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    The Evolution of Shaving

    Shaving facial hair is something that men have been doing for thousands of years, cave drawings have shown men to be clean shaven, women started shaving their bodily hair much later. In ancient times men would scrape away their facial hair using stone, flint or shells.


    In the last couple of centuries, the cut throat razor was developed and it is still used by some barbers, using the cut throat takes a lot of skill. The cut throat razor is a dangerous utensil and serious in can occur if it is not wielded properly. Shaving accidents are usually caused insufficient preparation of the skin and hair before the commencement of shaving, dull or dirty razor blades.

    It is estimated that 90% of men shave daily and that most men spend 5 months of their life in front of the bathroom mirror. This daily chore and the injuries it can cause have led to the evolution of shaving products and equipment.

    The Safety Razor
    Before the invention of the safety razor many men would have to visit a barber or get someone else to shave them, a cut throat razor is not particularly easy to use on one’s self. The safety razor saved a lot of palavers, this life changing utensil was first patented by Fredrik and Otto Kampfein 1880 you can learn more its history on Wikipedia. Early safety razors would have had just one blade, today we have multiple blades, disposable razors and all sorts.

    The problem with wet shaving is it still requires a bit of work and entails a little jeopardy, electric shavers are extremely common with men looking to avoid this work and jeopardy. It is estimated that around 25% of men use electric shavers.

    The Electric Shaver
    The first electric shaver came onto the market in the late 1920’s, it was invented by a man called Jacob Schick and it cost $25. The electric shaver has evolved in all kinds of ways much more than the safety razor has, there is only so much that can be done with a handle and a blade I suppose.

    Flexible Shaving Heads
    Among the cons electric shavers had was that wet shaves were always closer. This explains why all major companies started to bring flexible heads in the early 1990s. The main idea here was to acquire the flexibility necessary to get closer to one’s face.

    Battery Life Added
    Visual indicators were first seen in the 90s. These would display the battery’s charging status. The electric razors would last as the battery did. As the battery faded, the blades would progressively weaken. However, razors today can deliver full functionality, even as the battery fades until it completely dies. This ensures consistent charge throughout the battery’s life cycle.

    Waterproof Razors
    Upon entry into the new millennium, electric razors evolved to become waterproof. You’d be good to go if you wanted to clean your unit’s head under running water or if you wished to take it with you into the shower.

    Self-Cleaning Systems
    In 2001, Braun changes the game by introducing the first self-cleaning electric razor. Users would now face-down the shaver’s base, not only to charge but also clean it.

    Braun Series 9
    Recently, Braun released the Braun Series 9. This includes 4 specially designed cutting elements: the direct and cut trimmer (used on long, multi-directional hairs), the hyper-lift and cut trimmer (used on flat hairs) and two Opti-foil elements that finish up the close shave. It’s the most efficient and fastest electric shaver in the world.

    The Evolution Continues
    The shaving game has become unexpectedly competitive. The technology is advancing at a surprisingly rapid pace. We believe there are good reasons why electric shavers that were invented long ago and are still used. What’s next? That’s only for us to guess.

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    Natural Hair Feature: Bianta

    Tell me about you, a short bio

    About myself? Well, I go by the name of Bianta. I am a young St. Maartener born and raised. I have an interest for trying out new things.
    How long have you been natural?
    I have currently returned to the natural lifestyle late November 2016.
    Have you ever had a relaxer? Why did you decide to go back natural?
    I have been relaxed twice. When I entered high school and for the next time in September 2015. I never really decided the first time I went natural in 2013. I just had a two-sided Mohawk totally undecided and I did not add in any cream until mid to late 2015. I found the natural hair way too coarse to handle so I texturized it (biggest regret ever). My hair started breaking and my ends became damaged, so my hairstylist Ms. Rachelle of Addicted Hair Lounge did a great job chopping it all off and giving me a permed pixie cut which I loved. I went back to the creamy crack one time after and had not returned since. My hair was getting back all natural during the course of 2016 and right before my birthday in late November of 2016 I was surprised by my boss and two office colleagues and dropped off at the Addicted Hair Lounge for a natural big chop by Ms. Rachelle again. This decision was planned in advance but not decided for the given moment it happened up until it was time to really make a decision on the salon chair and I just went for it.
    Natural Hair Feature Bianta

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    Natural Hair Feature: Mirian Pierre

    Mirian Pierre

    Tell me about yourself, a short bio

    My name is Mirian Pierre. I am 22yrs old and I live on the beautiful island of St. Maarten.

    How long have you been natural?

