Easy Nail Designs

One can express their style, personality and creativity with easy nail designs. They can even think of a variety of ideas to polish their nails by just doing it themselves at home other than going to the salon to get their nails done. By using your creativity to design your own nails, it is a fun way to pep your style up and by using different styles of nail art. Simple tools and vibrant nail colors will get the job done, even if you wear acrylic nails or custom design nails.

easy nail designs

We often admire pretty nail art but are too scared to try it out our self, because we might think its a complex form of art. Creating nail art designs are simpler than we thought and it only takes practice. You can try these easy nail designs for beginners:

1. Alternate Colors on each nail

Polishing our nails alternatively on each finger or painting each nail with a different color.

2. Effect Polishes

These can be gained by using crackle effect nail polish, Croc effect nail polish, magnetic effect nail polish, color changing polishes and much more.

3. Water Decals, Nail stickers, or Nail wraps

These are ready to use nail art designs. Instructions on how to apply these are normally on the back of the packages.

4. Caviar Nail Art Design

All you need are beads and fast drying top coat polish.

5. Glitter gradient on tips

One can get this design by painting their nails black, then adding fuchsia glitter nail polish and using a sponge on the tips. Apply top coat when it is dry.

6. Feather Nail art

Apply the nail polish to your nail, place the feather on the nail while it is wet and wait for a few seconds for it to set. Then trim the feather to take the form of a nail and apply the top coat to your nails.


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