Accessorize Your Summer Outfit with Ted Baker Accessories

If you’re on the lookout for brand new summer accessories; the go-to style is chic and subtle, with pastel colours remaining all the rage and semi-precious stones and precious metals growing exponentially in popularity once again. Gorgeous rose gold is still a major trend which shows no signs of waning! The designers at Ted Baker know all of this very well, and, as a result, it’s reflected perfectly in the current range we stock at OD’s Designer Clothing.

Cute Accessories Ted Baker Summer Outfit


One thing to note about our Ted Baker range is its exceptional versatility. The beautiful “Raalyn” bracelet, available in Rose Gold, Gold or Rhodium plated designs: would look at home at a summer wedding, at a sun-washed brunch against casual rolled-up shirt sleeves, in the office to give your blazer a pop of class, or on a night out as a classic adornment to your party dress, however bold or subtle its design! The delicate “Elva” range of bangles offer an injection of pure class to any formal outfit; while its sister design, the “Sapelle” bracelet, offers a bold and colourful alternative and a more party-going vibe!

Along similar lines, the brand’s “Cuffs” offer a bright, sparkling, playful addition to any outfit; whether you’re looking for a pop of blue or pink, or a classic pearl-tipped accessory. The Signature “Clem” Ted Baker bracelet stands out in this collection for its recognizable timelessness. The brand’s name printed clearly along the bangle; allowing the wearer to display their allegiance with this fabulous design house with pride. With Rose Gold, Gold or Silver plated options; you can choose which best suits your personal colour palette. With its subtle design, here is another highly versatile piece you can match with either formal or informal item.

Range of Accessories

Ted Baker offers something of a “capsule wardrobe” of jewelry. With its set range of metals and stones; shoppers are able to mix and match to suit their own personal preferences. There are also a number of pieces that are designed to complement one another perfectly. As is suggested by the name; the “Elvina” necklace is intended to accompany the “Elva” bangle, and matches it perfectly in its understated elegance. The set is available in a variety of colours and metals, so you have the scope to discover a perfect match for your outfit.

Subtlety and style are the words of the season if you’re looking for a Ted Baker necklace; however, if it’s a show-stopper you’re after, never fear! The breath-taking “Rani” drop necklace – a rhodium-plated shower of glistening round Swarovski crystals; adds drama to our collection and provides the perfect statement piece for any girl who wants to go Hepburn-style to her next party or function!

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