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    Dating Without Apps In 2019


    The world of dating has flipped on its head in recent times. When the internet was still a new thing, and people were trying online dating for the first time, we all used to lie about where we met our partners. For some reason we all thought it was nerdy to say that we met on a dating website, so we’d make up some elaborate story about a mutual friend, or a chance meeting in a bar.

    Fast forward to 2019, and dating has done a complete 180. From speaking to couples, it can feel like nobody meets their love match by chance anymore; we’ve become entirely accustomed to using websites or apps to do the job for us. There are babies in the world who’ve been born because their parents met through Facebook. once got so confident about its’ matchmaking abilities that it offered money back if it couldn’t find you a date. As of April 2017, 19% of all US internet users were using dating websites or apps regularly. That isn’t 19% of single people, that’s 19% of all people who use the internet in the whole USA, including all the people who are married or in relationships. Take them out of the equation, because we hope they’re not looking online for fresh dates, and you’re looking at a massive number of people. Read more

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    Much Ado About Nothing, Or Is It?

    Life isn’t always easy, is it? Sometimes we have periods of our lives where we can start feeling a little worried or anxious about where it is going. There is no hiding that we can’t always have it easy in life and that we never really know what is around the corner. So if you find yourself worried about certain things in life, is it really worth the stress and anxiety? I wanted to explore some of the common worries we can all have at times, and perhaps make you see that it might not be all it’s cracked up to be when it comes to the stress you feel. Is it all much ado about nothing? You decide.

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    The Top Ten Hookup Sites

    Long gone are the days where you had actually to go up to someone and ask them out. Hey, we aren’t knocking the lost nor ridiculing what has been gained.

    It can be an emotionally damaging experience to be rejected over and over and over. Some people cannot deal with rejection. Even more, thanks to social media having such a significant influence in our lives it is just more convenient to be all to find a date online versus actually going out there and looking for a date.

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    Girls Just Want To Have Fun, But How Can They Find The Time?

    We all know socialization is essential to our happiness. But, you might not realize that it also impacts our health. In fact, lack of socialization is considered more harmful than diabetes and hypertension. Not making time for friends also increases your risk of inflammation as much as a lack of physical exercise. So, you could say your life depends upon seeing your friends often enough.

    girls, fun

    Yet, while more of us are turning to exercise, we’re going the opposite way with friendships. We’re busy creatures, and making time for the relationships in our lives isn’t easy.

    What’s more, social media has made it possible to keep up without taking time out. But, while you do still get the mental benefits of connection here, removing the face-to-face nature of interactions leaves your health at risk. Read more

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    Tips on How to Maintain Happy and Healthy Relationships

    Figuring out the right balance in relationships is a seemingly daunting task. In fact, fear of not finding that balance is a big reason that people are afraid of taking the leap. There is no foolproof “trick” to striking the right balance to a happy and healthy relationship, but there are steps you can take to set you on the right path to a happy life together.

    • Open communication
    • Establish boundaries
    • Accept each other
    • Respect privacy
    • Support each other
    • Remember to compromise

    These are just some of the factors of relationships, but keeping these in mind will be invaluable to establishing and securing a strong, healthy relationship with your significant other, as well as with your friends and loved ones. 

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