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    Let Fashion Fly Away With You


    Image source: Pexels

    Fashion on flights is never easy to master. While we worry about the clothes we’re packing, few of us consider our airplane outfit until the last minute. As such, it’s usually a cobbled affair, more aimed towards comfort than appearance. And, while there’s nothing wrong with that, it might be worth taking time to look good. You’ll feel groggy enough when you step off the plane, without having to worry about how you look.

    If in doubt that you can be fashionable 39,000 feet in the air, take inspiration from flight attendants. They experience multiple flights and look fantastic. Admittedly, they’re used to flying, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same. To ensure it happens, we’ve put together some handy flight fashion tips.

    Ready to go

    The chances are that your attention lies at the other end of the flight. So, why not pick an outfit you can go straight out in once you reach your destination? Putting your bikini on is always a good idea. Think, too, about slipping on a small t-shirt to serve you in a hotter climate. And, don’t forget to keep your sunnies to hand!


    Image source: MaxPixel


    Of course, you can’t exactly get on a plane in a strap top and shorts. It might be cold when you’re heading to the airport! This applies to the journey home, too. You want to stay cool while you’re there, but you also need to consider something warm for the other end. That way, you can dress in winter clothes, and strip off for summer at the drop of a hat. Plus, this is a fantastic way to get around baggage allowance issues. Though, make sure you don’t layer up so much that you pass out on the flight!

    Casual but stylish

    Comfort is important. But, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on appearance. A simple outfit of jeans, a jumper, and some pumps, is sure to look good. Plus, it’ll feel good. You’ll be able to move with ease, and fit plenty of layers under those basics. Whatever you do, avoid sportswear, or other options you wouldn’t usually wear out. As this article about improving your chances of getting an airline upgrade shows, you may have more need to impress than you’d expect. You don’t want to kiss goodbye to an upgrade just because you didn’t think about your outfit. Besides, you could be sitting next to your dream man!

    casual dressing

    Image source: Pixabay

    Less makeup is more

    If you’re on a long-haul flight, a face full of makeup is the last thing you want. By the time you land, you can guarantee your eyeliner will be half-way down your face. Plus, liquid allowance means it’s not always easy to get your makeup on the plane with you. And besides, jolting around in the plane toilets isn’t the way to apply. Instead, opt for less. Pencil eyeliner is fine for flights, so wear this instead of liquid. Pair it with a bit of powder foundation, and the job’s done.

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    A Few Winter Coat Buying Tips

    Everyone needs at least one fashionable winter coat in their wardrobe. The chances are you will be wearing it every day, which makes choosing a nice one particularly important. The tips below are designed to help you to find a good quality, practical and nice-looking coat that you will enjoy wearing, without having to spend a fortune.

    Shop during sales

    The Black Friday sales are coming up soon. They are the perfect place to find expensive items like winter coats, at bargain prices. The trick to getting the best deals is to go online to your favourite retailer’s sites and make a note of the ones you particularly like. On the first day of the sale, get up early, go online and search for those items. If they are cheap enough, just click the link and buy them. The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales provide you with a great chance to make a start on your Christmas shopping. You will pick up some nice, but inexpensive presents as well as get a better idea of what is available in the shops. This will really help you to find gifts for those people in your circle that you normally struggle to buy for.

    Measure yourself before you go shopping

    Before you go shopping take the time to measure yourself properly. The chances are that, over the course of the year, you will have changed shape quite a bit. So, it is always wise to re-measure yourself, each year. When you buy your coat, ensure that it is big enough to allow you to wear a jumper or lightweight jacket underneath. I know that sounds obvious, but you would be surprised by how many people forget to do this.

    Practical considerations

    Style is an important consideration, but your coat must be practical as well. Ideally, you want to be able to wear it every day.

    Before you go shopping think about how you are going to be using it. Doing this will help you to buy the right type of jacket. For example, if you are going to wear it for a long commute to work you will want to be able to button or zip it right up.

    If you have already bought your winter boots, be sure to choose a coat that matches them. Look for one that fits in well with the style and colour of the rest of your winter wardrobe.

