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    Hair Styling Tips for Long Hair

    long hair, hair styles, hair styling tips

    Who doesn’t want to have healthy, luxurious, long hair? Every man and woman would unanimously agree that their hair is an important part of their body and also crucial to your confidence. While we would all like to have those beautiful tresses we see on TV, what we do end up with eventually is a mop of dull hair. With our hectic lifestyles and poor eating habits, our hair takes a beating that we don’t even notice until we start losing them to hair fall.

    If you want to maintain and style long hair, it cannot be achieved overnight. You need to follow a rigorous routine with absolute discipline. There are many people who resort to hair growth treatments and clinical rejuvenation to get rid of premature balding and thinning problems. Even though this is definitely a way forward for someone who wants luscious and long hair quickly, prevention will always remain better than the cure. Read more

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    Luma Hair Brush Ceramic Straightening Review

    Luma Hair Brush

    Luma Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

    The Luma Hair Straightening Brush is a fast and easy tool that can be used to brush and straighten the hair. It has protective bristles that will prevent your scalp from being burnt by heat. The Straightening Brush should only be used on dry brushed hair to prevent tangling. For best result part hair in small sections and work the brush through.
    The Luma Hair Brush has a Unique 3D Ceramic Surface that allows the bristles to heat up to 185c/ 365 f. It stays at a constant heat for the duration of use. When using the straightening hair brush you do not have to worry that the brush might get cold or too hot during use as the heat stays constant. The brush retails for $59.
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    Tips on How to Achieve Chic, Sleek and Easy Looks for the Everyday Gal

    Braids, ponytails and down the middle (center) parts is what 2017/2018 is rocking in the hair department. There are variations of each style that are perfect for daytime and weekend appearances. Whether you have naturally straight, curly or wavy hair, these styles are sure to complete any look.

    Begin your day with moisturizing your entire body. Our skin is the largest organ humans have. It is the body’s first line of defense. Part of your daily routine should always be to moisturize your skin.

    You should do this every night before bed and every morning when you wake up. There are all types of creams and lotions out there. Just make sure to go with hypoallergenic products. No one wants to sport a rash and all its symptoms.
    Coconut oil is a great alternative to nourish the body. It’s cheap, natural and will give your skin all the nutrients it needs. A little goes a long way. Start by taking about a teaspoon of the oil. The oil is solid, looks like wax. Melt the oil in the palms of your hands by rubbing your hands together.
    There should be enough for you to apply to your body and face that won’t leave an “oily” residue. When you add lotions, creams, or oils to your skin, it acts as another layer that protects it. The more hydrated your skin is, the healthier it is for you and your body. Best to take care of it daily.

    Once you have moisturized it is time to get ready for the day. If you woke up a little late and don’t have enough time to do your hair but it needs to be done, have no fear. There are simple styles that you can do on the go.


    A ponytail is always a go to. Spice it up by taking a strand from under the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie. Take a pin and secure the end.

    If you have a ribbon, instead of using your own hair, wrap the ribbon around the hair tie. Start with the middle of the ribbon. Make sure that both ends of the ribbon are behind the ponytail and make a knot.

    If you don’t have a bobby pin on hand. Put your hair into a high ponytail. This look is great if you wake up late but still want to look chic. You could just leave it like that. But if you have thick hair, I recommend that you take the ponytail and loosely braid it to the ends. Gently pull on each strand to attain more volume.


    Image credit: @tiphaniemakeup

    Braids are great for the girl on the go. The traditional three-strand braid can save you a good ten minutes if you are running late. To accomplish the look, separate your hair into three strands.
    Take the strands and interweave them. Continue with the technique till you reach the end. Tie with a thin elastic band and out the door, you go.
    A popular trend seems to be the side braid. You would start at either the right or left side of your head and continue till you reach the desired length. If you braid on both ends you can meet the two braids at the center integrating them and continue down.

    Another variation of this look is to tie the combined braid at the base of the neck. This hairdo is great for the office or Sunday brunch.

    For the ladies who have more times on their hands. The fishtail is another great braid you can do. You begin with two strands that cross over one another. It should start out looking like a downward V.

    As you continue, take smaller strands from each side and incorporate it to the original strands and repeat the process. For a more relaxed look. Start the braid from the side, going around the base of the head, and let it rest on the opposite shoulder.

    Sleek look

    A sleek look that you can rock, is parting your hair down the middle and straighten it. So unassuming and lustrous. If you have naturally wavy hair you could forgo the straightener and touch up some loose ends with a curling iron. This look transitions beautifully from day to night. 

    The messy bun
    For ladies with thinner hair, it can be difficult to get the look. Start off by putting your hair in a high ponytail. Start teasing your hair till you get the volume you want.

    Then loosely wrap the ponytail around the hair tie, take the end and tuck it under the bun you created and pin it. Use hairspray to complete the look.

    The chignon is a classic look that can be done in seconds. Take your hair and make it into a knot at the nape. Secure the bun with bobby pins. Use hairspray to keep any flyaway hair in place.

    Putting half of your hair up is another common look that does not take up time. To make it more elaborate, try taking a large strand in the middle and teasing it. Use hairspray to hold. Twist a large section of hair from both sides to meet in the middle. Pin all together and smooth out any frizzies.

    Parting your hair
    If you don’t have the time or the patience for hair ties and bobby pins, play with what you got. Simply parting your hair down the middle and adding a little product will go well in today’s bohemian culture.
    Try parting your hair on different sides. For a little more texture without any heat. Add some mouse to your hair and crunch. Let air dry.

    For beach waves, put your hair into a loose bun after the shower. Leave it in for half an hour or at least until it dries. Let down hair and boom. Effortless waves.

