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    A Beauty Boost: Feeling Gorgeous On A Budget

    It’s no secret that the better you feel about yourself and your appearance, the more confident you feel on the inside, which can lead to a far happier you. However, it can be a challenge to keep up with the countless beauty gurus and celebrities in the media, which can lead to you feeling less attractive. Firstly, you’re already beautiful, so stop comparing yourself to those who have a glam squad following them around all day. Next; it’s time to work out the little ways that you can give yourself a beauty boost, and get that confidence back no matter what your budget or lifestyle may be. Therefore, you’ll need to get out your notebook and pen and start writing down some ideas for your next pamper session.

    beauty budget, beauty boost

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    Blogger’s Beauty Brawl: 10 Days of Summer – Ambrosia Cosmetics Eye Fx Eyeshadow Primer

    I am totally impressed with this product ‘Ambrosia Cosmetics Eye Fx Eyeshadow Primer.’ I love to see an eyeshadow that is popping with pigments whether bold or nude on any and every skin tone. This is what the Ambrosia Cosmetics Eye Fx Eyeshadow Primer does; it enhances the quality of the eyeshadow by providing a strong hold and colour vibrancy.

    Ambrosia Cosmetics Eye Fx Eyeshadow Primer

    Ambrosia Cosmetics Eye Fx Eyeshadow Primer

    The product is creamy and glides onto eyes smoothly by using the tip of a flat brush.
    With the Ambrosia Cosmetics Eye Fx Eyeshadow Primer I did not experience any product fall out, creasing or wrinkling in my eye area. The product does not tug while being applied as it goes on smoothly. Blending in eyeshadow is also easy with this product. 

    Ambrosia Cosmetics Eye Fx Eyeshadow Primer

    There were no signs of colour fading after wearing my eyeshadow for several hours. And as the rule says a little goes a long way; therefore excessive use of the product is not needed to get your eyeshadow to pop.


    The Ambrosia Cosmetics Eye Fx Eyeshadow Primer comes in a 10-gram container with material made from polyethylene and terephthalate. The product can be easily identified with the labeling on top cover.

    Where can it be purchased?

    Anyhow, the product is not 100% easy to come by as it is not widely available. It is made in Trinidad and sold for TT$12. 

    Also, check out this blogger reviews on her selection of products.
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    Blogger’s Beauty Brawl: 10 Days of Summer – Ambrosia Cosmetics Definition Brow Gel

    There I was scrolling through Facebook and I came across this flawless, amazingly defined eyebrows. I immediately had to inquire about the product that was used to get the eyebrows to perfection. After doing a thorough research on the brow gel I consider buying and trying the product. Only to find out that the product used is a brow gel that was made in Trinidad. It is cruelty-free. Anyhow, I still got a hold of the product and I must say it is one of the best brow gel product that I have ever used.

    I have used many other brow products from different brands such as MAC cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics, NYX cosmetics etc. but it’s my first time coming across a brow product that is so creamy and not drying. Read more

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    How To Add Pops Of Color Into Your Wardrobe

    When it comes to what’s in your wardrobe, a neutral, monochrome, and nude color palette is often an easy and versatile route to take. However, there’s no need to shy away from vibrant hues and pattern, in fact, a neutral palette provides the perfect backdrop for an array of color choices; you just have to know how to add a bright shade to your outfit.

    makeup wardrobe pops of color

    Photo credit: @NayTheMUA

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    How to Pick the Best Foundation for Your Skin Tone

    If you want an amazing looking skin, then you have to choose the right foundation. Period. Choosing the right foundation will complement the rest of your look and your natural skin tone, helping you to look your best.


    Here are some tips for finding the perfect foundation for your skin tone.

    Know Your Undertones

    Bob Scott is a celebrity makeup artist who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. He says that the best way to figure out your skin tone is to look at the veins on your wrist. If they’re green-yellow, then your skin has naturally warm tones. If they’re bluer, then your skin has naturally cool tones. Finally, if they’re a mixture of all those tones, then your skin is most likely neutral.

    If you’re still not sure what undertone you have, you can try something called the “white cream” test. This is where you grab a couple of items of white clothing while wearing no makeup and compare them to your skin. The idea is to choose two slightly different shades of white, one bright white and one off-white or cream.

    If the pure white goes best with your skin tone, then you probably have warm skin tones. If the cream works best against your skin, then you probably have cool skin tones.

    Choose a Foundation For Your Skin Type

    People of Colour

    Image credit: Art of Style Club

    Different types of skin produce different quantities of oil. According to Veer cosmetics reviews, foundations need to be light and thin for those with oily skin. If your skin is dry, then you might prefer a foundation which helps to keep the skin underneath supple.