    Choose a style (winter coat) that flatters you

    It is important to choose a coat that is cut in a way that flatters you and suits your sense of style. The advice in this women´s fashion magazine article will help you to quickly work out which cuts are likely to work best for you. Working this out before you go shopping will save you from trying on coats and jackets that are very unlikely to look good on you. Provided you follow the tips above you will have no difficulty in looking fantastic and staying warm, this winter.

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    Release the Animal Inside: Incorporating Patterns and Textures From the Animal Kingdom Into Your Wardrobe

    When it comes to high fashion and the runways, designers have always taken huge inspiration from the animal kingdom. After all, nature has provided us with examples of some of the most amazing and beautiful prints, colours and textures! It’s not surprising that we want to make the most of them. There are different ways to incorporate a little animal magic into your wardrobe, from casual day wear through to elegant evening wear, different looks can be sourced from the African plains to deep Amazonian forests or even humble British wildlife. So, here are a few ways to do this. You will expand your look and draw all sorts of positive attention through this little wardrobe mix-up.

    Be Cruelty-Free in Your Wardrobe

    Remember, to take inspiration from nature you don’t have to take from nature itself. Where possible, opt for cruelty-free options. While animals may have beautiful furs or skins, they should remain exactly that: a fur or skin for the animal. No source of fur can be humanely sourced, and animals are often farmed or captured in inhumane ways to fuel the clothing industry. Nowadays, there are plenty of man-made alternatives available and some designers, such as Stella McCartney, are devoted to completely cruelty-free fashion. So join the revolution! Check labels and opt for cruelty-free fashion wherever you can.

    Leopard Print

    Image source: Pexels

    Leopard Print

    Leopard print skyrocketed in popularity during the 1970s, however, took a dip in popularity since then. But it’s back with a bang and is set to become a showstopping trend. This is a fierce look that screams confidence. After all, a faux fur leather coat, leopard print blouse or killer leopard print stilettos will always be a bold look that makes you stand out from the crowd. Leopard print radiates a “don’t-mess-with-me” message that works perfectly for an inner-city woman. To work this look to its best, try to contain your ensemble to one leopard print item per outfit. Multiple prints may clash and be overwhelming.

    Faux Fur

    As fall is settling in and winter is approaching fast, you’re going to look to start stocking up on some cozier essentials that will keep you warm throughout the colder months. These items are likely to be an investment, as thicker and denser fabrics are generally more costly. So, opt for something that will match a whole multitude of outfits while fending off the frost. Faux fur is often the best option for this. Faux fur coats or fur vest outfits will keep you looking on trend without suffering frostbite or shivering while you get to and from work each day. If this is going to be your main winter coat, try to stick with neutral colours, such as black, different shades of brown or (if you’re feeling brave) cream.

    Zebra Print

    Image source: Pexels

    Zebra Print

    Some of us take pride in sticking to a monochrome wardrobe. Black and white are brilliant shades and complement almost any skin tone, hair colour and makeup. So it’s not all too surprising that we might want to stick to some of these shades. However, combining them can create a stunning contrast that can make your outfit a little more interesting. The most famous way to do this? Zebra print. Zebra print combines stripes of black and white without making the overall look appear too rigid or formulaic. It adds a little touch of softness to the contrasting shades while still drawing attention to the given item. Consider a zebra print blazer for an air of sophistication or a floaty, zebra print blouse for a relaxed approach to the pattern. If you are feeling a little edgy, zebra print works particularly well on a pair of creeper shoes for a rockabilly vibe.

    Faux Snakeskin

    Faux snakeskin is the perfect print when it comes to bags and shoes. It adds texture to any outfit and will draw much more interest than a standard leather item. Faux snakeskin harks back to the fifties, when people oozed class and sophistication, so it’s a great vintage twist to add to any outfit. If you want a statement piece, why not consider a faux snakeskin belt. There are a variety of colours out there, but why not opt for something not-so-subtle? We often find ourselves wearing darker colours during the winter, as it makes thermodynamic sense: darker clothes retain more heat, keeping us warmer. However, a bright accessory, such as a belt could add a much-needed pop of colour to any outfit. If you fancy something a bit more distinctive, why not try crocodile style materials. These fabrics will be tougher, more durable and have a larger and overall more noticeable and distinguished print. It’s entirely up to you: subtle or bold, take your pick!



