How Does a Nail Color Make an Impact on Your Outfit

They say that women wear nail colors according to their mood and occasion. The real deal here the statement differs from female to female. It’s one of those ‘girl talks’ that remain within the knowledge and practice of women.

However, the trend of nail colors has long been introduced onto the face of the earth; mainly to add a texture of grace to their dress or just to add a decorative element to their getup. Achieving the perfect manicure and pedicure that goes well with the dress; is something that can be managed by a very few women.

Match Nail Colors to Dressing

Dressing is basically an art, and things like nail polishes and makeup adds on to the beauty of it. You have the benefit of wearing a subtle makeup look and it will turn out just fine if you apply a bold or bright Essie Bungle Jungle nail polish with it. Colors like Hollywood Blvd., Sunset Blvd., Paparazzi, by Lauren B., can be carried in a decent or funky manner. Try to add a little fun to your dress code by using the simple nail art techniques to further draw attention to your lovely nails.

Too much matching can seem moderately dull, and to be honest, it actually is a waste of time and money to use colors similar to every other clothes that you are wearing. The best way to apply nail color is to match it with your lipstick shade. The moment you begin preparing for your everyday outfit; you need to be aware of the color of nail polish that you want to apply; so that you don’t end up looking like a fashion disaster.

Most women are known to spend a great deal of time while trying to decide which color they want to apply, this is the kind of dedication that the cosmetic brands look for. The dark or light shade of the nail color solely depends on your persona. There is no limitation of colors and chances, but just don’t mix up the colors that look extremely odd together. There is a fine line between trying to opt for a bold approach and ending up looking like a total waste.

As an example, the shade Vanity Fair by Essie can be carried will definitely seem awkward with a bold makeup look; whereas, it will go great with subtle makeup and a light colored dress. On the other hand, nail colors like Wicked will look best with a gothic makeup or dressing style. But then again; it depends on your choice and persona; that is how you carry your makeup along with the nail color and the dress. The matchy-matchy color concept is now a thing of the past. Do not fall for the fancy boards that show you false images of looking fabulous with the same colors.

A little effort goes long way when it comes to fashion; which means that you can go from being a professional to a completely funky, or from a casual approach to an ultra-dramatic approach. Another thing to take into account is the type of dress that you are planning to wear; is it printed or plain? If you do a bit of nail art while wearing a printed outfit; it will definitely turn out to be odd. Colorful nail art is not less than a disaster in itself.

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