How To Choose The Right Nail Color

It’s impossible to imagine a contemporary woman without a neat manicure, which is an indispensable part of a stylish look. However, choosing between different nail colors such as bold metallic shades and traditional nude hues may be tough sometimes. What looks great on other women may be completely mismatched for you or may look washed out. To avoid possible pitfalls, there are some tips, which may help you to make a right choice when choosing a nail color.

If you adhere to them, your nails will always look fashionable and appropriate for any occasion.

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Make Sure The Nail Color Fits Your Skin Tone

Wearing a nail color, which fits your skin tone, will only enhance your beauty. However, a wrong nail shade can make your nails look more outdated. That is why it’s vital to determine the colors, which suit your complexion.

Dark Skin Tone

A win-win option for dark-skinned ladies is a yellow-based nail color. Also, dark shades of chocolate, red, burgundy, indigo and deep green will add you glam. And vivid pink, orange, gold, and intense cobalt shades will make any look chic.

What to avoid:

Silver, white and pastel shades can make your skin look dull.

Medium Skin Tone

This is a universal skin tone. If you are lucky to have it, then you can wear the most of the shades with ease. Go for rosy, peach, light blue, deep red colors to express your brightness. Besides, tender pastel shades will put an accent on your natural complexion and they have an anti-aging effect.

What to avoid:

Though most shades look great, steer clear of purple nails; navy blue and bronze colors should also be a taboo.

Fair Skin Tone

Almost all shades flatter the fair skin: starting from soft pink, ending with light purple, medium red and ruby shades. A blue-based polish also may be an alternative.

What to avoid:

Some eye-popping dark shades of deep brown, dark green and black may be too bright, so it’s advised not to pick them. Besides, sheer colors should be also avoided because they completely blend in with your skin tone. Also, be aware of a blue color. If your skin is thin and veins are visible, this shade will only emphasize them.

Nail Color Should Match Your Outfit & Makeup

You may add spice by using a contrasting color or to have your nails painted in the same color spectrum as your outfit. Besides, to achieve a sophisticated look, you may have the nails of the same color as your lipstick.

On top of that, much depends on the print of your clothes. If it’s vivid, then stay away from colorful nail art. Also, don’t forget that your nail color should create a perfect match to your accessories. For instance, if you wear a silver necklace, choose a silver or pale pearl, and shimmering gold shades work well with golden accessories.

You may experiment and mix incompatible things, but be careful, they should be combined well if you don’t want to look tacky.

Should Be Appropriate For The Season

Do you want to stand out in the summer? Wear bright colors: hot pink, coral, sparkly purple, red. As for the winter, cold shades (deep and light blue, lavender, lilac, navy blue) are preferred. Bronze, gold and red colors are perfect for autumn. Spring calls for both neutral and bright shades.

Also, don’t forget that each fashion season has its own color, so you may follow the trends.

It Should Suit The Occasion

Your manicure should complement your look, so always take the occasion into account. If you are going to go out in the evening with friends, then go for neon shades, and don’t afraid to be bright. But if you go to the job interview or a formal meeting, then it’s better to wear nude colors.

Should Be Trendy

Season 2017 has come up with many trends. Among them, there are metallics, soft beige hue, glitter and black accents, geometric patterns, dots, stripes, color blocking, graphic French, and embellished cuticles with a neutral base. You may choose anything, which makes you comfortable and serves a reflection of your inner self.

Hence, if you stick to these simple rules, and you are always open to experiments, then you’ll have a smooth path to choosing your right nail color and a perfect manicure!


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