    Fake feathers add beautiful texture to any item. They’re soft, yet sturdy and remain their shape. A fake feather shoulder cape or ruff turns any dress from casual to evening gown standard. Options that replicate breeds such as the peacock can have beautiful patterns added, such as the peacock’s famous eye-like print. Others can be iridescent, or have a quality akin to the sheen of light on petrol. Faux feathers are also great mini accessories, topping hats of all kinds or being applied to earrings for a bohemian look.

    Dalmatian Spots

    There’s a reason Cruella deVil wanted those dalmatians so much: these adorable pups have one of the most distinct and admirable patterns to be found on any animal. But unlike Cruella, you don’t have to turn to puppy-napping to incorporate this pattern into your wardrobe. Dalmatian spots are brilliant for accessories such as umbrellas. The black and white pattern will match almost any outfit, meaning that you will be able to weather any storm in fashion at any given time.

    Seasonal Colours prints textures wardrobe

    Image source: Pexels

    Seasonal Tones

    Why stop with animals? The changing seasons open our eyes to some astounding colour palettes. Certain colours naturally go together perfectly, so where better to source them than nature itself?


    Spring is the season of rejuvenation, as the natural world awakes from her winter slumber. Anything associated with this time is fresh, full of life and new. Consider the different greens of freshly sprouting plants, yellow associated with daffodils, the fluffy white textures of spring lambs and the soft blue of clearing skies.


    Summer is the best time to incorporate all things bright and brazen. Flowers are blossoming at their peak, brightly coloured insects are flitting about and the sky is often the deepest shade of azure blue that you could imagine. So keep things lively, full of colour and bold.


    Autumn sees summer come to an end, with leaves turning altering shades of yellow, orange, red and brown as they fall to the ground, preparing the trees for the cold months ahead. Autumnal landscapes incorporate these shades as well as purples and deep greens associated with evergreen trees.


    Winter is associated with cooler tones, so keep your colour palette to whites, blues and greens. Think of frost, snow and frozen lakes. These shades will foster a cool, sophisticated look.


    Makeup Inspiration

    If you fancy taking things beyond your wardrobe, why not use the animal kingdom as inspiration for your makeup looks? While we probably wouldn’t recommend going all out with face paint for anything other than a fancy-dress occasion, you can use certain colours from majestic and beautiful animals to create a palette that will draw associations with said animal’s traits. Here’s one example to get your imagination going.


    The lioness is a symbol of pure strength. She is fierce, hunting on behalf of her pride and working alongside her female comrades for the survival of the pack. What animal could be a better role model? To achieve a look associated with this magnificent creature, you’re going to want a makeup palette filled with gold, brown and black pressed powders. Start on the inside of your eye with a light shade of gold powder. Then work your way across the rest of the lid, blending darker tones until you reach the far side of the eye. Try to use a gradient ranging from light gold to bold gold to a darker shade such as brown. Now take a thin brush and use a black or dark brown powder along the line of your socket. Blend this into the other shades across your lid. This will create the illusion of wider, bigger eyes. Finish with a slick line of jet black eyeliner and black mascara to emphasize the lashes.

    These are just a few of the ways that the animal kingdom can influence your wardrobe. But don’t stop here. There’s a whole world out there that can give you some of the most inspired ideas and alternative looks. Whether you purchase items with these prints involved or take up the opportunity to alter a few things and incorporate different patterns or textures yourself, get started today! Your wardrobe will look all the better for it in no time. Remember, mother nature most often knows best when it comes to creating things of pure beauty.

    animal prints textures wardrobe

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    8 Things Your Casual Wear Wardrobe Needs in 2017

    Just because you’re supposed to be rocking up to an event in casual wear, doesn’t mean you should look any less awesome. Having the right items in your casual wear wardrobe will ensure you look bang on trend and that you feel great. There’s no need to wear an oversized sweater and a pair of tracksuit bottoms (unless they’re the high fashion kind!). Here are 8 things your casual wear wardrobe needs in 2017:

    Retro Sportswear

    Retro sportswear is a huge thing these days. It’s been all over the catwalks, in the magazines, and even the celebrities have gotten in on the trend. If you’re familiar with Last Of The Shadow Puppets, you’ll know that they pull off this trend very well. If you’d rather not wear a matching tracksuit, a simple retro tracksuit top will look great with jeans.

