The Kalu Yala Experience

Hey! Do you want to go to a place where entrepreneurs, artists, scientists and modern day romantics meet? If yes, then check out the Kalu Yala new village that was built in a Panamanian river valley to bring togetherness, the reimagining of what’s possible from life to designing an optimizing model of living.

Kalu Yala

Truth about Kalu Yala

Since 2010 Kalu Yala has hosted over 700 students at their institution. They are one of the top ranked study abroad programs in the world. The instructors are passionate about the environment, sharing their knowledge and making the world a better place. These lectures have lectured at top universities, served in the Peace Corps, sold companies founded by themselves, published books and managed to forge careers that align with their values.

Kalu Yala cost is well below half the average of comparable study abroad programs which include room and board, and project materials at $5,995. Their carbon footprint per capita includes everyone’s flights i.e. only 8% compared to the average American.

Kalu Yala Problems

In 2017 Kalu Yala had a rough year. Through the persistence of the Kalu Yalans, they are bouncing back in 2018 by:

  • Building their first small house
  • Providing an open camp to the public
  • Producing a new tv show that will be in line with the values of making the world a better place.

Other problems you might face if enrolled into Kalu Yala

  • You might become exhausted after visiting the jungle, hiking mountains
  • Handwashing will become your best friend until you find a laundromat
  • Due to the solar system, power consumption is set around the sun’s schedule – no charging of electronic devices are allowed after hours.
  • Language barrier – Panama is a Spanish speaking country, you might have difficulties having conversations if you don’t know the language.

Read more to see some problems you should know before applying


Kalu Yala Criticism

As according to Kimberly Harris, “ Kalu Yala has a way of breaking down what you have always believed about yourself and shaping you into who you are supposed to become. By stripping students of material possessions and constant connection to the outside world, you have the opportunity to become who you have always meant to be.


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