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    How To Choose The Right Nail Color

    It’s impossible to imagine a contemporary woman without a neat manicure, which is an indispensable part of a stylish look. However, choosing between bold metallic shades and traditional nude hues may be tough sometimes. What looks great on other women may be completely mismatched for you or may look washed out. To avoid possible pitfalls, there are some tips, which may help you to make a right choice.
    If you adhere to them, your nails will always look fashionable and appropriate for any occasion.
    nail art, nail color

    Image source: Pinterest

    Make Sure The Nail Color Fits Your Skin Tone

    Wearing a nail color, which fits your skin tone, will only enhance your beauty. However, a wrong nail shade can make your nails look more outdated. That is why it’s vital to determine the colors, which suit your complexion.

    Dark Skin Tone

    A win-win option for dark-skinned ladies is a yellow-based nail color. Also, dark shades like chocolate, red, burgundy, indigo and deep green will add you glam. And vivid pink, orange, gold, and intense cobalt shades will make any look chic.

    What to avoid:

    Silver, white and pastel shades can make your skin look dull.

    Medium Skin Tone

    This is a universal skin tone. If you are lucky to have it, then you can wear the most of the shades with ease. Go for rosy, peach, light blue, deep red colors to express your brightness. Besides, tender pastel shades will put an accent on your natural complexion and they have an anti-aging effect.

    What to avoid:

    Though most shades look great, steer clear of purple nails; navy blue and bronze colors should also be a taboo.

    Fair Skin Tone

    Almost all shades flatter the fair skin: starting from soft pink, ending with light purple, medium red and ruby shades. A blue-based polish also may be an alternative.

    What to avoid:

    Some eye-popping dark shades of deep brown, dark green and black may be too bright, so it’s advised not to pick them. Besides, sheer colors should be also avoided because they completely blend in with your skin tone. Also, be aware of a blue color. If your skin is thin and veins are visible, this shade will only emphasize them.

    Nail Color Should Match Your Outfit & Makeup

    You may add spice by using a contrasting color or to have your nails painted in the same color spectrum as your outfit. Besides, to achieve a sophisticated look, you may have the nails of the same color as your lipstick.
    On top of that, much depends on the print of your clothes. If it’s vivid, then stay away from colorful nail art. Also, don’t forget that your nail color should create a perfect match to your accessories. For instance, if you wear a silver necklace, choose a silver or pale pearl, and shimmering gold shades work well with golden accessories.
    You may experiment and mix incompatible things, but be careful, they should be combined well if you don’t want to look tacky.

    Should Be Appropriate For The Season

    Do you want to stand out in the summer? Wear bright colors: hot pink, coral, sparkly purple, red. As for the winter, cold shades (deep and light blue, lavender, lilac, navy blue) are preferred. Bronze, gold and red colors are perfect for autumn. Spring calls for both neutral and bright shades.
    Also, don’t forget that each fashion season has its own color, so you may follow the trends.

    It Should Suit The Occasion

    Your manicure should complement your look, so always take the occasion into account. If you are going to go out in the evening with friends, then go for neon shades, and don’t afraid to be bright. But if you go to the job interview or a formal meeting, then it’s better to wear nude colors.

    Should Be Trendy

    Season 2017 has come up with many trends. Among them, there are metallics, soft beige hue, glitter and black accents, geometric patterns, dots, stripes, color blocking, graphic French, and embellished cuticles with a neutral base. You may choose anything, which makes you comfortable and serves a reflection of your inner self.
    Hence, if you stick to these simple rules, and you are always open to experiments, then you’ll have a smooth path to a perfect manicure!