    Distressed Jeans

    Just about everybody is wearing distressed jeans. You can’t turn around without seeing somebody wearing a pair of jeans covered in holes. You don’t necessarily need to go for the super-holey kind, but you should definitely look at jeans that appear more worn than they are.

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    A Military Jacket

    A military jacket is perfect for throwing on with your distressed jeans for a weekend of shopping or even going out for a few drinks with friends. You can get military jacket from this site if you simply can’t wait to own one. There are many different types though, so know which kind you like and what suits you before you purchase!

    A Plaid Shirt

    Plaid shirts haven’t really gone anywhere over the years, so purchasing one of these bad boys could be a great investment. You can wear it tied around your waist, layer it up with a vest top, or button it up depending on what look you’re going for. They can be worn multiple ways, which is what makes them such a great addition to any casual wardrobe!
    8 Things Your Casual Wear Wardrobe Needs in 2017
    Image source: Pixabay
    A Puffa Jacket

    Yep, puffa jackets are back guys. Both men and women are sporting classic looking puffa jackets, and they’re bound to keep you warm when the weather gets a little cooler.

    A 70s Shirt

    It’s a 70s revival right now, didn’t you know! Suede shirts, shirts patterned with flowers, and shirts with big collars are all hugely popular. With the right 70s shirt, you’ll look worthy of this year’s catwalks.

    Bell Bottoms

    Now you’ve got your 70s shirt, why not go the whole hog? Get yourself some bell bottoms! Wearing them both together will look fantastic, although you’ll need to be careful that you don’t look like you’re doing fancy dress. Who cares if you are anyway? You can have fun with this item!

    A Light Wash Denim Jacket

    Finally, a light wash denim jacket is the perfect jacket to throw on whether you’re off out to meet friends for food or on a date. It can be worn during the day and night, and the right fit will last for years. These jackets are endlessly stylish!

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    Fashion Gurus Spill The Beans On Accessorizing

    Accessorizing has changed a lot over the last decade or so. We’ve gone from a world in which fashion gurus insisted that accessories had to match an outfit into one where it seems anything goes.

    But is this true? While it’s true that true”matching” accessories are no longer required, it’s not true that accessories can go with anything that you wear. There are still style decisions to be made. Here we’re going to take a look at what some fashion gurus themselves have to say about contemporary accessorizing. Here’s their advice.

    bracelet Carnival Tabanca El Emporio Production
    Never Allow Naked Wrists

    If you want to look your best then – at least according to style expert Bridgette Raes – you need to wear more than one bracelet. She recommends wearing bracelets which come together in a set, but you can also go off-piste and wear any selection of bracelets from your jewelry collection. Mixing and matching bracelet you already own, she says, is just as valid as choosing a set from the store.

    Wear Accessories, Even When The Weather Turns Cold

    Wearing accessories, like jewelry in the summer is easy. The days are long, and the weather is warm, meaning that you can strip off and wear pretty much whatever you like. But what about when the weather’s cold and you’re all wrapped up in a giant jumper? What should you do then?

    Style guru Raes says you can still wear beautiful accessories even when the weather is cold. Her advice is to pair a turtleneck with suede wedges or short boots. She recommends going with earthy hues to contrast with dark or blue winter garments.

    She also suggests that women focus more on accessorizing the head area with jewelry, like earrings and necklaces, since just about everything else is covered up.

    Pick Long Necklaces
    long necklace accessorizing

    Image source: Pexels

    Long necklaces might look great on store jewelry displays, but should you wear them? According to Adam Glassman, a creative director at a big fashion house, the answer is definitely “yes.” Glassman says that long necklaces can make you feel better about yourself, as well as more confident. He says that the added length over the bust helps to elongate the body, making you look slimmer. Long necklaces, he says, also help you look taller by extending the distance between the bust and the neckline. 

    Don’t Let Jewelry Overpower Your Outfit

    You want your jewelry to make a statement. But sometimes, jewelry can make so much of a statement that it overwhelms the rest of your outfit.

