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    5 Great Ways To Personalize Your Rental Space

    Renting an apartment or a house is a convenient way to economize, especially if the rental residence you are staying in has already been furnished with furniture and other essentials. However, seldom are the landlord’s taste and your own style on the same page. In that case, consider personalizing your rental space by following some simple tips that will give you a sense of living in your own home. Not only will these tweaks help you effortlessly upgrade your living area, but they can be easily undone in case of moving to another location.

    Here are a few you could try:

    Lighting tweaks

    If you lack some coziness in your tiny and rather dark rental space, one thing that you can easily change is the lighting. Make the room brighter and cozy by purchasing some standing or table lamps. In case you are eager to create a relaxing ambiance, dimmer switches will do. This is particularly useful to save on energy. It’s the electrician’s job to install this lighting, so don’t bother with this tedious task on your own. Another light tweak you can try is adding twinkle lights. Twinkle lights are not only useful for Christmas, but also for setting a special mood.

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