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How Your Clothes Could Be Hurting Your Health

Everyone has days when they can’t stop fiddling with their clothes. A label on your t-shirt is rubbing you, your bra strap is digging into your shoulder, or your shoes are pinching your toes. A lot of the time, these are just small inconveniences that you can eventually ignore. You might just be having a bad day, so you notice small things that you normally wouldn’t. But there are other occasions when your clothes could be hurting you more seriously, and perhaps even causing long-term damage. You need to be careful about some things if you don’t want your clothes to hurt you.

clothes could be hurting

Badly Fitting Underwear

We’ve all had underwear that doesn’t fit too well. Bras are often the main culprit for women, and you might have heard that most women actually wear the wrong bra size. Having proper support is important, so getting yourself measured is a good idea. However, since bra sizes and fits vary by brand, it’s also essential to try items on. Solve the problem of badly-fitting underwear by investing in quality sets. Have a look at lingerie by Knicker Locker for matching sets in comfortable styles. You can look great and feel comfy with the right underwear. Another thing to watch out for is undergarments like thongs, which can lead to UTIs if you wear them too often. Try to go for full briefs on occasion, especially in bed.

Uncomfortable Shoes

Getting a pair of shoes that feel comfortable can be harder than you might think. One particular danger to watch out for is heels that could damage your feet, legs, and even back. Women wear heels a lot and sometimes are even expected to wear them. But wearing them too often, especially when they’re very tall or have pointy toes, could be a mistake. Try to alternate them with flats when you can. You can get plenty of smart flats to wear to work. Even when not in heels, be careful of shoes that run your heel or pinch your toes.


Too Tight

Clothes┬áthat are too constricting could do more than just prevent you from bending down. Skinny jeans might still be popular, but if they’re too tight, they could cause numbness and pain. Choosing a pair with a little bit of stretch will help you prevent this. Tight belts can also lead to pain and tingling, so if you have to do one up super tight to make your pants fit, it might be better to just get new pants.

Rubbing in the Wrong Places

It might be a minor annoyance, but if your clothes rub you anywhere, it’s not great for your skin. You can end up with a rash or a little bit of eczema where your clothes have been rubbing you. Sometimes, this is easy to solve by cutting off a label or wearing an extra layer under your clothing. But it can be an indication that you need a better fit, or you can try using vaseline or something similar to prevent chafing.

Your clothes are sometimes out to hurt you, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The right fit will make sure they always feel great.

How Your Clothes Could Be Hurting Your Health


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  • Heather Johnson

    I am breastfeeding and get clogged ducts when I wear a bra. So I don’t wear one. Problem solved lol!

    March 2, 2018 at 12:00 am Reply
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