    The problem usually comes, according to Kristina Moore of a popular fashion blog, when women buy matching sets of jewelry from the store. Matching sets are ideal for making sure that your outfit comes together, and they make it super easy to build up a jewelry collection that you can just throw on at a moment’s notice. But many matching sets are quite overpowering. Not only do they have busy designs and large stones, but they can also make it appear as if too much is going on with your clothing.

    So what can you do about it? Ideally, if you’re wearing a statement outfit, keep the jewelry to a minimum. You want to wear accessories that complement your outfit, not compete with it. If, however you’re going down the plain Jane route, then you ought to take you accessorizing up a notch. 

    Use Jeans As A Base
    boots cardigan denim fashion

    Image source: Pexels

    Many of us wear jeans every day but surprisingly; according to the gurus that’s not the problem. Wearing jeans every day is fine: wearing them with the same accessories is a big no-no.

    So what can you do to mix it up a little? Bobby Schuller is an advisor to the website WhoWhatWear. He says that women should try to pair their favorite jeans with interesting accessories, like pointed-toe pumps, or heels with wedges. It’s fine wearing jeans, he says, but just leave your sneakers at home in the closet where they belong

    Avoid Being Too Matching

    In the past, accessorizing was easy. All you had to do as find accessories that matched each other and your outfit, and you were home and dry. But that all began to change when highly matched outfits started being associated with OCD. Now matching outfits are viewed as humorous, rather than something you’d want to wear out in public or at the office.

    According to Courtney Hammond, a fashion expert in Georgia, it’s acceptable to mix and match colors and styles. A leopard print bag, with a block color or nude heels, is perfectly acceptable in her book.
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    Florida: The Perfect Destination For The Fashion-Conscious

    What kind of effect does your vacation have in your wardrobe? It often seems as though travel and style don’t easily go hand-in-hand. If nothing else, it can seem difficult to travel in such a way so as not to disrupt your own sense of style. Most people, you would think, have to sacrifice a little something when they go on holiday: their favorite dress, those boots that just won’t fit in the hold, a much-loved accessory. But as it turns out, this might not be the case at all. Certain locations are particularly beneficial for those who want to retain their fashionable rep while traveling – and Florida is the perfect example. 

    Hotels That Care About Your Clothes

    One of the most common reasons that you end up not quite taking your best with you is because you are worried about what might happen to them. You don’t want to take your best clothes with you on vacation, only to find that they are soon ruined by the trip. But as long as you choose where to stay carefully, you don’t need to let this be a concern at all. Thankfully, Florida abounds with great choices. Going for hotels like the Sleep Inn & Suites Ft. Lauderdale will mean that you’ll have all the amenities you need to really keep your clothing in the best possible condition. It’s amazing what a difference it makes having plenty of wardrobe space, not to mention facilities like an iron and ironing board. As long as you spend time choosing your hotel wisely, the whole trip will be much easier.

    An Easygoing Local Industry

    If you ever find that you are a little worried about how you might look while traveling. You’ll be glad to hear that this probably won’t be a concern if you choose to go to Florida. While in many locations you can quickly feel out of place, this is unlikely to be true in Florida. Even if you’re coming from the other side of the world, you will probably be surprised at just how easygoing the local fashion industry is. While somewhere like New York might be a little less forgiving. There’s much less risk that you will wind up feeling self-conscious in the sunshine state. And that means you can have the confidence to carry on looking your best.

    Florida: The Perfect Destination For The Fashion-Conscious
    Image credit: Pexels
    Let’s Not Forget That Sun

    Of course, the sun itself is another great reason to celebrate, given what it can do for your look. If you have been worrying about your lack of a tan. There is hardly anywhere better in the US to go than Florida. With more than enough beaches to choose from. You can easily spend much of your time sunbathing and end up with the exact tan. You have been hoping for all year. Just another reason why Florida might be the fix-all destination for anyone wanting to look their best.

    If you are looking for an easy vacation option which won’t cramp your style. Then you’ll find Florida the ideal choice.

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    A Girl’s Go-To Guide For Accessorizing For Every Occasion

    There is one thing every woman should know, and that’s how to match accessories with outfits. Quite simply, a humble piece of jewelry can take an outfit to another level with hardly any effort. For ladies who like to look the part at all times, this is an essential feature to exploit.

