The Eye Of The Beholder: How To Discover Your Own Beauty

We’ve all been in that situation where a friend or family member has said something like “I’m so ugly” or “I wish I looked like…” and you can’t stand to hear them talk about themselves in that way. You tell them how beautiful they truly are and you just wish that they could see themselves the way you see them. The fact that this is such a common and relatable situation makes it all the more bizarre how difficult, so many people find it to extend that same generosity to ourselves. You’ll despair at the idea of your friend calling themselves ugly, but you’ll often find it near impossible to see anything other than flaws and problems with your own appearance. But is there a way to change that? Are there things you can do to learn to love the way you look and treat yourself with the same kindness you offer the people in your life? The answer is absolutely yes! But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take a little bit of work.

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Learn to love the selfie

Selfies have kind of bad rap these days. They’re synonymous with narcissism and attention seeking. But here’s a question: what’s the big deal? Seriously. Why are there so many people out there getting so angry at women liking pictures of themselves? In reality, selfies are a fantastic tool for learning to come to terms with and even appreciate, your own appearance. You’re able to dictate how you look without resorting to drastic measures and it’s a really great way to give yourself a confidence boost. If you want to learn to love the way you look, get out your phone and start snapping!

Accept compliments

Many people are terrible at being able to accept a compliment, often assuming that whoever gave it is lying to spare your feelings, or maybe even wants something from you. Here’s the thing: most people have absolutely no reason to lie to you when giving a compliment. This isn’t high school where a bully might say something nice, so they and their friends can giggle at you in the lunchroom. In the real world, if someone gives you a compliment, they mean it. Coming to terms with this fact makes it far easier to start to see for yourself what other people see.

Make changes that you need to

Sometimes it’s simply not enough to just learn to love yourself the way you are. In an ideal world that’s all, it would take, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make some changes in your life. Whether it’s something simple like cutting down on snacks, working out more, or getting a new style, or perhaps something more significant like some of the procedures detailed here. Either way, if you really feel like you need to make a change in order to feel happy with yourself; then that’s okay.

Please remember that any changes that you make to your body need to be something that you’re one-hundred-percent sure about. Any procedure is a seriously big deal and it’s not something that you should ever take lightly.


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