    I have been natural for 2 years and 4 days today.

    Have you ever had a relaxer? Why did you decide to go back natural?

    Yes, I had relaxer back when I was living in Holland in 2014 and when I came returned to St. Maarten my hair was a disaster; it was severely damaged, so I decided to go back natural.

    Did you go through the transitioning process or big chop?

    I did the big chop off the bat.

    What is your hair regimen like? How often do you wash your hair?

    My hair regimen hmmm… I have 1 spray bottle that I mix a few things and spray my hair whenever I feel like mostly. I wash it every 1 to 2 weeks.

    What are some of your staple products? Which brand (Cantu, Shea Moisture, AS I AM etc.) is your fave?

    I use Cantu leave-in conditioner and shampoo, Tresemme conditioner, castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba, tea tree and extra virgin olive oils in my nest.

    Do you use heat on your hair?

    No, I do not use heat. I really try my best not to go that route.

    How do you feel about dying your natural hair?

    I want to dye my hair but honestly, I am scared, so I probably won’t.

    Mirian Pierre


    Have you ever considered going back to the creamy crack?

    Hell no! I did not chop it off just to go back lol, and I can just easily get a wig if I want to wear my hair straight.

    Do you think that your natural hair gives you an extra flair?

    Um no, I don’t think it gives me an extra flair.

    Does it add to your personal style?

    Right now I don’t think it adds to my personal style, I don’t really do much with it.

    What are some of your go-to styles?

    My go-to styles are simple such as wearing a high puff, single strand twists and twist outs.

    Do you have a length goal?

    I don’t necessarily have a length goal. I just want it to be bigger lol.

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    Easy Hair Tricks for Working Women

    Among the many struggles of being a woman, one major issue is the hair. This statement is not a joke and almost every girl will agree to it. On top of that, when you’re a working woman, there is a lot more to face than just messy hair. Now as it is clear that no one wants to show up at the workplace with a bird’s nest on their head, and since we cannot wash our hair every single day, we need better alternatives to these issues. Here are a few hair tricks you need to do to make every day a good hair day: Read more

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    Secrets Your Hairdresser Could Have Told You

    It’s fun trying out new hairstyles, colors and every type of curl that is possible with permanent waving, but how can you keep it looking as good as when you left the hairdresser?

    Often you have saved for weeks for that new hairstyle that could give you a radiant new image. You go to the hairdresser’s expecting to get your money’s worth, but it doesn’t turn out that way. Your euphoria is short-lived when that stunning new colour seems to fade or disappear after a few weeks, or that voluptuous new cut and body wave droops and falls into an uncontrollable mess.

    There are many reasons why this can happen and one of them is the lack of proper discussion between you and your hairdresser. A discussion is an important first step towards getting good results with your hair. Many incredibly simple routines and hints are second nature to a hairdresser. They are things she could have told you but didn’t.

    Something as simple as brushing your hair, for instance. How often should you do it? Which hairstyles are safe to brush without ruining them? Is it damaging to brush wet hair? These are just a few of the things people are unsure of.

    In general, brushing is good for hair. It distributes the natural oil, called sebum, along to the entire length of the hair strand; it helps to remove the dead skin cells which often accumulate in masses causing dandruff; it stimulates the circulation of blood, therefore promoting healthy growth, and it helps to remove dirt gathered from the air.

    Always use a brush with natural hair bristles which are made of the same protein as your hair. When you feel that pleasant tingling sensation all over your head while you’re brushing then you know you’re doing it properly. Do it every day without fail.

    Putting Life Into Your Hair

    You should not brush hair when it is wet; it can be stretched more easily, and by the time you eliminate all those knots, you have most likely excessively damaged it. You should use a wide-toothed comb instead.

    This brings us to shampoos and conditioners. A good shampoo is a fairly acidic one. You can test it on nitrazine paper; the paper should remain gold in colour. This is the same reading as for hair, and such shampoos cannot be damaging.

    Shampoo should contain protein which controls the moisture level of hair, therefore increasing its sheen and its manageability. It is essential to use a shampoo that can be easily rinsed, to prevent scalp and hair dryness. By the way, an abundance of lather does not necessarily indicate a good shampoo. A good one should make your hair feel silky soft and manageable.

    After shampooing, it is important to use the right conditioning rinse. Conditioners for damaged and dry hair add protein; moisture, which takes up a great percentage of the hair structure; and certain oils which seal in the moisture, making hair soft.

    It is also important that the rinse is quite acidic in order to firm and tighten the hair to prevent loss of moisture, rather like the effect of a toner or astringent on your skin. Conditioners for normal to oily hair should have the same properties except for the oil which is readily produced by the skin glands.