    But, accessorizing isn’t as easy as throwing on a few pieces of jewelry and hoping all goes well. It is a skill that needs learning as the occasion dictates what a woman should wear.

    If you don’t know how to accessorize for different occasions, you have come to the right place. This is the only go-to guide you will ever need.

    The Signature Look

    There are times when a girl just wants to get noticed. Don’t think that admitting this makes you a bad person – it doesn’t. It makes you human because we all like attention from time to time. With the right pieces, you can turn every head on the street as you walk past. Name Necklace Official has an excellent range of name necklaces, while H&M has lots of autumn hats. Both of these accessories will stand out from the crowd, but they won’t look tacky or gaudy.


    Image source: Max Pixel

    The Casual Look

    Let’s face it – most of our time is spent doing menial tasks. They might be necessary, but they don’t require us to wow as soon as we walk in the room. Plus, the casual look is comfortable, and that is something all women love. Therefore, the accessories shouldn’t be too bold or over the top. Also, they don’t need to bring down the comfort levels. As a rule, everything should supplement the style and offset the main features. For example, stud earrings and dainty rings work perfectly with jeans and a sweater.

    workplace look accessories

    Image source: Pexels

    The Workplace Look

    Probably the hardest one to get right, the workplace look is something which intimidates lots of women. The reason it’s difficult is down to the fact that the balance has to be perfect. You can’t be too casual as it comes across as unprofessional, but you can’t overdress as your coworkers will make judgments. The key is to be stylish and serious at the same time. To do this, forget about jewelry and focus on the basics. Do you wear glasses? If you do, a smart pair can be practical, stylish and sexy all in one. With a pencil skirt or a pantsuit, a pair of glasses hit the nail on the head.

    The Wedding Look

    Summer is wedding season, but that doesn’t stop people from getting married. A wedding can be at any time of the year, and you have to be ready to wow. Again, this is not easy because you can’t take the emphasis from the bride. She’s the star of the show and you’re there to show support. Still, with signature pieces, you can turn heads, too. Diamonds, if you have any, are the way forward, as is a wedding hat, a brooch, and a corsage. For an ultimate effect, combine them all.

    The next time you leave the house, you never have to worry about how you look.

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    The Importance of a Good Swimsuit and Why You Should Care

    Buying a swimsuit can be both a daunting and exciting experience. When summer comes around, most people are likely already looking for the latest collections and styles to purchase and show off at the beach. While most people are drooling over all the latest designer collections and working out to get their bodies beach ready, there’s a small group of people who are content with the swimsuit they’ve been wearing for the past couple of years.

    The reason for this is not because they’re frugal or because they don’t enjoy the newest designs, but because they understand the value of a good swimsuit. Most people tell themselves they have nothing new to wear, but other people know what it’s like to wear something new and feel uncomfortable with their new clothing. Clothes should fit your body and feel comfortable, and swimsuits are no exception.

    Image source: Pexels

    Body Shape

    First, body shape has to be taken into consideration when purchasing a swimsuit. There are several different body shapes and you need to learn what your body shape is before you purchase a swimsuit, especially if it’s an expensive designer brand that you want to keep for a long time. The most common body shapes are Boyish, Apple, Hourglass and Pear.

    People with Apple bodies have similar bust and waist sizes that are slightly larger than their hips. The best swimsuit for an Apple body would be a one-piece because it offers plenty of support for the bust and provides support to flatten the stomach area.

    Hourglass figure means that your bust and hips are similar in size but smaller than your waist. Halter swimsuits are recommended if you have an Hourglass figure.

    Pear-shaped bodies are when your waist and bust are similar in size but smaller than hips. Swimsuits with adjustable bottoms are the perfect match for pear-shaped bodies.

    If you have no significant differences between your bust, hips and waist, then you are considered to have a slender and boyish figure. Women with boyish figures can wear layered swimsuits, and frill swimsuits are also an option.

    Of course, there are always exceptions to these rules and you should try out a variety of differing swimsuits before you ultimately make up your mind. Use this as a guideline and take this advice with a grain of salt, but do keep in mind your body shape and the importance of wearing a well-fitting swimsuit.