    Grab a Foundation that Keeps on Working Once You’ve Taken It Off

    It’s all well and good wearing foundation during the day. But once it’s off at night, it’s not doing anything. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose a foundation that keeps on working, even when you go to sleep. Some foundations, for instance, contain firming mushroom extract and hyaluronic acid sphere. Both of these are designed to plump up the skin while the makeup is being worn, helping it look more radiant once the makeup is removed.
    Many other brands also include vitamin C which is designed to provoke the skin into producing more collagen. The more collagen production you have in your skin, the firmer it’ll appear.

    Make Sure That Your Foundation Doesn’t Cause Breakouts

    Some women are prone to breakouts, especially when wearing makeup all day long. As a result, some makeup manufacturers are now making what they’re calling non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic makeup, designed to prevent the formation of spots. This is particularly good if you’re under the age of 25 and still prone to regular breakouts.

    Avoid That “Caked” Look

    One of the problems with cheap makeup is the fact that it’s can sometimes look “caked” on. The good news is that there are many lighter foundations out there that prevent this from happening. Keep an eye out for a lightweight foundation that can conceal problem areas.

    Best Foundation Skin Tone
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    Ipsy Rant and Response

    Ipsy Rant (July Glam bag)

    Before I start my Ipsy rant and response let me tell you a little about Ipsy. Ipsy is a subscription bag that is curated by Michelle Phan. It cost only $10 monthly to purchase a glam bag. These glam bags are hand-picked and curated just for you based on a personalized questionnaire. It asks questions like what is your eye colour, hair colour and texture, brands that you would like to try, favorite Ipsy stylist and much more.

    I have changed the answer to my quiz several times but I still receive products that I have no use for. Even though you take the quiz the products that you received in your glam bag are a 50/50 chance of matching your personal preference. I love the idea of receiving a glam bag each month with makeup but if they can’t get it right then I might just cancel my subscription.

    If Ipsy has similar products but different brand why do they insist on giving you products from the same brand again? I received an eyeshadow from theBalm cosmetics even though the shades are different. I feel as if ipsy could have given me something else; like the TooFaced Primer that would even work well with the previous eyeshadow.

    Ipsy Customer Care Response

    I had message ipsy prior regarding this matter and I was given a long explanation. Please see below

    Ipsy Rant (July Glam bag)
    Message from Ipsy

    I had received some really great products from Ipsy that I could really use. I hate how Ipsy would get you all excited sharing sneak peeks day-after-day, then to unveil the glam room and it is not what you wanted or a close duplicate of the same brand that they already sent you. For July’s glam bag I have three products from brands that I had already reviewed and tested.

    Ipsy Rant (July Glam bag) Ipsy Customer Care
    My July Ipsy Glam Room

    Same brand, similar product

    Ipsy had other items of the same similarity that they could have included in my glam bag. For instance, they could have substituted the Luxie Brush for the brush from Revlon, Sedona Lace or Vasanti brush. Instead of another theBalm eyeshadow, it could have been substituted for the Too Faced primer, EM mascara, Benefit Ka-brow and also for Ofra Lip Liner the EM Lip balm, Glam Glow or anything else; seeing that I always receive stuff from those brands in previous glam bags. Ipsy repeating the same brand in glam bags over and over can become pretty boring. Even though the items that I received in a prior glam bag are of a different shade, style etc.

    Click to view other products that were included in July Glam Room

    Ipsy Rant (July Glam bag)
    These are products that I received in prior glam bags

    I swear I felt depressed after seeing my glam room, I was so hoping for something different. And I wouldn’t want to cancel since I get some stuff that I could really use and for the price; it is well worth it. Just hoping that Ipsy steps their game up anytime soon.

    If you share the same sentiments as myself feel free to leave a comment below.

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    Creams vs. Oils: How To Hydrate Your Skin

    Creams are a blend of oil and liquid which contains a higher percentage of oil. Creams are often thicker and soft like butter. They absorb way quicker than oils, but their moisturizing properties tend to last longer than lotions. On the other hand, some oils can be greasy and take a while to absorb into the skin while others can absorb in a matter of minutes without leaving a greasy feeling to the skin.

    creams Read more

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    MIX Masters

    Sometimes it’s difficult to find our foundation/powder shades or we just want to play around with makeup, so we turn to mixing different kinds of products together. Numerous beauty companies has catch the drift and are now coming up with mixers; products that you can combine to create something that you can use.
    If you are into mixing product then you could try these mix master ideas, so grab your Surface.Pro by Beauty Blender and start mixing.

    Get a Tan
    Add a few drops of Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster to any facial moisturizer for a subtle glow without changing your day-to-day skin routine.
    Adjust your base.
    Alter your foundation shade with Make Up Forever Chromatic Mix. Use a drop of white to brighten, brown to darken or yellow to correct redness.
    Brighten your hair color
    Swirl Eufora Beautifying Elixirs Color Revive into your conditioner to refresh dull blonde, brunette and red toned hair.
    Waterproof your Makeup
    Swipe Anastasia Beverly Hills Waterproofing Gel on bare eyelids; this will prevent shadow from moving or smearing for hours.

