Natural Hair Feature: Bianta

Tell me about you, a short bio

About myself? Well, I go by the name of Bianta. I am a young St. Maartener born and raised. I have an interest for trying out new things.
How long have you been natural?
I have currently returned to the natural lifestyle late November 2016.
Have you ever had a relaxer? Why did you decide to go back natural?
I have been relaxed twice. When I entered high school and for the next time in September 2015. I never really decided the first time I went natural in 2013. I just had a two-sided Mohawk totally undecided and I did not add in any cream until mid to late 2015. I found the natural hair way too coarse to handle so I texturized it (biggest regret ever). My hair started breaking and my ends became damaged, so my hairstylist Ms. Rachelle of Addicted Hair Lounge did a great job chopping it all off and giving me a permed pixie cut which I loved. I went back to the creamy crack one time after and had not returned since. My hair was getting back all natural during the course of 2016 and right before my birthday in late November of 2016 I was surprised by my boss and two office colleagues and dropped off at the Addicted Hair Lounge for a natural big chop by Ms. Rachelle again. This decision was planned in advance but not decided for the given moment it happened up until it was time to really make a decision on the salon chair and I just went for it.
Natural Hair Feature Bianta

Did you go through the transitioning process or big chop?
In 2013, I went through the transitioning process with the middle piece of my hair that was not shaved. And up till now, I am still dealing with the big chop from late 2016.
What is your hair regimen like? How often do you wash your hair?
I co-wash my hair once a week, sometimes twice with just Head and Shoulder or Garnier Fructis conditioner. I use Dady gel and Raw Castor Oil as a leave-in conditioner for nice shine and hair strength provider.
What are some of your staple product? Which brand (Cantu, Shea Moisture, AS I AM etc.) is your fave?
I’ve used Cantu, Shea Moisture of the Peach Colored Bottles, Olive Oil, Care Free Curl and One Bottle 6 n 1. They all work magically in their own way when needed.
Do you use heat on your hair?
Currently, I do not use any form of heat on my hair but I have used it before in the past and it caused my natural hair to be damaged.
How do you feel about dying your natural hair?
I feel no way about hair dying. I currently have a dye in my hair that is quite washed out but has done no damage to my hair, so far.
Have you ever considered going back to the creamy crack?
For right now, no I have not been thinking about it.
Do you think that your natural hair gives you an extra flair?
My natural hair is currently short and it is just short to me with no extra flair. I just find it easier to deal with while at this current length.
Does it add to your personal style?
No, it does not add to my personal style. I find it hard work around.
What are some of your go-to styles?
My go-to style is wash and go.
Do you have a length goal?
I do have a hair length goal. I would like my hair to grow up until my shoulders or so about 12-16 inches within due time not necessarily right away.
Anything else you would like to share with us.

Natural is for anyone that’s willing to maintain their hair either by themselves or with the help of another. Natural hair does not prevent you from doing protective hairstyles.

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