    Other Considerations

    Colours and patterns should also be considered when picking a swimsuit. If you arrive at the beach with a pair of Hawaiian sandals, then you want colours that match your sandals and don’t contrast too much especially if you want to stand out or make a fashion statement. Use bright colours and unique patterns if you want to draw attention to certain parts of your body, and use dull or solid colours without patterns if you want to avoid pointing out a certain quality.

    Choosing the perfect swimsuit can make you feel a hundred times more comfortable, but it’s important to take time when picking. Visit multiple stores, ask for advice and never rush the decision.

    The Importance of a Good Swimsuit and Why You Should Care

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    Responsible And Affordable Clothes Shopping

    We don’t like to think about it too much, but somewhere in the back of our minds, we know we’re causing harm to the world. A cheap, but stylish blouse that makes us feel amazing was likely made by a poor girl in a factory with appalling conditions. As we become more conscious about our purchases; we have the power to change the industry for the better, and force manufacturers to change their working conditions. One way to do this is by giving our money to companies that enforce responsible and safe conditions for their workers and still generate high-quality products. Here are just a few ways you can be a more conscientious shopper, while still looking fabulous when you walk down the street.

    clothes shopping

    Read the labels

    You don’t have to be a full-on vegan to care about the animals that make your clothes. Real leather and suede are made from the skin and hides of animals. Fur is taken from animals raised or trapped specifically for their coats. Even silk is problematic; it’s made from a fiber that is naturally secreted by silkworms, but sometimes the worms are boiled alive to extract extra amounts of silk to meet demand. Fortunately, you don’t have to shop in specialty stores to make sure your clothes are cruelty-free. All you have to do is read the label. The next time you’re shopping for a new blouse, there will be information on the label telling you whether it’s made from 100 percent polyester, or if it contains 35 percent wool.

    Environmentally friendly

    Fashion trends rise and fall every year, and while some older fashions are put out in the bargain bin for you to buy at incredible discounts, some things end up in the bin and eventually contribute to ever-growing tips. Sunglasses, for example, change style from year to year, but the materials aren’t biodegradable, which means they’re going to lie on those rubbish piles for years to come. Fortunately, some conscientious designers have created bamboo sunglasses, which means that they will be made from a sustainable material that requires far fewer resources to grow than wood or synthetic materials like plastic. Bamboo grows faster than other sources and requires very minimal maintenance, so it is the cheapest and most responsible option by far. The only way to get the fashion industry to adjust their policies to incorporate bamboo and other environmentally friendly resources is by giving your money to companies that already have these policies in place.

    shopping bags


    It’s great when you start making your shopping more cruelty-free. There is even a growing market for vegetarian and vegan shoes, so choosing between durable shoes and being cruelty-free might soon be a thing of the past, and all boots will be made for walking.

    Finally, you don’t have to go far to be a responsible clothes shopper. Mango, Zara, H&M, and Topshop are great examples of stores that make cruelty free and ethical clothing, proving that responsible choices are affordable and accessible.

    Responsible And Affordable Clothes Shopping

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    The Best Party Wear Trends to Keep Your Eye on This Autumn/Winter

    It’s kind of sad to think that the summer is coming to an end. The temperatures will soon start to drop and the nights will draw in quicker. But while the shorts and summer dresses get packed away, the little black dress and heels come out as we welcome party season!
    Most retailers have already started to stock party shoes, dresses and accessories and you’ll find plenty of choice in a range of styles.
    If you’re as excited as I am, check out all my favourite trends ahead of the season…

    woman at shoes store
    Image source: Pexels

    Something sparkly

    As you’d expect, there will be plenty of sparkles this winter. Shimmering gold and silver dresses are everywhere. They are all styled differently but are all eye-wateringly shiny. Naturally, it is not a look that will appeal to everyone, but an awful lot of us will give these exciting fabrics a go.

    Shiny shoes

    Naturally, if you have a glittery dress you need a pair of shiny shoes to go with them. Dressy patent leather court shoes in gold or silver are everywhere. Diamante open-toed shoes are also widely available. If you are not keen on shiny footwear, do not worry because velvet will also be a head-turner at parties too across the Christmas period.

