Face Up To Facial Wrinkles

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Facial wrinkles are a natural part of aging, however, certain habits can speed up this wrinkling process. The wrinkles that matter most to us are often the ones on our face; as these are the ones that are most visible.

Here are some of the ways that you can delay facial wrinkles; as well as several ways to treat the wrinkles that you already have.

Crows’ feet

Crow’s feet are the wrinkles that appear around the corner of our eyes, so called because they resemble the feet of crows. They are commonly caused by excessive squinting. Not wearing sunglasses in the sun is one big cause of crows’ feet. Similarly, not wearing prescription lenses if you’re short or long-sighted could cause you to squint more and develop these wrinkles.

There is surgery available to get rid of crows’ feet. If you’d prefer to try and use natural treatment methods, you could consider some of the treatment ideas listed in this article How To Get Rid Of Crows’ Feet. Whilst trying to get rid of these wrinkles, try to avoid activities that cause you to squint.

Lip wrinkles

Some people suffer from wrinkles around the lips. These develop from constantly pursuing your lips. The most common activity that causes us to pursue our lips is smoking; quitting this habit could help to ward off wrinkly lips.

If you already suffer from lip wrinkles, it could be worth reading some of the treatments listed in this guide Lip Lines: The 7 Best Treatment Options For Wrinkles Around Your Mouth. As with other facial wrinkles, there are surgery options out there.

Eye bags

Dark circles under the eyes can develop early as a result of fluid building up beneath our eyes. The most common cause of this is a lack of sleep – whilst scientists aren’t entirely sure why we store fluid under the eyes; getting a good night’s sleep certainly prevents it. Other factors such as allergic reactions and heavy use of eye makeup can also cause puffy eyes; which can eventually turn into permanent eye bags.

There are lots of remedies for eye bags including surgery and medication. Drinking lots of water can help to reduce these bags and certain homemade remedies have been known to have an impact such as applying honey to dark circles or placing cucumbers over the eyes (hence the popular spa treatment). You may also be able to disguise these dark circles with makeup, but be careful as too many cosmetics could cause these circles to get worse in the long run.

Marionette lines

Marionette lines are a name given to the wrinkles that form at the corner of the mouth extending down below the chin. They can give the unwanted impression of constantly scowling. These wrinkles are caused by muscles and tendons in the jaw relaxing over time and can be the result of a number of factors including smoking, too much sun exposure, stress or simply genetics. Being overweight can also increase the likeliness of getting these facial wrinkles. Unfortunately, smiling a lot has also been linked to getting these wrinkles (this isn’t a reason to stop smiling!).

Your best remedy against them is creams and moisturizers. You can get surgery to reduce them such as botox or a facelift, but this is only worthwhile in extreme cases. By having a good skincare routine, quitting smoking and wearing sun protection; you may be able to prevent them getting more prominent.

Worry lines

These are the wrinkles that appear on our foreheads, commonly called ‘worry lines’ because they’re the wrinkles that get used when we frown. Lots of facial expressions can cause these lines to develop; if you’re a very expressive person you may find that you develop them faster. Forehead wrinkles can be further triggered by the usual bad habits such as smoking, not wearing sun protection and wearing excessive makeup. Stress has also been linked to worry lines, although this might just be because we frown a lot when we’re stressed.

Creams and moisturizers can help to reduce these lines. Botox can also have an effect, helping to reduce these wrinkles for a few years. There are also other treatments that may work for some people but aren’t scientifically proven such as drinking carrot juice and smearing the affected area with honey.


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