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    Accessorize Your Summer Outfit with Ted Baker

    If you’re on the lookout for brand new summer accessories; the go-to style is chic and subtle, with pastel colours remaining all the rage and semi-precious stones and precious metals growing exponentially in popularity once again. Gorgeous rose gold is still a major trend which shows no signs of waning! The designers at Ted Baker know all of this very well, and, as a result, it’s reflected perfectly in the current range we stock at OD’s Designer Clothing.

    summer accessories
    One thing to note about our Ted Baker range is its exceptional versatility. The beautiful “Raalyn” bracelet, available in Rose Gold, Gold or Rhodium plated designs: would look at home at a summer wedding, at a sun-washed brunch against casual rolled-up shirt sleeves, in the office to give your blazer a pop of class, or on a night out as a classic adornment to your party dress, however bold or subtle its design! The delicate “Elva” range of bangles offer an injection of pure class to any formal outfit; while its sister design, the “Sapelle” bracelet, offers a bold and colourful alternative and a more party-going vibe! Along similar lines, the brand’s “Cuffs” offer a bright, sparkling, playful addition to any outfit; whether you’re looking for a pop of blue or pink, or a classic pearl-tipped accessory. The Signature “Clem” Ted Baker bracelet stands out in this collection for its recognizable timelessness. The brand’s name printed clearly along the bangle; allowing the wearer to display their allegiance with this fabulous design house with pride. With Rose Gold, Gold or Silver plated options; you can choose which best suits your personal colour palette. With its subtle design, here is another highly versatile piece you can match with either formal or informal item. 

    Range of Accesories
    Ted Baker offers something of a “capsule wardrobe” of jewelry. With its set range of metals and stones; shoppers are able to mix and match to suit their own personal preferences. There are also a number of pieces that are designed to complement one another perfectly. As is suggested by the name; the “Elvina” necklace is intended to accompany the “Elva” bangle, and matches it perfectly in its understated elegance. The set is available in a variety of colours and metals, so you have the scope to discover a perfect match for your outfit. Subtlety and style are the words of the season if you’re looking for a Ted Baker necklace; however, if it’s a show-stopper you’re after, never fear! The breath-taking “Rani” drop necklace – a rhodium-plated shower of glistening round Swarovski crystals; adds drama to our collection and provides the perfect statement piece for any girl who wants to go Hepburn-style to her next party or function!
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    How to Choose Anti-Aging Products

    While a select few look forward to their prime years and beyond. Let’s be honest, not everyone wants to grow older or look older. The thought of not being as agile, competent or functional as one’s midlife peak years can be scary but it is the truth. Everyone grows old, and it almost starts to tell from the skin right to the mind frame. A wise man once said ‘The key to feeling younger is to look younger’ and he was right. Using wrinkle remover resources such as provides great rejuvenating cream choices.
    Image Source: Pexels

    Familiarize Yourself

    This article aims to help the reader tap into that gold statement and reap the rewards of such good advice. You can look younger no matter your years and feel younger too.  It is expected that the user takes care of their body through exercises, diets, and other means but while our body system might be in great shape, the vessel housing it might be cracking and folding up literally!
    Image Source: Fashion Network
    Not to fear, I am here to guarantee that you can look younger and feel better in the best and safest possible pay. There are a lot of products circulating the internet, and that has always been the trend since forever. I will be helping you get internet-smart when it comes to choosing the right anti-aging product that will work wonders for you in an efficient manner while not posing any threats or side effects even.  Be sure to follow these steps and not fall into the bad habit of looking for so-called miracle pills or cream products. I realize this requires a bit of self-discipline, but I am sure you can do it. I have faith in you. On that note, below are noted proven and sensible steps to follow when choosing an anti-aging product that is tailored to your needs.

    What to Look For

    ·        Regimen: The right routine for you should comprise of different factors such as budget, skin types so that you are aware of the prices of the products that allow longevity instead of changing products based on the amount of cash you have on you. An expensive product might not be more efficient than a primary product because of its price; don’t be lured into that trap. The best way to go for essential products is a facial cleanser, a night serum or and a daily moisturizer. It is recommended that all three is gotten as this provides the opportunity for a full skin care program. With this basis, other options can be explored later.

    ·        Product Label Descriptions Are Important: Important priority should be attached to the product description. Ensure that the product you’re choosing has at least a hypoallergenic feature (this indicates there are critically low odds of the product causing an allergic reaction); a non-acnegenic feature (zero risks of causing acne). Lastly but not the least, there should be a customer hotline for you to ask questions to clarify any unknowns.

