity Ideas

    All You Need To Know To Have A Proper Makeup

    Vanity Lights

    Makeup Vanity Lights

    Makeup Vanity Lights

    Not every girl has the proper makeup vanity lights. Having the right amount of light on the makeup vanity is on every girl’s wish list. They see that kind of vanity table on almost all fashion tv shows. On TV, the makeup artists do their work on models in front of mirrors which are surrounded by light bulbs.

    For me, makeup vanity lights are quite important for supporting your makeup activity. A makeup vanity is a functionality that is wrapped with beauty. This kind of furniture is considered as a luxurious piece of makeup support. Read more

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    5 Great Ways To Personalize Your Rental Space

    Renting an apartment or a house is a convenient way to economize, especially if the rental residence you are staying in has already been furnished with furniture and other essentials. However, seldom are the landlord’s taste and your own style on the same page. In that case, consider personalizing your rental space by following some simple tips that will give you a sense of living in your own home. Not only will these tweaks help you effortlessly upgrade your living area, but they can be easily undone in case of moving to another location.

    Here are a few you could try:

    Lighting tweaks

    If you lack some coziness in your tiny and rather dark rental space, one thing that you can easily change is the lighting. Make the room brighter and cozy by purchasing some standing or table lamps. In case you are eager to create a relaxing ambiance, dimmer switches will do. This is particularly useful to save on energy. It’s the electrician’s job to install this lighting, so don’t bother with this tedious task on your own. Another light tweak you can try is adding twinkle lights. Twinkle lights are not only useful for Christmas, but also for setting a special mood.

    huyen-rental Read more

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    Interior Design Trends You´ll Be Loving This Autumn

    looking at interior designs

    The summer is leaving soon, and as the weather changes, so do we. If you got bored with your home’s interior, autumn is the right time for redesigning. Before you engage in this activity, stop for a minute and work on your budget. While remodeling your house can be really fun, it can empty your pockets as well. Try to be responsible, and search for the most affordable solutions. The text below will provide you with some useful ideas so you can start working on your own interior redecoration.

    blue chair interior design

    Mix up black and blue

    During the last year, the monochromatic scheme was trending, but the following winter will be painted black and blue with some white details. This combination of colors will give your home ultra-modern appearance. The goal with this color scheme is to transform your living space into a cozy and intimate area. This effect will be much more visible if you scatter a few ambient lights all over the place.
    beautiful interior design decor

    Color blocking

    This trend has dominated the catwalk in past years, and it’s the perfect time to get in your home. Color blocking is a bold and playful style of color matching and its main characteristic is contrast. Use opposed colors to achieve fresh and energetic appeal. You should go with mustard, teal, gray-blue and coral in order to achieve best results. Play with pastel colors and design your own geometric shapes above the bed or in a living room.

    Tiles are hot this fall

    Feel free to search for tiles on Instagram, and you’ll see how popular they are this season. People are making beautiful combinations and there are so many ideas available. Choose the best one for you and start building your bathroom mosaic. You can create one for the floor and totally different one for the wall. Play with shapes and eye-catching geometrics. You just need to start and see where it will lead you.
    carpet interior design home decor

    Go minimal

    One of the hottest trends this year, when it comes to interior design, is most certainly a combination of Japanese architecture and minimalism. This aesthetic inspired and influenced numerous interior styles. Check out Shou Sugi Ban and use this technique to work with your furniture. Of course, if you aren’t qualified for this, feel free to hire an experienced professional since the whole process might be dangerous. The final product will be a beautiful room with clean lines and natural materials which will help you to relax and stay focused at the same time.