    Lemon juice or vinegar make two incredibly effective rinses which can be used with the creamier rinses; both are very acidic. Just make sure you rinse them out thoroughly with water. These rinses will pick up the natural highlights in blondes and brunettes respectively. They will also add brilliant sheen and will certainly make hair easier to comb.

    Internal factors play a very important role in the health of your hair, too. We are all born with a certain amount of hair and that amount will never increase. Hair grows at a rate of approximately 1 cm a month, sometimes faster, sometimes slower, depending on certain factors. It will grow faster in summer than in winter, for example.

    Excessive worry, emotional tension and mental strain over long periods of time will slow down and inhibit growth as well as affect hair health.

    A poor diet will also affect hair. Unfortunately, the natural aging process slows down hair growth as well and leads to more fragile hair structure. So please don’t blame your hairdresser for not being able to keep your hair as bouncy as it was 30 or 40 years ago – it is impossible.

    However, your lovely locks are not doomed completely. There are several things that you and your hairdresser can do. Try to select a style that can be easily managed by you. This will allow you to carry out home treatments in between salon services. Regular brushing is an integral part of this treatment, with a good brush, of course.

    A good, balanced diet containing dairy products, eggs, wheat germ and lecithin is important. This will provide internal nourishment which will be carried via the bloodstream to your hair.

    Have a regular scalp massage. If you can’t have this service regularly, then at least try it yourself. Once you know what it is all about, you can massage your scalp every time you shampoo and condition your hair.

    Remember to always start from the back of your neck and work forward, following the direction of the blood supply to your scalp.

    Some benefits that can be obtained from regular massage:
           Nerves and muscles are loosened and relaxed.
           It hastens blood circulation to the neck, scalp and forehead, carrying nourishment to the hair.
           It effectively helps natural shedding of skin cells to allow the skin to breathe and function properly, therefore reducing dandruff problems.
           It relieves tension, and consequently headaches.

    Looking After Your Perm

    Now, about that perm that didn’t last – you could have been spared the heartbreak if only you’d been told how to look after it. As your hair grows, the weight of it also increases and this heaviness will make your curls drop, consequently, you think your perm is falling out, and it probably is.

    A light trim will remove the excess weight and allow your curls to bounce back; your style will regain its shape. It only needs to be a cut of 1 cm to remove the ends of your hair which are the driest because they have been around the longest and therefore suffered more damage.

    The trim will remove split ends and knotting which put an additional strain on your curls every time you comb them. Just remind your hairdresser that it is the first or second trim you have had since your perm.

    Blow-waving should be done carefully with cool air. Hold your dryer at least 14 cm away from the hair. Don’t use heated rollers more than three times a week, and don’t use curling wands every day. Don’t sleep with ordinary rollers, bobby pins or twists. All these will damage your hair.

    Wash-and-wear perms are not usually styles you can wash under a tap, shake dry and race off to go about your business. Shampoo and condition it carefully, towel dry well and comb it into shape with a wide-toothed comb; allow it to dry without further disturbances. If you don’t shampoo every day, spray a little water on the surface in the morning to rejuvenate the curl.

    Perms that aren’t wash-and-wear keep longer if you avoid steam. Use a tight-fitting shower cap and leave a window or door open, at least until the hot water has finished running. If you have an exhaust fan, turn it on.

    Damp, wintry or humid summer weather will do the same damage to your perm. Wear a scarf if possible. A little setting lotion or a light mist of hairspray will form a temporary protective coating to help seal off dampness.

    Before a perm, it is important to tell your hairdresser what you’ve done to your hair in the way of home treatments or previous salon treatments, or whether you are on medication. It makes a big difference. You could also mention the size of rollers you have at home so your hairdresser will know what curl to give you.

    Making The Most Of Colour

    Whether it’s a semi-permanent rinse or a permanent colour, there is always the problem that it doesn’t last as long as you were told it would. Once again, it’s after-care that keeps colour in.

    If you’re out in the sun or wind, wear a hat or scarf. Anything that dries your hair will cause a faster loss of colour. Remember, too, that the more often you shampoo, the less your colour will stay. A colour designed to last six shampoos will be out in a week if you shampoo every day but will last six weeks if you only shampoo once a week.

    Other factors alter the natural colour of hair. If you smoke and you have a complete head of snow-white hair; you’ve probably noticed it tends to get yellowish, especially around the front. This cannot be shampooed out, but with the right rinse, it can be toned down without affecting the remainder of your hair.