    ·        Buy Products Suitable for Your Skin Type: No matter how efficient a product is, it is guaranteed to work best for a skin type over other types. The secret is discovering what your skin type is and narrowing down the right type of anti-aging products to suit them. Say your skin tends to be oily, select a moisturizer made specifically for oily skin. If you have sensitive skin, be sure the words “sensitive skin” are on the label. Many products encompass various types of skin types but they will only offer little or no assistance towards your goal to look younger; but your skincare products are guaranteed to work best if they are in line with your skin type.

    anti-aging cream products
    Image Source: Womenandhome

    The best approach is identifying your top skin care challenge; whether it is wrinkles, spots, fine lines and the likes and getting a product that tackles that problem.

    ·        Your Dermatologist Is Your Ally:Manufacturers can be slick when it comes to patents and approvals; a product with a label claiming it is clinically proven doesn’t mean that the product has undergone trials.


    In fact, the product might not have undergone FDA approval; it basically just means that the product was offered to other consumers to try and report on. Your dermatologist can assist in picking out the best product and also provide answers to terms that you don’t understand. Don’t take risks if you do not know what the label descriptions of a product mean.

    It is important to pace yourself when using a new product; set realistic expectations as the best skincare regimen and products take the time to express their results. This method isn’t plastic surgery or a face-lift but with the right direction which this article has pointed you towards, expect the best.

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    Beautiful Prom Hairstyles For Your Hair Length

    prom hairstyles

    Image source: Instagram

    Prom night is one of the most long-awaited and memorable events in a high school girl`s life. Every girl wants to look perfect this night. Everything has to be right: dress, shoes, manicure, makeup and of course, hair. To choose the suitable hairstyle for the prom isn’t so easy task. Here in this article, the best prom hairstyles are collected for short and long hair. So you certainly can find the most beautiful hairstyle for your prom night.
    short prom hairstyles

    Image source: Instagram

    Hottest Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

    It`s so handy to have short hair in everyday life, but at prom night every girl wants to be the queen and to have a luxurious look. How to get such brilliant result if you have short hair? Oh, it`s so easy! There is a rich choice of short hairstyles for prom. The main thing here is to pay attention to the shape and precious of short hairdo.  Look at the best short hairstyles which necessarily inspire you.

    Pixie, bubble ponytails, braids and of course, bob hairstyles are the main trends for prom night in 2017.  Adding different accessories to your cut will seem trendy.
    color prom hairstyles

    Image source: Instagram

    It looks very effective to make bubble ponytails on short hair. Such style will single you out the crowd and make your image bright and unforgettable at prom. It looks amazingly pretty as well on the rainbow hair as on natural one.

    Small and loose braids make the hairdo elegant and chic. It`s important to choose the right color or colors for your cool hair image.

    Bob hairstyle often combines well with updo, braids or bubble ponytails as you can see above and it.

    Delightful Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair

    The key trend of 2017 is the natural look in everything including the hairstyle. The most fashionable long hairstyles are loose updos and little messy updos. Of course, any braiding remains actual this year, too.

    For more chic look you can add some accessories to your hair.

    But remember the main rule for your prom – choose such hairstyle which not to make you look too adult!
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    How Your Clothes Could Be Hurting Your Health

    Everyone has days when they can’t stop fiddling with their clothes. A label on your t-shirt is rubbing you, your bra strap is digging into your shoulder, or your shoes are pinching your toes. A lot of the time, these are just small inconveniences that you can eventually ignore. You might just be having a bad day, so you notice small things that you normally wouldn’t. But there are other occasions when your clothes could be hurting you more seriously, and perhaps even causing long-term damage. You need to be careful about some things if you don’t want your clothes to hurt you.


