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    Common Mistakes when Removing Gel Polishes at Home

    Gel nail polishes are heaven-sent. Gel polishes like Svensson Gel Nail Polish last and sticks much longer than normal nail polishes. We’ve seen famous celebrities with perfectly manicured nails all the time. But one of the biggest problems women encounter with gel polish is the do-it-yourself removal process which can leave nails weak and damaged if not done properly. In this post, we provide you with some essential tips on how to prevent this.

    Gel Polish
    Image Source: Pexels

    Avoid Peeling

    This is probably one of the biggest mistakes most women make. Gel that is peeled and scraped off improperly can really damage your nails. Like all parts of the human body, our nails are composed of cells and when you begin to pull off the gel in an aggressive manner, you’re not just getting rid of the polish, but you’re also removing the top most layer of your nails’ cells.

    Keep in mind that while you can have a gel manicure every two weeks, it is better for your nails to have a break for a week (during which time you can use ordinary nail polish) and then resume your gel manicure on the fourth week. In addition, remove your gel manicure after two weeks – even if it still looks good – as it will be harder to remove the gel if you wear the gel nails for a longer period of time.

    Importance of Having the Proper Tools

    It is ideal to have your gel nail polish be removed by a professional, but you can also attain the same results right in the comfort of your own home – and ensure that the process is not be damaging to your nails – provided you have the right tools. What you will need is acetone, a nail stick made of wood, some cotton balls and foil.

    You’ll need a really strong acetone for removing gel polish, but there is no need to buy any of the expensive brands that are advertised for removing gel polishes – just buy an acetone that is labeled as maximum or extreme strength.

    Cuticle Protection

    You also need to make sure that your cuticles are properly protected. The key here is creating some type of “wall” between the acetone and your cuticles. You can use an ointment like Aquaphor for this. This “wall” layer can help prevent your cuticles from getting damaged through the process since in order for the gel to be properly removed, you have to entirely cover your nails with cotton wool soaked in acetone, and then wrap with the foil. 

    Importance of Moisturizing your Nails

    After you have removed all the gel polish, your nails will tend to look a little dry so it is essential to moisturize your nails right away. Nail oil is recommended by the professionals. Another method to recover your nails after removing a gel manicure is to give it some time to rest at least overnight and hydrate it. You can do this by applying to your cuticles a suitable amount of Aquaphor or even Vaseline. Simply rub it gently into your nails before you head off to bed.

    Follow these tips and you will be able to enjoy all the advantages of using a long-lasting nail polish – but without the hassles of removing it – and you’ll be keeping your nails in a healthy condition too.

    Common Mistakes when Removing Gel Polishes at Home

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    Blogger’s Beauty Brawl: 10 Days of Summer – Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish

    I have nice natural, long, beautiful nails, so I take pride in doing my nails at home. Occasionally I would get my nails done at a salon but I’m not a big fan of fake fingernails as this tends to damage my natural nails.
    Trust Fund Beauty nail polish is non-toxic; 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and GMO-free. Today, I will review Trust Fund Beauty nail polish in colour/shade name I Give Good Tweet. This shade is described as a shimmery deep blue non-toxic and cruelty free nail polish.
    Size: 17 mL 0.57 fl. Oz

    Price: $12

    Trust Fund Beauty
    Trust Fund Beauty: I Give  Good Tweet

    Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish I Give Good Tweet looks closely to a nice sky blue on my nails that wears beautiful during the day. After applying the first coat of Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish I wasn’t pleased as my nails weren’t fully coated, so I did a second coat which took about 8-10 minutes to completely dry after spraying on Onyx Nail Dryer.


    Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish I Give Good Tweet is perfect for the summer time especially if you are looking for a bright colour that will pop on your nails. The nail polish left a natural sheen prior to top coat. I wore the nail polish for up to a week before it started to strip excessively from my nails. The nail polish dries to a soft coat that could be easily ripped from nails without using nail remover. I could easily peel off the nail polish.

    Product rating
    The packaging is a bit slender with a square shape, it fits in my nail polish holder perfectly. If you turn the bottle upside down you can identify the name of the shade which is stated in just words “I Give Good Tweet”. If shaken you can hear the sound of a ball rolling inside.

    I love the Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish it goes on perfectly smooth, the colour is gorgeous and two (2) coats are just enough to have my nails looking good, it is easy to remove and does not stain my nails.

    Also, check out this blogger reviews on her selection of products.