    Decluttering is always “IN”

    Whatever you do regarding your interior, make sure to clean and declutter on regular basis. All these improvements won’t be efficient if there are tonnes of stacked papers on all flat surfaces. Because of that, get yourself a big black bag and start tossing stuff in it. Some design changes may force you to get rid of a few big pieces of furniture. If you don’t want to sell or donate them, go ahead and contact a storage company, such as Super Cheap Storage. Solutions they have to offer will meet all your needs. Once you’re done with cleaning, give your best to maintain that look.
    interior design

    Work on details

    Your interior will be appealing just in case you know how to work with details. The last year was all about malachite and marble, and there’s a different solution for upcoming winter. Use this autumn to get yourself some precious stones, such as agate and quartz. The best pick is, of course, rose quartz. If you still decide to buy marble instead, make sure you go with green and pink variants since traditional white ones are out.

    Can’t miss with plywood

    Plywood is maybe the hottest trend among architects this season, and everybody is going crazy about it. There are some museums that launched a big exhibition dedicated to this beautiful material. You can benefit so much with plywood since it’s durable, versatile and most of all, affordable. If you want to go with simple, raw look, you can’t miss with plywood.

    Final thoughts

    Act quickly if you want to get ready for the winter. Make an affordable plan and start working on your interior design. Think about the ideas mentioned above and choose those that are best for you. Keep yourself safe during remodeling and feel free to seek the professional help for all tasks you’re not qualified for. If you already have some experience and you have all the tools to get the job done, go ahead, roll up your sleeves and refresh your home in no time.

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    How To Visually Expand Your Tiny Living Space

    Regardless of the size of your home, you’ll probably find yourself thinking about more space at some point. In order to make your house look bigger and spacier, you’ll need a good action plan. The text below will provide you with some tips and guidelines which could come in handy when you decide to redesign your living space a bit.

    room, decor, tiny living space
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    How to Spruce Up Your Wall with PIXERS

    Spruce up your wall decor with Pixers

    Image source: Pixers

    DisclaimerThis is a sponsored post, opinions expressed are solely of the author otherwise stated.

    Tired of seeing boring walls with the same plain coloured paint. Why not make these walls more vibrant by adding a few wall murals, photo wallpaper customized to your desired size and image. Having the ability to customize wall murals from your own image can spruce up your environment giving you a mesmerizing final effect. These can be used for special occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, and even for your everyday life (bedroom, kitchen, office, vanity room and other commercial space) and if you are someone like me then this comes in handy as a DIY photographic background for bloggers.
    PIXERS focuses on the use of photography to make your idea comes alive through photographic prints seen on wall decals, wall murals, wallpapers and much more. You can be living a whole different experience by using PIXERS to enhance your surroundings.

    Types of Wall Murals

    At PIXERS they have a selection of wall murals, so if you are planning to decorate and still undecided PIXERS can help you with selecting the wall mural that will work best for you. Here are 3 types of wall murals provided by PIXERS:
    1.     PIXERStick Wall Mural is durable and matte, reusable and made with a self-adhesive material.
    2.     Vinyl Premium Wall Mural is durable and has a semi-glossy non-woven finish.
    3.     Vinyl Wall Mural is durable and has a matte non-woven finish.
    PIXERS has a wide range of wall murals, mural stickers, photo wallpaper and canvas to choose from. They are also available in vinyl, aluminum, canvas, PVC print and acrylic.

    Spruce up your wall decor with Pixers

    Image source: Pixers

    Having looked through the website; PIXERS has tons of selections to choose from, so right away I was not sure what to get. With PIXERS live chat service I was able to connect with a representative who helped me around the site. PIXERS did not have exactly what I was looking for but with their customized print service, I am able to upload my custom print and receive my wall mural in 6 business days perfected to my liking. The wall murals are self-adhesive and easy to apply to flat surface.
    With PIXERS you are able to visualize the wall mural on screen in a setting (bedroom, office etc.) before making your purchase.
    I am looking forward to decorating my bedroom in the future and PIXERS have a wide range of inspiration that caught my eye I can select from when it comes to posters, stickers and wall murals.

    PIXERS website is themed accordingly, so it is easy to navigate and find what you are looking for. 

    Spruce up your wall decor with Pixers

    Image Source: Pixers

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    How to Style Makeup Vanity like the Stars

    Ok ladies, I know we all have our opinions on the Kardashian’s – but I know we all agree on one thing – they sure know how to style their spaces.

