Smashbox Primers

Finding the right primer is ideal, and all it takes is a dime size amount applied to cleansed moisturized skin, followed by foundation of your choice to get a long lasting coverage. Smashbox primers creates the perfect canvas to finish off your face for the day. This is Smashbox complete collection of primers for all skin types and needs.

Smashbox primers

Smashbox primers

There are 8 amazing Photo Finish Smashbox Primers to choose from.

Photo Finish More than Primer Blemish Control
If you have acne prone skin, this can help you get clearer skin over time with it secret ingredient of 2% salicylic acid, which helps and fights breakouts while hydrating skin.

Photo Finish More than Primer Dark Spot Correcting
This primer helps to fight dark spots and acne scars with the use of the primer. On top of the added radiance and brightening powers of a regular primer, this primer has proven that using it twice a day one can actually fade spots and scars within a month.

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Photo Finish – Hydrating
If you are having trouble with dry skin then this primer is made especially for you. Dry skin often quenches all the moisture but with the help of Hydraplex, an extract derived from desert plants, your skin will stay hydrated for hours and making it easier to seal in that coveted healthier dewy looking glow.

Photo Finish – SPF 20
This primer helps to protect your skin from aging and the harsh rays from the sun. It contains a broad spectrum SPF 20 against UVA/UVB rays and a Dermaxyl complex which helps to reduce fine lines, minimize pores and promote visibly soft skin.

Photo Finish – Light
Oily, acne prone or sensitive skin this light primer contains a revolutionary oil-absorbing formula that provides a smooth matte finish all day. it also helps to minimize the appearance of imperfections while evening out the skin tone and promoting collagen production for even more perfect skin in the future.

Photo Finish – Luminizing
This illuminating primer fights the dullness of your skin, it consists of a light diffuser that gives the skin a red carpet ready glow.

Photo Finish – Color Correcting Adjust
With this complexion adjusting formula that is specifically created to correct the color of skin with its silky blend of antioxidants with Vitamin A and E, Rosacea and redness do not stand a chance.

Photo Finish – Color Correcting Blend
This miracle product combines the ability to defy aging, color correct and reduce wrinkles. With an apricot-toned blend to help even-out skin and counteract any discoloration and dark spots.

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