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    How To Look Flawless On A Formal Night Out; From Head To Toe

    If you’ve been invited to a formal event or evening (lucky you), it can feel a little daunting as there’s an array of things to consider before you go. Usually, the people, or person, requesting the pleasure of your company will have specified a dress code on the invite, or the theme of the party will help steer you in the right direction when it comes to your look. However, it’s important to prep and plan as much as you can beforehand; so you can get ready with ease, and your night will get off to the best start.


    Image source: Pexels


    Let’s start at the top; your hair. Whatever your hair type might be; you want it looking the best it can on your big night out. On the run up to the event, make sure you take some time to indulge in a hair mask or two, so you know your hair is as strong and conditioned as possible. It’s important to nourish your hair before any styling, straightening, or curling, as most of these techniques require the use of direct heat to your hair, along with products and sprays that you’re not used to.

    Figure out if you’re going to use a professional stylist at a hair salon, or if you’re confident enough to execute the hairstyle of your choice yourself. If you’re going with the salon option, make sure you’re booked in as soon as you’ve RSVP’d to the invite. Give yourself enough time to get dressed and apply your makeup after the stylist (whether it’s you, or somebody else) has worked their magic. If you choose to get your hair done in the morning, ensure your style is locked in with enough spray, and it will see you through until you get in the car to go home!


    It’s always a treat to pamper your skin, but in the days leading up to the formal event; make sure you moisturize each day after your bath or shower. If you plan to apply a fake tanning product, it’s key that your skin is hydrated, particularly around your knees, elbows, and heels. Fake tan a couple of evenings before; so it looks as natural as possible, and there’s time to fix any potential mistakes.

    If you don’t feel the need to change the shade of your skin in any way, ensure it’s looking as bright, soft and moisturized as possible. Applying specialist foot cream to your feet and toes, and popping some cotton socks on them, before bed each night will ensure they are soft and sandal-ready. The morning of the event is a great time to use a body scrub, to get rid of any dry areas of skin, and pop your body cream, butter, or soufflé of choice on from head to toe.

    Woman in Naked Figure

    Image source: Pexels



    When it comes to doing your own makeup for an occasion, make sure you practice runs in the evenings, or the weekend before the event. You might need to brush up on your eyelash application or get that contouring technique perfected, so it’s worth remembering that practice makes perfect! Take a look on YouTube and Pinterest for some inspiration and tutorials on formal makeup looks, and test out what’s going to suit your skin tone, hair, and outfit choice.

    Try and work out how long the makeup will take you to do, and give yourself some extra time, in case you need to correct anything or fix a smudge (it’s bound to happen). For some tips on achieving a flawless makeup look, take a peek here.


    Just because you’re heading out to a formal event, doesn’t mean you have to feel completely uncomfortable, or unlike yourself. You can rock an outfit that fits both the occasion and your personal style; so bear that in mind when it comes to going dress or suit shopping. Thinking about the best color palette for your hair and skin tone is a wise place to start; you might think you’ve found the outfit of your dreams, only to find the color makes you look washed out and unwell. So, if you can eliminate certain colors and shades from your search, it will save a lot of time in the changing rooms.

    Once you’ve figured out the best colors for you, think about what silhouettes complement your body shape. Be confident and embrace what you’ve been blessed with (while remembering this is a formal occasion and not a day at the beach). Try on different styles, in different fabrics; then take pictures in the changing room mirror, so you can scroll through each one and decide which makes you look the most fabulous.


    Image source: Pexels


    One of the best things about a formal event, aside from wearing beautiful attire, is completing the look with some jewelry. A special occasion is the best excuse to sparkle from head to toe literally, but make sure you don’t go too overboard (unless it’s an Elizabeth Taylor-themed evening).

    Two to three key pieces are usually sufficient, and will create an elegant look; so, think about a set of earrings, necklace, and a ring for example, or perhaps you could swap the necklace for a bracelet instead. Think about what metal tones and gemstones will fit in will your look, and if you’re treating yourself to something new, take a look at sites like SilverBlings, which will help inspire you on what to choose.


    Hopefully, you’ve already been moisturizing your hands and feet as discussed previously; but, now’s the time to add the finishing touches. You can further ensure the condition of your nails by using a cuticle oil on a regular basis before you paint them or visit the beauticians for a manicure.

    When it comes to your nail polish choice; your options really come down to a neutral, nude shade, or a pop of color, that will stand out on your fingernails and toes. Classic berry tones and reds suit every skin tone, and will go with a huge variety of colors, ensuring your nails wouldn’t clash with your clothing; but, instead, would complement it. However, if you’re unsure and wary of looking too busy; pick a taupe or a pale pink shade, which will definitely go with your outfit, whatever the color.