    There are clear advantages in giving hair a colour rinse – dull hair can become silky-looking and radiate shine, hair with no body can gain bounce. If you’re still skeptical, try it. Remember to explain carefully what you expect the colouring to do, so your hairdresser can make the correct selection.

    Now that you know the secrets on achieving perfect hair forever, you should get excellent results.


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    Makeup Tips for Beginners

    makeup tips for beginners


    Application of makeup takes time and patience. We don’t always get it right on our first try but there are steps that we can take to develop our skills over time. I have compiled a list below of tips and tricks for makeup newbies/ beginners. Use these tips to get better at applying your makeup. 

    1.  Less is more, in almost everything, a little goes a long way.

    2.   For a perfect wing liner application use tape; it helps you to focus on where to start the line and also making it clean.

    3.   You don’t have to spend a trillion on MAC other good quality brands exist.

    4.    Use a damp beauty blender when applying foundation and concealer.

    5.    Colourpop, BH Cosmetics, Black Opal, Maybelline is a good and affordable brand to get makeup products from. If you want to know about more cheap quality makeup brands ask in the comment box below.

    6.    Eyebrows are to be brown, not black.

    7.    Use lip scrub for softer lips and lipstick won’t be spotted.

    8.    Blending is key, major KEY! Even when you feel that you have blended enough. Blend some more!!!

    9.     Get to know your face shape and shadows. You might watch a few YouTube contour videos does not necessarily mean that is how you should be contouring your own face.

    10.  Sephora allows you to sample nearly all their products, take this advantage to find the perfect foundation that matches your skin tone and works for your skin type.

    11.  Don’t forget your neck, blend it!

    12.  Make sure you highlight.

    13.  Don’t go to bed with makeup on, if your tired use the lazy girl method.

    14.   Don’t be afraid to take 5 hours on your glam.

    15.   Falsies are hard to put on, so make mascara your best friend.

    16.   Make primer your best friend too.

    17.   Conceal after you apply foundation.

    18.   Invest in good makeup brushes

    19.   Good eyeshadow application takes time.

    20.   Clean brushes and blending sponge before usage.

    21.   Spray your eyeshadow with setting spray for a bolder look.

    22.   Always use an eyeshadow primer.

    23.   Blend blend blend.

    24.   If you are going to contour your nose make sure you blend to the GAWDS!!

    25.   Daily skincare and primer will save your skin and your money. Both reduce product usage.

    26.   Blend for your life!!!

    27.   Use concealer as a primer… It works wonders.

    28.   Get some bomb ass highlight.

    29.   Milk of Magnesia is a bomb ass primer, especially if you are an oily girl.

    30.  The front of your eyebrows shouldn’t overextend your tear ducts and it should be wispy, the body should be full and the tail tapers off.

    31.   Highlight the brow bone and tear ducts to make eyes appear wider.

    32.   Using black liner on the bottom of eyes will make them appear smaller.

    33.   You will need about six (6) blender brushes for your eyeshadow.

    34.    Do what you like, use the techniques that work for you… it’s your face, your canvas… SLAY!!!

    35.   Invest in a good setting spray.

    36.   Use oil blotting papers instead of piling on setting powder and spray all day.

    37.   Brush your lips while brushing your teeth. It’s a good form of exfoliating, after follow up with lip balm while you’re beating and baking. When you’re ready to apply lipstick lightly blot the excess balm off. Lips will stay smooth and pretty all day.

    38.   Lay brushes flat after washing to air dry.

    39.   Do not use the applicator that comes with the drug store palette for your eye makeup, invest in some good eye brushes.

    40.   Apply finishing powder on top of any replenishing lipstick to make it matte.



    I hope you find these makeup tips useful. If there is any more than you would like to add to the list please feel free to mention it down below in the comment box.

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    Kim Kardashian: Big Booty Craze

    Kim Kardashian: Big Booty



    Manipulation of God’s Temple

    What’s up with all this big booty craze? Oversized junk in the trunk! Manipulation of the God given temple. Why can’t one be satisfied with their body the way God made it? A little enhancement is okay but way overdoing until it looks far beyond the natural form is simply just ridiculous. These types of surgery can be costly.


    Kim Kardashian: Big Booty

    If it can fit into your budget it does not necessarily mean you have to do an outrageous adjustment. Kim Kardashian is known for this trend. Even though she had denied going under the needle but it is quite obvious that she had more than one adjustment. For Kim K. it seems more like an addiction. Kim Kardashian had so many enhancements done she is starting to look a lot like Spongebob Roundpants with that ridiculous oversized booty.



