The Top Ten Hookup Sites

Long gone are the days where you had actually to go up to someone and ask them out. Hey, we aren’t knocking the lost nor ridiculing what has been gained.

It can be an emotionally damaging experience to be rejected over and over and over. Some people cannot deal with rejection. Even more, thanks to social media having such a significant influence in our lives it is just more convenient to be all to find a date online versus actually going out there and looking for a date.

dating hookup sites

The internet has made it exceptionally easy for us to do almost anything and to get almost anything and to get it almost immediately.

So if you have been wanting to hook up with someone for the weekend or maybe even find love (okay perhaps not love) the here in this article, we have compiled a list of the top ten hookup sites.

Never has got a date been easier.

Here are the top ten hookup sites. Here’s to finding romance or just a good night. Hey, we aren’t judging.

The Top Ten Hookup Sites


XMATCH.COM is easily one of the most legit hookup websites on the web. It takes around 20 minutes to set up an account and profile. Once you have signed up, you will be able to search for immediate matches.

You will be able to test the user’s desires and passion on a scale and see whom mist matches with you. Results can be shared publicly, or they can remain private, and for only those, you want to connect with.

There is a membership fee where you must pay $29.95 a month. However, with the huge member base, the ability to match instantly with people, who have similar traits and qualities as you.

The only issue with this particular site is that there may be some profiles that are duplicates or are fake, but this may come to know real shock for many. Just be careful.

2. IHookup

IHookup only takes a few minutes to sign up and create a profile. The process is very short, and you get immediate access to their profiles and local groups of people who are interested in a quick hookup.

Now the questioning process is a bit more in-depth, meaning they ask a more personal question so that you have a better chance of ing that person you would like to see the night with.

This site is very much like “Tinder” but makes a significant change in the realm of not being accessible on mobile phones. This website is only accessible a desktop. The reason behind this is to offer a more immersive experience.

They have something on their site called The Passion Report which is a great tool to help people get a better understanding of the person they have interest in.

They offer a two-day trial at a price of $7.98. And then after that, they offer a month’s plan at $29.99.


Easily one of the fastest hookup sites to get started with. The website only takes around one minute to sign up and BAM you will be able to find people immediately.

This website caters to singles, couples and even groups of people, who are looking for a more in person connection.

Their layout system is relatively easy to navigate through, and they eve have a Q&A section where you will be able to learn new sexual performances.

They offer a membership plan at $29.95 and reduce the amount of you purchase a three-month plan or a year plan.

Perhaps one of the most appealing things about this site comes down to the idea of how visually appealing the website looks.

4. Adult Friend Finder

This site offers a 5 step natural sign-up process. Once you have chosen you the sexual identity, you will be quickly matched with people. This site is more for casual dating and sexual encounters.

A major perk of this website is that it grants you instant access to potential dates. One of the significant flaws and what some people don’t seem to like is the lack of questioning in regards to what a person likes. They tend to match you with anyone they want with little regards to trying to create a more cooperative experience.

This is easily one of the most affordable websites on this list with a monthly plan costing only $19.95; ten dollars cheaper than most sites.

5. Get it on

With this website, it will only take you roughly around three minutes of answering eleven questions to set up an account. After asking you several personal questions, your profile will match you with people who have a lot in common with you in chatter and sexual desires.

The website “Get It On” takes its name from Marvin Gaye. This website priority is the person, who is sexually compatible. They offer surveys which make signing up all worth it. And like many hookup websites, it cost a fee to start.

The price that you will pay for a monthly subscription is $18.95 a month. Not too bad especially with what you will be getting.

6. Ashley Madison

Perhaps easily one of the most recognizable hookup sites. This website has been associated with extramarital affairs and infidelity. However, there are a surprising amount of singles on this site.

They offer one of the best services along with some of the best visual and user-friendly landing pages for beginners and for those who are new to the online hookup world.

Ashley Madison is one of the more expensive hookup sites on this list with a starting membership fee of $49.00 per month. However, the site does offer some discount for different services along with packages.

7.  Friend Finder

The site is for the who are looking for “Friends With Benefits.” This is the sight for those who want a more intimate relationship and not just sex but not looking for a long and committed relationship.

Friend Finder is one of the most prominent personal based websites and offers a plethora of tips and blog-like articles on dating. They also give advice on how to improve your game and how to land more dates.

You can expect to pay $24.95 a month for their silver package. Alternatively, you can expect to pay $30.95 a month for their gold package.

8. FriendFinder-X

The site is easily one of the most visited hookup websites to come across. They pride themselves on being “the world’s largest causal personal site online.” Members of this site can vote profiles, participate in live forums and view adult content.

This site is not for casual dating but is more for those who are looking for a more kinkier, and to be honest a more joyous sexual experience.

The downside to the website is that one can get out in the overwhelming amount of content that can be found on their website.

You can expect to pay around $29.95 per month.

9. Plenty of Fish [POF]

Reading the name it may be very obvious that this site is primarily for guys. With that said it does offer a wide array of service which is not restricted solely to hookups but also to dating.

This is the ideal site for this has who want to dip their toes in the online hookup and dating world.

You can expect to pay around $18.59 per month to become a member.

10. Match

Match is one of the lengthiest of the hookup websites to get your profile started and ready. Looking anywhere in between of 20 to 40 minutes.

However, with the very stringent questioning and in-depth analysis of a person traits and characters, you won’t regret it later on.

This website is well rounded in the sense that it proposes much more than just sex but the possibility to go out there and find someone.

Will you find romance? Maybe.

However, this is precisely why this is one for most visited and out popular websites to come across.

They charge $35.99 a month to be a member, but if you stay for six months, you will only have to pay $16.99 a month.

So the longer you stay, the more beneficial it will be on your end.

Streamline Your Dates All in The Palm Of Your Hand

Dating no longer requires that you go out there and actively seek a persons attention. Thanks to the internet it is more than possible to get plenty of dates and even find tao special someone with these websites.

Furthermore, many of these websites make it incredibly easy for you to break the ice and that person you will be comfortable and compatible with.

With a price tag ranging from $19 to $50, you won’t be breaking the bank, and you most definitely won’t have to worry about betaking your heart.

Stop going out there and looking for love then you can have love come and find you effortlessly with many of these websites.

Rejection hurts – so why not have a system set for you where you can find that person effortlessly.

Give some of these websites a try because you may very well and that prince charming or the girl of your dreams here.


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