    Image source: Pexels


    You finally have a legitimate excuse to go shoe shopping (yay); the first thing to make sure of is if you can walk in them. If you never wear stilettos or shoes with a heel higher than two inches, you’re unlikely to be able to walk and dance gracefully at the party, so try not to buy anything that will put your ankles at risk. Luckily, there are so many options when it comes to formal shoes, and they come in every heel height, style, and color imaginable; so you should be able to find the right pair for you and your outfit.

    Make sure you try them on in the store and have a good walk around in them to make sure they are comfortable and don’t rub your feet. You don’t want your whole night ruined because your heels and toes have been in agony since half an hour in. You can wear your shoes around the house a little each evening to break them in and ensure they’ll be comfortable at your event. It’s always better to be strutting when you make your entrance, rather than hobbling!


    Your bag needs to be big enough to hold your essentials; your phone, money, and any cosmetics that might need topping up throughout the night (breath mints and a comb also seem to come in handy). A clutch style bag is a great option, as it will hold all you need, but won’t be too heavy or cumbersome to carry around. Many clutches also come with straps and chains that can be folded away inside; so you can pull them out and pop your bag on your shoulder when you want to dance, take a selfie, or if your hands are full of canapes.

    A beautiful bag is another chance to enhance your overall look, so consider the color and embellishments carefully. Think about metallic colors that will match your jewelry, a shade that will match your lip and shoe color, or perhaps the bag is where all the gemstones and sparkles can be in your ensemble. Check out what formal bags the celebs were wearing at this year’s Met Gala here:


    Image source: Pexels

    The main thing to remember, with any special event or occasion, is to enjoy the process. It’s not all the time that you have to choose something formal to wear and make yourself look and feel great; so see the invite as an instruction to do that and have fun. You don’t have to lose your personality and style either; it’s a chance to figure out what you feel best in, at formal events that you may not experience regularly. Embrace the challenge, treat yourself, and indulge in some quality pampering and shopping time (sounds pretty great).
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    How To Choose The Right Nail Color

    It’s impossible to imagine a contemporary woman without a neat manicure, which is an indispensable part of a stylish look. However, choosing between bold metallic shades and traditional nude hues may be tough sometimes. What looks great on other women may be completely mismatched for you or may look washed out. To avoid possible pitfalls, there are some tips, which may help you to make a right choice.
    If you adhere to them, your nails will always look fashionable and appropriate for any occasion.
    nail art, nail color

    Image source: Pinterest

    Make Sure The Nail Color Fits Your Skin Tone

    Wearing a nail color, which fits your skin tone, will only enhance your beauty. However, a wrong nail shade can make your nails look more outdated. That is why it’s vital to determine the colors, which suit your complexion.

    Dark Skin Tone

    A win-win option for dark-skinned ladies is a yellow-based nail color. Also, dark shades like chocolate, red, burgundy, indigo and deep green will add you glam. And vivid pink, orange, gold, and intense cobalt shades will make any look chic.

    What to avoid:

    Silver, white and pastel shades can make your skin look dull.

    Medium Skin Tone

    This is a universal skin tone. If you are lucky to have it, then you can wear the most of the shades with ease. Go for rosy, peach, light blue, deep red colors to express your brightness. Besides, tender pastel shades will put an accent on your natural complexion and they have an anti-aging effect.

    What to avoid:

    Though most shades look great, steer clear of purple nails; navy blue and bronze colors should also be a taboo.

    Fair Skin Tone

    Almost all shades flatter the fair skin: starting from soft pink, ending with light purple, medium red and ruby shades. A blue-based polish also may be an alternative.

    What to avoid:

    Some eye-popping dark shades of deep brown, dark green and black may be too bright, so it’s advised not to pick them. Besides, sheer colors should be also avoided because they completely blend in with your skin tone. Also, be aware of a blue color. If your skin is thin and veins are visible, this shade will only emphasize them.

    Nail Color Should Match Your Outfit & Makeup

    You may add spice by using a contrasting color or to have your nails painted in the same color spectrum as your outfit. Besides, to achieve a sophisticated look, you may have the nails of the same color as your lipstick.
    On top of that, much depends on the print of your clothes. If it’s vivid, then stay away from colorful nail art. Also, don’t forget that your nail color should create a perfect match to your accessories. For instance, if you wear a silver necklace, choose a silver or pale pearl, and shimmering gold shades work well with golden accessories.
    You may experiment and mix incompatible things, but be careful, they should be combined well if you don’t want to look tacky.