    Read more

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    15 Best Mothers Day Flowers To Buy For A New Mom

    Mothers Day Flowers
    It is her first mother’s day then why not make it extra special. Surprise the expecting or new mom with adorable decoration of fresh flower bouquet. Gifting flower is the tradition, but now it has become the best option to show your love, concern and care.

    Here we have discovered some beautiful blooms decoration for New Mom. Hope you may like it.
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    Losing Weight Through Jogging With Your Baby Stroller

    Are you interested in losing some extra weight while spending time with your baby? Well, for any moms or dads who want to lose weight with a fun activity, you can do so by jogging with your baby stroller. Even just ten to twenty minutes of jogging with your baby stroller can help you lose your additional weight. It will also help you maintain a healthy lifestyle because it will be an enjoyable exercise for you.

    jogging with baby stroller

    Losing weight through jogging with your baby stroller is a high possibility. It will not only help you decrease your weight, but it will also bring you closer to your child. In fact, you may lose more weight by strolling with your baby than with following an exercise regimen. Since your strolling activities will not seem like a chore because you are enjoying time with your child, you will be more likely to participate in this healthy routine.

    Read more

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    5 Harmful Makeup Ingredients To Avoid

    We often don’t think twice when picking out makeup and skincare products off the shelves. We automatically assume that most products have passed safety regulations before they can be sold to the public. However, this is simply not true.  According to the FDA, there are no laws that require makeup companies to obtain FDA approval before selling their products. This puts the responsibility on the consumer to figure out what is in their makeup or skin care products. Here is a list of 5 harmful makeup ingredients that you should look out for:
    harmful makeup ingredients
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    The Eye Of The Beholder: How To Discover Your Own Beauty

    We’ve all been in that situation where a friend or family member has said something like “I’m so ugly” or “I wish I looked like…” and you can’t stand to hear them talk about themselves in that way. You tell them how beautiful they truly are and you just wish that they could see themselves the way you see them. The fact that this is such a common and relatable situation makes it all the more bizarre how difficult, so many people find it to extend that same generosity to ourselves. You’ll despair at the idea of your friend calling themselves ugly, but you’ll often find it near impossible to see anything other than flaws and problems with your own appearance. But is there a way to change that? Are there things you can do to learn to love the way you look and treat yourself with the same kindness you offer the people in your life? The answer is absolutely yes! But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take a little bit of work.

    Learn to love the selfie

    Selfies have kind of bad rap these days. They’re synonymous with narcissism and attention seeking. But here’s a question: what’s the big deal? Seriously. Why are there so many people out there getting so angry at women liking pictures of themselves? In reality, selfies are a fantastic tool for learning to come to terms with and even appreciate, your own appearance. You’re able to dictate how you look without resorting to drastic measures and it’s a really great way to give yourself a confidence boost. If you want to learn to love the way you look, get out your phone and start snapping!

    Accept compliments

    Many people are terrible at being able to accept a compliment, often assuming that whoever gave it is lying to spare your feelings, or maybe even wants something from you. Here’s the thing: most people have absolutely no reason to lie to you. This isn’t high school where a bully might say something nice, so they and their friends can giggle at you in the lunchroom. In the real world, if someone gives you a compliment, they mean it. Coming to terms with this fact makes it far easier to start to see for yourself what other people see.

    Make changes that you need to

    Sometimes it’s simply not enough to just learn to love yourself the way you are. In an ideal world that’s all, it would take, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make some changes in your life. Whether it’s something simple like cutting down on snacks, working out more, or getting a new style, or perhaps something more significant like some of the procedures detailed here. Either way, if you really feel like you need to make a change in order to feel happy with yourself, then that’s okay.

    Please remember that any changes that you make to your body need to be something that you’re one-hundred-percent sure about. Any procedure is a seriously big deal and it’s not something that you should ever take lightly.

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    A Superfood a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

     It’s time for superfood! Yes, you’ve heard it right, even though you may not exactly be familiar with this term. However, there is no reason to be worried since we are here to explain everything. Let’s take a look at the following article and find out everything about superfood and its benefits for our skin and overall health.

    What is Superfood?