    Love your body the way God made it. Don’t be a fool and take on the trend of these ridiculous, outrageous enhancements that leaves your booty looking way bigger than your skinny legs can manage.

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    10 Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

    Okay, here’s the deal. Makeup can make you look makeup. But the million dollar question is how do you get that perfect eye makeup that will make your eyes pop? There are things you can do to ensure that your makeup lasts all day long and gives you that perfect look. I’m going to share with you 10 essential eye makeup tips and tricks that I use and teach my students.

    Princess Bellaaa

    Image credit: Princessbellaaa

    Read more

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    Cantu Coconut Curling Cream Review

    Cantu Coconut Curling Cream Review

    If you are looking for a natural hair curl enhancer for your wash n’ go, perm rod sets, twist out then I would like to suggest the Cantu Coconut Curling Cream. It works on wet and dry hair as it defines, moisturizes and add sheen to natural hair. I like to use the Cantu Coconut Curling Cream for my wash n’ go. It instantly defines my natural curls.

    The Cantu Coconut Curling Cream can be used alone or as a combination with other holding product such as a gel. I find that it is not a great combination with the Eco Styler Krystal Gel as it leaves the hair with flakes, and noticeable residue sitting on top of the hair; therefore, I avoid using this kind of gel with it.

    Cantu Coconut Curling Cream Review


    I washed my hair, proceed to do the LOC method by putting a mixture of oil on my freshly wash dripping wet hair and sealed it with the Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in Conditioner. After this, I proceed to do my flat twist using the Cantu Coconut Curling Cream. The consistency of the product is a creamy white. When applied to hair it looks white but it doesn’t leave a white consistency on the hair. The Cantu Coconut Curling Cream has a subtle scent of coconut that does not linger for long on the hair. It is perfect for thick coarse hair, it helps to control frizz and it doesn’t weigh down my hair.


    The Cantu Coconut Curling Cream is packaged in a 12oz. round jar with a cap that twists to open. The product claims to not contain sulfates, silicones, parabens and is free of mineral oil.


    I love the super defined curls the Cantu Coconut Curling Cream gives my natural hair. If you ask me I would surely repurchase this product.

    Which Cantu product is on your to buy list?

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    Makeup Application Techniques

    A woman who is able to choose the correct type of makeup kit and also has the correct application tips on her fingertips proofs to be sophisticated and at the same time, she is admirable. Proper choice of makeups brings out the beauty of a woman; as well as enable her to portray a character of courage and boldness. As she can confidently walk and interact with people freely without fear of being intimidated or belittled. Additionally, proper knowledge on the beauty tips is a sure way of saving on cash. It helps one to buy precisely the required makeup kit; other than going for trial and error style of shopping. 

    airbrush machine

    Image source: shutterstock

    Airbrush Makeup vs Traditional Makeup                                                              
    Understanding the difference between airbrush makeup and traditional method is the first major step towards being an expert in makeup application. There is a huge difference between these two methods of makeup application in terms of cost, the time consumed, as well as the achieved results.

    Traditional makeup is a style of makeup application. It is done with the use of items such as sponge, foundation brush or fiber brush. This method can be used to apply cream, powder or liquid foundation but it tends to be messy. The product in use must also be in plenty as the use of brush and sponge give a thick consistency and therefore may be termed as uneconomical. Makeup application in traditional ways takes longer to complete.

    Airbrush makeup is a modern day style of makeup application. It involves the use of an airbrush gun, special silicone or water-based airbrush foundation and a makeup air compressor. A fine mist of this special foundation is then sprayed gently from the compressor onto the skin; giving a fine and even covering. This style gives a fine covering and therefore; it is cost-effective, as just a little amount of foundation is required to provide a complete covering, as well as leaving enough space for the skin to breath. It also leaves one looking as natural as possible and brings out the beauty as intended.

    With this in mind, therefore, it is paramount to seek the best suppliers of the beauty product and you can 
    click here to choose the best airbrush makeup kit.

    Select the most suitable shade for your skin color

    After finding out the airbrush makeup providers the next important step is to select the shade that suits your skin. This is simply done by swiping different colors of foundation in your skin; to identify the one that suits your skin color. Moreover, it is important to put into consideration the color of the skin around your neck.  It has to be in a position to select a color that will match both the face and the neck skin color.


    In order to enhance beauty; it is crucial to go for the best makeup kit that saves on both time and money. It should be easy to use and brings out an even skin surface. Additionally; the choice of the makeup kit must be keenly done as to match the skin color of the user.

    makeup application techniques

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