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Tips for Makeup Artist (MUA’s)


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For the hard-working MUA’s. Use these tips and implement them in your everyday learning and artistry.

  1. Don’t undercharge! If you are charging less than what your skill/work is worth, it is okay to update your pricing to match. Be confident and firm in your set prices.
  2. Don’t be afraid of mistakes! Clients will challenge you. They will want services that are not of your expertise but don’t be afraid try and practice that technique. Don’t ever be content with knowing how to do something. Learn!
  3. Be consistent with updating your social media accounts. It’s free! Why not take advantage, so others can see your work, this will also help to boost your clientele. Make use of hashtags.
  4. Don’t allow rejection to stop you. As an MUA, you will not always get the opportunity that you want. There is constant competition and that’s not much of a problem. Continue to perfect your craft and the opportunities that were meant for you will be present.
  5. Stay in Yo lane! There are so many MUA’s and enthusiasts out there with their own agendas, goals and reasons why they chose the artistry field of makeup. Find your niche and perfect the heck out of it. If it’s makeup artistry then do it, YouTube videos go for it. Focus on you and everything else will follow.
  6. Stay passionate! Don’t ever allow someone or anything to take away your passion for your artistry. It is what keeps you motivated when you feel as if you have nothing left. Speak positively about yourself and your skills and believe that your gift will make room for you.

Use these tips to increase your skills and to stay positive in your artistry. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Applying makeup takes time and knowledge. Practice! Practice! Practice!

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