    With all these different styles, you can add accessories to kick it up a notch. Flowers, ribbons, and even costume jewelry can turn any dull do into a must do.

    Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in any guest post featured on our site are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Beauty that walks as a whole.

    Author Bio: Sally Mitchell began her career as a makeup artist, and after receiving a diploma in Clinical Dermatology decided to combine her passions for makeup artistry and skincare becoming a licensed beauty professional. Now she shares useful skin care and beauty tips with readers of the blog.
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    Wigs Make Hair Styling Much Easier

    I love admiring the different styles, quick and easy application of wearing a wig. There is not much to do than pin the wig to the hair and your day is off to a good start. Wigs are versatile; it allows you to change your hairstyle in a matter of minutes and it comes in handy on any and every given occasion. I love dressing up and this includes putting on my makeup, finding something to wear and having a hairstyle that I am most comfortable with and all of this takes time but wearing a wig makes it much easier as the application is simple. As a naturalista, it can be tiring and difficult to be styling my natural hair on a daily basis. With this said I would more likely to wear a wig on these days.

    Styling of Wigs

    These human lace fronts wigs look natural and do not shout fake hair. It can be straightened and/or curled with the use of heat or flexible rollers. I love wearing straight hair as I can style it in my desired hairstyle and receive amazing results. 

    Wigs Human Lace Front Wigs
    Image Source: Black Hair Spray
    I recently came across Black Hair Spray and I am amazed by the types of wigs that they have available for sale and the low, low prices. I guess I will be shopping for wigs soon. 

    How do you like to wear your wigs? Long, straight, curly.

    Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are of the author.
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    Simplicity Equals Length Retention and Hair Health

    retain hair length

    Image credit: igbocurls

    Natural hair care is something that is very complex, especially for someone just beginning their natural hair journey. When I first became natural two years ago, I was overly excited about trying different products. I grabbed as many moisturizers, shampoos, and gels I could buy! I know that we all get very excited about our journey and want to see exactly which products work best for us. Unfortunately, the many products that we use over time can potentially stunt hair growth. I’ve learned that simplicity works wonders for your hair. After one year, of course, I had hair growth despite me using tons of products. Although my hair grew, I knew that there could have been better growth overall. So I decided to change my hair care routine to a more minimalist one. I used one conditioner, one oil, and one shampoo. Knowing my staple products I always used and stuck to them. The same three products for the next year of my journey. The results were amazing! I was able to retain much more length than before. I am going to give you my tips on how I retain length and keep healthy hair, simply. Read more

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    Do You Take Enough Risks with Your Style?

    Taking risks with your style and the way you present yourself is not easy. But can you really afford not to take more risks? That’s the question you should be asking yourself. Not taking enough risks can be as damaging to your style as taking too many.

    Persuading yourself to take more risks is not simple, however. Everyone is scared of making a big mistake and looking stupid in front of the people they know. That fear shouldn’t be allowed to hold you back, though. Read on to find out more information about taking more risks and why it can only be a good thing for you and your overall approach to style and fashion.

    Girl Fashion Style Natural Beauty Female Model

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    Beautiful Prom Hairstyles For Your Hair Length

    prom hairstyles

    Image source: Instagram

    Prom night is one of the most long-awaited and memorable events in a high school girl`s life. Every girl wants to look perfect this night. Everything has to be right: dress, shoes, manicure, makeup and of course, hair. To choose the suitable hairstyle for the prom isn’t so easy task. Here in this article, the best prom hairstyles are collected for short and long hair. So you certainly can find the most beautiful hairstyle for your prom night.
    short prom hairstyles

    Image source: Instagram

    Hottest Prom Hairstyles for Short Hair

    It`s so handy to have short hair in everyday life, but at prom night every girl wants to be the queen and to have a luxurious look. How to get such brilliant result if you have short hair? Oh, it`s so easy! There is a rich choice of short hairstyles for prom. The main thing here is to pay attention to the shape and precious of short hairdo.  Look at the best short hairstyles which necessarily inspire you.

    Pixie, bubble ponytails, braids and of course, bob hairstyles are the main trends for prom night in 2017.  Adding different accessories to your cut will seem trendy.
    color prom hairstyles

    Image source: Instagram

    It looks very effective to make bubble ponytails on short hair. Such style will single you out the crowd and make your image bright and unforgettable at prom. It looks amazingly pretty as well on the rainbow hair as on natural one.


    Small and loose braids make the hairdo elegant and chic. It`s important to choose the right color or colors for your cool hair image.



    Bob hairstyle often combines well with updo, braids or bubble ponytails as you can see above and it.



    Delightful Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair


    The key trend of 2017 is the natural look in everything including the hairstyle. The most fashionable long hairstyles are loose updos and little messy updos. Of course, any braiding remains actual this year, too.



    For more chic look you can add some accessories to your hair.


    But remember the main rule for your prom – choose such hairstyle which not to make you look too adult!
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    Are You Losing It? Ways To Keep Your Hair Strong

    For women, and men, hair loss is something very hard to deal with. As we grow older, we notice that our hair is thinner where we want it to be thick, and thicker where we want it to vanish! You may have noticed your eyebrows have started to thin too.  Before you panic, there are some great natural ways along with PRP for hair loss that you can keep your hair youthful for longer, and even encourage regrowth if you have started to lose your hair. Read more

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    Embrace the Natural Hair

    Embracing the natural hair has become much easier for naturals especially the kinky, curly, coily, coarse textured hair. In this era, there are hair products that are geared towards people of colour. While I was growing up we only had pink lotion, hair relaxer, black gel and hair oil (Blue Magic was the thing). Now we have a wide range of styling tools, products and brands to choose from.

    Read more

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