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    L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paint Review

    L.A Girl Glazed Lip Paint

    The L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paint gives an intensely pigmented appearance of a lipstick, with the ease and a
    glossy finish of a Lipgloss. The Glazed collection includes 18 trendsetting colors ranging from deep berries, bright to nudes. The Glazed Lip Paint provides a long-lasting, hyper gloss and ultra-rich color to lips.

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    NYX Butter Gloss Review and Swatches

    NYX Butter Gloss Swatch Review

    NYX Butter Gloss is a must have in your beauty collection. The Butter Gloss can be worn alone or over your favorite lipstick for a creamy sheer to medium coverage. The NYX Butter Gloss has a buttery, creamy texture with a moisturizing finish that’s sure to please even the driest lips.

    The butter gloss provides a medium to sheer coverage as it is highly pigmented depending on the shade. The Butter Gloss melts onto lips providing a gloss finish. It is lightweight, comfortable on lips, it is neither sticky nor does it dry out lips. It also has a sweet vanilla-like scent that you will love, it is divine and not overpowering at all. I hope to buy the entire Butter Gloss collection and that NYX will continue to add more shades. Read more

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    Too Faced Sugar Pop Limited Edition Palette Swatch and Review

    Too Faced Sugar Pop Limited Edition Palette
    The Too Faced Sugar Pop Eye shadow is neatly packaged in a metal tin case container that has macaroons imprinted all over it. The metallic tin case is very compact and cute. It comes along with a mirror and a look book. The How to Glamour Guide (look book) has 3 different eye shadow looks that you can create yourself using the Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette.
    This Too Faced Sugar Pop Limited Edition Palette consist of 9 eye shadow in three different categories and 3 of the larger shades are good for highlighting. The categories included in this palette going horizontally are Sweet and Spicy (top), Sugar Plums (middle) and Cotton Candy  (bottom).
    Too Faced Sugar Pop Eye shadow
    Even though it’s called Sugar Pop the eye shadow does not have a sweet sugary scent as the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette but the packaging and eye shadow surely does look good both on the outside and inside. One thing that I noticed when the lid is flipped it doesn’t stand in an upright position instead the lid flips over way too much unlike the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette that is in an upright position when you open the lid.
    Check the description of each shadow below and a guide on how to use each:
    Rock Candy is a very pale sparkly gold that can be used as a brow highlighter.
    Macaron is a light peachy coral with gold sparkles and a little bit of shimmer.

    Melted Milk Ball is a rich warm toned metallic brown with gold micro glitter. It has a nice texture and pigmentation. Perfect for a smokey eye look.

    For the Sweet and Spicy category listed above:

    1. Sweep Rock Candy from lashes to brow
    2. Blend Macaron onto lid
    3. Line upper lash line with Malted Milk Ball

    Follow these steps to achieve the Sweet and Spicy look.

    Sweet and Spicy

    Strawberry Ice is a pale pastel lavender with silver shimmer can also be described as a frosty pale pink. Great highlight for the tear duct.

    Sugared Violet is a deep metallic shimmery purple.
    BlackBerry is a matte plum shade. Can be used as a transitioning colour.
    For the Sugar Plums category listed above:
    1. Apply Strawberry Ice from lashes to brow.
         2. Press BlackBerry onto the lid.
         3. Line upper and lower lash line with Sugared Violet.
    Follow these steps to achieve the Sugar Plums look.
    Sugar Plums
    Peach Fuzz is a light peach yellow tone matte with gold micro glitter. It is a few shades darker than and warmer than Rock Candy.
    Bubble Gum is a vibrant metallic pink with a bit of pink shimmer.
    Blue Raspberry is a teal metallic blue with shimmer.

    For the Candy Coated category listed above:

    1. Press Peach Fuzz from lashes to brow
    2. Apply Blue Raspberry onto the lid
    3. Smoke Bubblegum into the crease

    Follow these steps to achieve the Candy Coated look.


    Candy Coated
    These are creamy matte, shimmer and glitter shadows in vanilla, chocolate and candy colored hues inspired by French macaroon. The colors are beautiful and I’m glad I got this palette. See swatches below.
    From L-R: Sweet and Spicy (Rock Candy, Macaroon, Malted Milk Ball), Sugar Plums (Strawberry Ice, Sugared Violet, Blackberry), and Candy Coated (Peach Fuzz, Bubblegum, Blue Raspberry) swatched with NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

    The colors are beautiful, very creamy and has a matte finish with a bit of shimmer. Best applied with a primer to get the full effect of this eyeshadow palette. It’s super pigmented.

    Get this palette before it’s gone. If you have gotten it already what do you think about it? Is it a hit or miss?