    For the ultimate bang, look for a pair of Disco ball boots. Versions of these crazy glittering knee-length boots have been cropping up on catwalks, across the world, over the past few weeks. It’s a trend that’s brave, but it’s also bold and beautiful.

    Little black dresses with a twist

    As ever, the little black dress is going to be a party favourite. Highly tailored, mid-length or long dresses are set to be big this year, with the possibility that velvet will start to make a bit of a comeback. This comfortable, flexible fabric is fantastic for dance Divas. They really enjoy the freedom of movement that velvet offers.

    Tweed anyone?

    One of the oddest trends is the incorporation of what is normally considered staid fabrics into party dresses. Stella McCartney has led the way in showing how combining different traditional tweeds and tartans to create striking dresses that could turn heads at the office party. It is too early to say if this interesting design idea will be taken up by High Street retailers, though. If you see one, try it on. It is a look that has the potential to work for all body types and one that will certainly turn heads.

    Party trousers

    If dresses are not your favourite option for a party, do not worry. Most fashion designers have opted to include trousers in their partywear ranges this year. A pair of baggy-legged black trousers will look great paired with a wide belt and a shiny fitted top. The best thing about this party outfit is that you can get away with wearing black baseball boots. So, you can dance all night without worrying about waking up with feet that are covered in blisters.

    Picking your perfect party outfit

    As you can see, you really are spoilt for choice. The designers have come up with something for everyone. However, if you would like a bit more guidance about buying an outfit for a party, you can find it here.

    The Best Party Wear Trends to Keep Your Eye on This Autumn/Winter
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    3 Tips to Plan and Host a Successful Fashion Designer Q&A Event

    Hosting and planning a fashion designer Q&A event can turn out to be a pretty much gratifying experience for both event manager who curates it as well as the featured designer. The secret behind the success of such an event is creating something that is engaging and focuses on the designer and offers the audience a glimpse to his or her world so that they can find that collection to be refreshing and lovable and hence be excited for the story behind the brand.

    attractive-beauty-catwalk-clothes-fashion-designer-event-fashion designer Q&A event
    The scale of the events consists of a vast arena starting from open to public, informal Q&A style event during the business hours to that of the intimate gathering with catering and cocktail held later. Here are some essential tips for hosting Q&A events. Just read on to know.

    Choose an Appropriate Venue

    You should pick a venue that happens to be in line with the product designer’s brand and product mix. If you understand that the brand is taking high-end clientele then it is not wise to pick a nightclub or a bar as a venue. This way there will be an obvious disconnect. Instead, you should look for a swanky restaurant, with a private room or a posh hotel lounge who will be willing and interested to host you. One more thing that is very important to consider at the time of picking the venue is the flow of the events and the seating. If you choose a venue keeping in mind all these, then there will not be any issue that you may face later on with that.

    Take Advantage of the Media Partnerships and the Influencers

    There are a number of creative ways to arrange the traditionally designed Q&A sessions. One style that is in vogue today is to find someone influential to host the event like that of a magazine editor or a blogger. Another idea is to partner with a regional or local magazine for hosting a new event celebrating a collection or a designer debut. Your event will be a stylish success if you are creative and keep the goal in mind.

    Prepare the Designer for the Q&A 

    Just like that of a media training session, you should train the designer so that he or she becomes a confident communicator. You should develop a list of common questions and then let the designer practice them with interesting and authentic answers. If you are thinking of appointing a moderator, then make sure to do an in-person meeting or call the moderator to go through the event timeline and expectations. You should also ensure that the moderator has all the background information so that she can host conversations. This may include an introduction to the designer and a few lead questions for kicking off with a few questions and answers in case the audience is timid and not coming up with questions.
    The above are some of the essential tips from reputed experiential event agency for hosting a successful Q&A event. These tips will ensure that your event meets with success and your client gets the optimum exposure that such an event is bound to bestow on.
    Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in any guest post featured on our site are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Beauty that walks as a whole.
    Author Bio: Akshay Sharma is a digital marketing enthusiast and has written many topics in the related field. He works with Wonderland Agency, which is among the best event agency in the UK.