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How to Decorate Your Makeup Room

Do you look at those beautiful vanities on Instagram and or in the Makeup Facebook Group? And immediately you are inspired to transform your tiny space or an empty room into your own personalized makeup room. Some even go the extra mile and remodel their bathroom to become their own personalized glam room.

Decorating our own space gives us the freedom to express ourselves. It is easy to add accessories to our liking. Wall murals are my favourite piece of art to add; it suffices for self-expression. If you are thinking of transforming your space with little or no budget then you can get a loan at Northcash and then you can spread payments out over the next couple months at an affordable fee.

makeup room

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Makeup Room

A makeup room is not just for makeup. It can be used for all of your glam sessions; whether you want to apply makeup, a manicure or pedicure, a little relaxation time and/or chat with your friends. Some things to be considered when creating our makeup room includes:

Storage Space

When decorating a makeup room you will need adequate storage to keep everything in place and well organized. You will need enough storage space to conveniently organize your makeup brushes, lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, hair tool and more. The clear acrylic cube organizers are perfect for storing your beauty products and since they are clear; it is easy to find your products when you need afterward.

Storage container includes:

Lipstick holder

Brush holder

Eyeshadow palette holder

Single shadows can be placed into a Z Palette.

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Getting the right size Mirror

The makeup room can never be glammed enough if you do not have the right sized mirror. You will need a countertop mirror for close ups when creating eyeshadow looks, applying eyelashes, mascara and foundation. A full length mirror is perfect for seeing the full body and an integrated mirror with lighting that fits perfectly on the vanity or a hinged mirror door vanity works perfectly for makeup application.

DIY Vanity Mirror – you can easily create your own mirror whether you like a square, round or unusual shape mirror they are available in countless variations. The frames are also sold separately with a wide selection of colour, styles and different types of material.

Mirror Elements – mirror tiles are perfect for decorative wall decorations. Hang them in a row, square or circle to get an effective decoration.

Lights – Ring Lights

Without the perfect lighting, your makeup application will not go on right. The perfect lighting is needed for the perfect application. You can build your own ring lights by watching videos on YouTube and/or you can purchase an already installed light on Amazon. Ring lights are essentials if you are interested in creating beauty videos. It is best to get an illuminated mirror or install lights that run around your vanity mirror; this can be done as a great DIY project.

Selfie mirror – If you love taking selfies after makeup application then you can consider a selfie mirror and it fits right in your purse.

Glam Rooms are Perfect for Meeting and Socializing with the Girls

Give your besties some place to chill and chat about your love for makeup when they come over. A makeup room does not strictly have to focus on getting ready and dressing up. It is a great place to hang out with your girls and spend some quality girl time. Create a seating area where you can hang wall murals, picture frames that tell about the moments in your life. A small coffee table, candles and a cute lamp to bring out a calming ambiance which makes a great place to relax, sip champagne or even coffee while reading a magazine, a Kindle ebook.

Wall decor – spruce up your wall and or ceiling with walls murals, picture frames, chandelier

Flooring – add a nice fluffy carpet for extra added comfort to your feet

Remodel your Bathroom

If you don’t have an extra room to create your makeup room then you might as well consider bathroom remodeling. Install mirror tiles this will make your bathroom look bigger. Surround the mirror tiles with makeup lights. Get a wide enough countertop with drawers to store away glam accessories. You will need enough room on your vanity to store away makeup and hair tools.


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  • Nigel William

    Could you tell me the size of your vanity? My sister wants me to build one for her and I am looking for ideas. I liked the simplicity of the makeup room you pictured so it should be an easy project for me.

    February 22, 2018 at 11:38 am Reply
  • Bristol Builders Network

    I wish I had a makeup room to decorate! What a great space you have!

    August 17, 2018 at 2:27 pm Reply
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