Hair Styling Tips for Long Hair

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Who doesn’t want to have healthy, luxurious, long hair? Every man and woman would unanimously agree that their hair is an important part of their body and also crucial to your confidence. While we would all like to have those beautiful tresses we see on TV, what we do end up with eventually is a mop of dull hair. With our hectic lifestyles and poor eating habits, our hair takes a beating that we don’t even notice until we start losing them to hair fall.

If you want to maintain and style long hair, it cannot be achieved overnight. You need to follow a rigorous routine with absolute discipline. There are many people who resort to hair growth treatments and clinical rejuvenation to get rid of premature balding and thinning problems. Even though this is definitely a way forward for someone who wants luscious and long hair quickly, prevention will always remain better than the cure.

There are so many things you can do with long hair. You can style them in multiple ways, leave them untied, make it into a bun etc. Long hairs are fun and playful. There is never a dull fashionable moment for someone who has long and healthy tresses. That being said, this article will share some hair improvement and styling tips revealed by experts of hair rejuvenation from SeroVitale.

Know Your Hair Cycle

To know how to style and care for your hair, you need to know your hair type. Did you know that hair thinning happens at the root level? At times, some external factors can affect the integrity of hair strands in their growth phase, also known as telogen. As a result, you lose them in their infancy. This is the most common cause of hair thinning that leads to hair loss problem. Thin hairs are hard to style and also vulnerable to more damage.

Get to the Root of the Problem

Hair thinning is the enemy of long hair. How can you style your tresses if it lacks the volume? If you have a problem of hair thinning or premature balding on your hands, then you must consult a specialist immediately. Sometimes this problem may also be corrected by using hair rejuvenation treatments. Professionals can make your hair lengthy and voluminous, allowing you to style it in whichever way you want.

Use Natural Oils Instead of Hair Spray

Hairsprays are laden with chemicals that damage your hair. Instead of using hair sprays for styling your tresses, switch to organic oils. It not only sets your hair the way you want but also provides deep nourishment. The nutrients present in the oil can work wonders in making your hair long and strong, all this while keeping your hairstyle in place. It can also breathe life into your dreadlocks that look lifeless and dull. Hot oil treatment on a regular basis is the best thing you can do for your hair. Once you are done massaging the oil, wrap a hot towel around your head for about 10 minutes as it helps in better oil absorption by the scalp. Use the oils fortified with herbs that stimulate blood circulation and make your hair smell fresh!

Avoid Using Heat to Dry Your Hair

Love your long hair and want to keep it that way? Avoid using hair dryers for drying out your hair. Experts also advise against the rough use of a towel to dry your hair. It causes breakage and also makes hair rough. Instead, use a soft t-shirt to soak all excess water and let it air-dry naturally. This will maintain your hair’s texture and also keep it long and strong.

Don’t Brush Wet Hair

As long hair can get tousled after washing, we often make the mistake of brushing our wet hair. However, wet locks are more prone to breakage. Hair experts recommend that instead of using a comb or a brush, use your fingers to untangle your hair and gently work your way through it.

Use Quality Hair Products

This one goes without saying! Only use quality products with chemical-free composition. Make sure that all the products you use are formulated exclusively for the purpose of styling. Using the same product that suits your hair type actually works in favor and not against your hair. In fact, over a period of time, you will notice that your tresses are stronger and healthier. There are many products out there that can add volume without damaging its natural texture. While you can pick these styling products off-the-shelf, you can also make some homemade products that work wonders in adding volume to your hair.

Find the Right Stylist

Sometimes a certain type of haircut or highlighting can make your hair look longer and more voluminous. Finding the right stylist can achieve much more than expensive products ever can! Take your time in finding the right professional and only work with the ones who use genuine hair care products.

Only Use Wide-Toothed Combs or Brush

Only use a wide-toothed comb to get rid of all the knots before you style your hair. Wait till your hair is dry then start combing from the bottom. Gradually work your way up and remove all the twists gently.  Once all the knots are out, you can use other combs to begin the styling process. By following this simple step, you can avoid hair breakage and also improve the quality of your hair. Combing is a necessary step in your hair care routine because it helps in even distribution of natural oils through the strands and also stimulates blood circulation that promotes hair growth.

The principle of styling long hair is linked to its proper care and ensuring that its natural texture is never compromised. Using these simple tips will not only help you make your tresses stylish but also maintain its length and gloss. Hairstyling is not just about applying various styles to your tresses. In fact, a lot of these hairstyles are geared towards adding volume and shine that you can have naturally if you follow these easy steps.


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