    If you’ve ever seen Kylie or Kim post pics of their bedrooms, makeup vanities, or walk-in closets, you’ve probably seen how luxurious and decadent they’ve made their personal spaces.I’m sure you’ve also drooled over the thought of getting ready every morning and feeling like a queen.
    Well, we’re here to show you how you can create a space like this for yourself in your own home. With the following tips, tricks, and style ideas – you can create and have the next best thing in your own room. Watch out Kim…

    1. Your Space:

    First thing’s first… you need to think about your space. How much space do you have, and where would be the best spot to put your makeup vanity?
    If you have a walk-in closet with enough space, this is a great idea. If you have a corner of your room that isn’t being used, this works great too.
    Even if you have a small room and limited space, we can show you how to optimize it and create a lavish and personal vanity space for yourself.
    If you have a walk-in closet with shelves on one side, a convenient and adorable idea would be to place your vanity in between two shelves.
    This creates some cozy privacy for your vanity and also offers more convenient storage. If you have a room with a large window, a great idea would be to put your vanity table in front of the mirror.
    This also allows you to take advantage of natural daylight when doing your makeup.
    If you have a small room, consider having a bedside table that could double as your vanity when you wake up! Find a small table that can fit a chair underneath, and voila! You’ve cleverly optimized your space.

    2. Your Vanity Table:

    Now that you’ve decided on a space for your vanity, you need to find your vanity table! This will also depend on the space you have to work with – but here are some ideas:
    • Scour local antique markets, garage sales, second-hand stores and flea markets, try to find an inexpensive and unique table for yourself. Look for pieces that inspire you, reflect your personal style, and make you feel happy. You should feel like a queen when you sit in front of your vanity! If you find a piece that excites you, but it isn’t in the best shape, consider re-purposing it to fit your needs. Sometimes all pieces need is a fresh coat of paint and some TLC.
    • IKEA offers some great small tables for reasonable prices as well. This would be a good place to get a bedside table that doubles as a vanity if you are working with limited space. You can also find inexpensive but eye-catching chairs here too. I have a friend that found an IKEA bed shelf that she doubled as a low makeup vanity. It works perfectly for her!
    • If you want to get really creative and show-off your unique style, try re-purposing something that inspires you into your makeup vanity table. My great-grandmother passed down her sewing machine to me and I had it sitting in my basement for the longest time. So what I did was remove the sewing machine from the top, keep the base, and added a larger table-top. Now I have a beautiful vanity table with several drawers for storage that looks chic and antique, and also reminds me of my grandmother!
    Antique Vanity table

    3. Time To Decorate:

    So – you have your table! Now it’s time to think about styling your vanity. This is the fun part… Here are a few ideas. Get creative and make it personal!
    • Mount a large full-length mirror behind your vanity to make your space look bigger.
    • Look for a beautiful antique serving tray to act as a spot to place your jars of brushes or whatever else you’d like. This can be found in antique markets too!
    • Add a small lamp/lamps to help you better apply your makeup at night.
    • Look for cute jars, boxes or compartments that will fit all your supplies and keep them organized. I have several different boxes in my vanity that hold everything from false eyelashes and eyelash glue to cotton swabs and q-tips.
    • Add your own personal touch! I have twinkle lights around my mirror and small dainty bowls that hold all my jewelry.
    • Consider adding some art to the surrounding wall, or add some shelves for things like nail polishes or any important items you may have, like a facial steamer or blow dryer/flat-iron.

    Have fun! This part is where you get to pamper your space. Keep in mind that the whole point of a makeup vanity is to create a place for yourself that makes you happy every day, and makes you feel like the star you are!

    Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in any guest post featured on our site are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Beauty that walks as a whole.

    Author bio: My name is Kaylee, a young girl with passion in Nutrition, Health and Beauty – A blogger at I’m inspired to share my creative energy and knowledge about things that I am very passionate about. 😊