    Should Be Appropriate For The Season

    Do you want to stand out in the summer? Wear bright colors: hot pink, coral, sparkly purple, red. As for the winter, cold shades (deep and light blue, lavender, lilac, navy blue) are preferred. Bronze, gold and red colors are perfect for autumn. Spring calls for both neutral and bright shades.
    Also, don’t forget that each fashion season has its own color, so you may follow the trends.

    It Should Suit The Occasion

    Your manicure should complement your look, so always take the occasion into account. If you are going to go out in the evening with friends, then go for neon shades, and don’t afraid to be bright. But if you go to the job interview or a formal meeting, then it’s better to wear nude colors.

    Should Be Trendy

    Season 2017 has come up with many trends. Among them, there are metallics, soft beige hue, glitter and black accents, geometric patterns, dots, stripes, color blocking, graphic French, and embellished cuticles with a neutral base. You may choose anything, which makes you comfortable and serves a reflection of your inner self.
    Hence, if you stick to these simple rules, and you are always open to experiments, then you’ll have a smooth path to a perfect manicure!

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    How Does a Nail Color Make an Impact on Your Outfit

    They say that women wear nail colors according to their mood and occasion. The real deal here the statement differs from female to female. It’s one of those ‘girl talks’ that remain within the knowledge and practice of women. 

    However, the trend of nail colors has long been introduced onto the face of the earth; mainly to add a texture of grace to their dress or just to add a decorative element to their getup. Achieving the perfect manicure and pedicure that goes well with the dress; is something that can be managed by a very few women.
    Dressing is basically an art, and things like nail polishes and makeup adds on to the beauty of it. You have the benefit of wearing a subtle makeup look and it will turn out just fine if you apply a bold or bright Essie Bungle Jungle nail polish with it. Colors like Hollywood Blvd., Sunset Blvd., Paparazzi, by Lauren B., can be carried in a decent or funky manner. Try to add a little fun to your dress code by using the simple nail art techniques to further draw attention to your lovely nails.

    Too much matching can seem moderately dull, and to be honest, it actually is a waste of time and money to use colors similar to every other clothes that you are wearing. The best way to apply nail color is to match it with your lipstick shade. The moment you begin preparing for your everyday outfit; you need to be aware of the color of nail polish that you want to apply; so that you don’t end up looking like a fashion disaster.
    Most women are known to spend a great deal of time while trying to decide which color they want to apply, this is the kind of dedication that the cosmetic brands look for. The dark or light shade of the nail color solely depends on your persona. There is no limitation of colors and chances, but just don’t mix up the colors that look extremely odd together. There is a fine line between trying to opt for a bold approach and ending up looking like a total waste.
    As an example, the shade Vanity Fair by Essie can be carried will definitely seem awkward with a bold makeup look; whereas, it will go great with subtle makeup and a light colored dress. On the other hand, nail colors like Wicked will look best with a gothic makeup or dressing style. But then again; it depends on your choice and persona; that is how you carry your makeup along with the nail color and the dress. The matchy-matchy color concept is now a thing of the past. Do not fall for the fancy boards that show you false images of looking fabulous with the same colors.

    A little effort goes long way when it comes to fashion; which means that you can go from being a professional, to a completely funky, or from a casual approach to an ultra-dramatic approach. Another thing to take into account is the type of dress that you are planning to wear; is it printed or plain? If you do a bit of nail art while wearing a printed outfit; it will definitely turn out to be odd. Colorful nail art is not less than a disaster in itself.  

    nail colors

    Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in any guest post featured on our site are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Beauty that walks as a whole.
    Author bioHellen Greek is the right person to go to if you want to get information about the famous makeup products in UAE. Hellen is known to provide authentic details of the best products for hair loss and skin care.

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    Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure

    The Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure is so easy to apply and it does not require drying time like salon nails. The Press-on manicure kit includes 24 nail covers of 12 different sizes.

    Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure

    Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure

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    Easy Nail Designs

    One can express their style, personality and creativity with easy nail designs. They can even think of a variety of ideas to polish their nails by just doing it themselves at home other than going to the salon to get their nails done. By using your creativity to design your own nails, it is a fun way to pep your style up and by using different styles of nail art. Simple tools and vibrant nail colors will get the job done, even if you wear acrylic nails or custom design nails.

    easy nail designs