Oil Blotting Facial Sheets

Oil Blotting sheets were made specifically to remove the excess oil from your skin whether you are wearing makeup or not while keeping your skin matte and beautiful for hours. Oil blotting sheets are a must have in your beauty kit. They are easy to use any time of the day or night and it does not smudge your makeup. These thin, absorbent, pocket-size sheets discreetly remove surface oil from the skin.

Why you need facial oil absorbing sheets?

Oily facial skin is not attractive and it can cause consciousness and even low self-esteem. By using blotting sheets one can avoid going around with an oily face. Oil blotting sheets can quickly and effortlessly eliminate the oil from the face, especially the T-zone area.

Many women believe having a pack of tissue handy will do the trick, but not so. Using regular tissue never absorbs much oil and it only ruins one’s make-up while using blotting paper will not smudge one’s make-up. Using wet wipes is not a good option either cause this only removes the make-up and you will have to reapply it all over again. Many wipes are alcohol based, so it strips the skin and leaves it harsh.

How to Use Oil Blotting Sheets

Using facial oil blotting paper is easy because they are thin and almost like grease paper.
  • Take a sheet from the handy packaging of blot paper
  • Press the sheet firmly but gentle against the shiny areas of your face, starting with the T-zone (i.e. nose, chin and forehead). Allow the blotting paper to soak up excess oil by leaving it on your skin for a few seconds.
  • Use a new sheet on the other areas of your face
  • Dispose of used oil blotting sheets

The facial oil will be absorbed through the sheet held against the skin, it can be seen clearly that the oil from the face is soaked through the paper. The difference will be noticeable as you will be experiencing an instant look. As the shine disappears completely, leaving a matte finish and your make-up is still in place.

Types of Facial Oil Blotting Sheets

Facial blotting papers are available at local stores and they can be purchased online. Oil blotting paper comes with skin soothing components such as:

  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Natural powder
  • Salicylic Acid
  • Hemp
  • Plain and Powder Free
  • Tea Tree

I like to keep a pack of oil blotting sheets in my makeup bag so that I can pull it out for usage whenever I need.


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