MIX Masters

Sometimes it’s difficult to find our foundation/powder shades or we just want to play around with makeup, so we turn to mixing different kinds of products together. Numerous beauty companies has catch the drift and are now coming up with mixers; products that you can combine to create something that you can use. If you … Read More

Lottabody Control Me Edge Gel Review

Lotta body Control Me Edge Gel Looking for something to lay those edges! Lotta body Control Me Edge Gel for relaxed and natural hair might be just for you. This Edge Gel has help to keep my edges in place, I just take a toothbrush and brush a pea size amount (a little goes a long way) of the edge … Read More

How to Make Your Foundation Last

Chances are you wear foundation because you want a coverage that will last until you are ready to take it off. Here is how to make sure it stays put. Build your base. Never skip moisturizer! Moisturizing is important since foundation collects on dry areas, so it is effective to choose a lightweight lotion that … Read More

5 Ways to Keep Locs Tight

Meagan Good wearing Faux Locs Follow these simple steps that will help to keep your locs looking tight and freshly done.1. Cleanse Locs correctly. Washing will loosen dreads, so it’s best to shampoo every four to six weeks. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove product buildup. 2. Refresh roots. Maintain a clean scalp and a … Read More