    Superfood is basically any type of food which contains a huge amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, viral nutrients, healthy enzymes and good fats. In other words, superfoods are all the foods which are healthy and which lower the risk of certain diseases. however, the key point here is that not al healthy foods are superfoods since they don’t represent a truly rich source of healthy substances we have already mentioned, even though they contain them to a certain extent. Furthermore, many healthy foods contain unhealthy elements as well, but superfood doesn’t and this is another crucial difference that you should keep in mind.

    Which Superfoods do we know?
    Superfoods can be found literally in every supermarket if you know where to look. In order to make this search easier for you. We have created a list of some of the best superfoods you can come across.
    Green is always the right choice
    We won’t be wrong if we say that all green foods are good since basically everything from spinach, kale to green tea contains an abundance of A and K vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids which are considered to be particularly good for our skin because they reduce inflammation. Furthermore, algae can do wonders for your health as well. Since they can help the process of detoxification and cell renewal.

    Different kinds of fruit, especially avocado which is rich in fatty acids and vitamin A, pomegranate, papaya and berries, are considered to be superfoods. So, if you want to have a well-balanced and vitamin-rich diet, incorporate these foods into it as well.
    Why has Superfood skincare become so popular?
    As we have already mentioned, superfoods have an amazing effect on our skin. It’s not surprising that they have become such a popular part of skincare routines. These natural ingredients are not harmful, and people are trying to make the most of them. For example, you can even buy an amazing natural mosquito repellent which contains essential oils that not only keep the bugs away but also hydrate your skin.
    How to include these superfoods into your own skincare routine?
    Now that you know what superfoods are and what they can do. Let’s discuss the simplest ways in which you can incorporate them into your own skincare routine. First of all, we recommend that you start with cold pressed oils, such as avocado oil and chia seed. It can be incorporated into your creams and lotions. Homemade face masks are always a good choice, as well. However, you can also purchase branded skincare products which contain chia seeds for example, which are extremely rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. These products have been proven to slow down the aging process significantly and stimulate collagen production. Finally, our personal favourites among superfoods are the goji berries. And since the vitamins they contain are absorbed much faster through the skin than through the stomach. These berries have become a standard ingredient of face-creams. Aside from vitamins A and C, the goji berries contain iron. They can serve as a perfect natural exfoliator and help you remove all the dead skin cells while brightening your skin tone at the same time.  

    As you can see, not only should superfoods be incorporated into your diet. They have proven to be extremely effective as skincare products as well. So, instead of harming your body and skin with toxic chemicals, go all natural. Remember that superfoods are truly the future.

    A Superfood a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

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    Summer Time: Water Activities

    Summer is approaching, my school semester will end and for sure I have to turn up in style and more. I have to be vacation ready!!! I have been searching the web for the best water activities, hot spots and the perfect food joint to eat. I have also gone ahead and created a Pinterest board just for the amazing events that I would love to take part in. With the Pinterest board, I can easily identify and keep track of the kind/type of activity that can be done for the day.
    Some fun water sports activities that I came up with includes, bubble water ball, Inflatable Slide Pool and the Inside Bouncer Apple Indoor Games.

    inflatable-bouncers-inside-inflatable-bouncer-apple-indoor-games water activities

    There are different types of Bubble Water Ball activities. These activities include getting inside of the huge ball and pedaling it or walking while pushing the ball on top of the water. This water activity can be enjoyed by the entire family. It holds one single or double occupancy per time.
    The Inflatable Slide Pool is a perfect activity for kids which adults can also enjoy.
    The Inside Bouncer Apple Indoor Games is fun for indoor activities, so no need to be worrying about getting sunburns. All activities can be enjoyed inside.
    I love water activities as much as how I hate the depth of the seas. With this due vacation, I will surely make the most fun out of it by enjoying myself and eating the best cuisine that I come across.
    Have you ever done any water activities?

    Which water activity is your favorite?

    DisclaimerThis is a sponsored post complimentary of Inflatable Zone, opinions expressed are solely of the author.