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    Charcoal For Your Face?

    Well, if you’re like me, then the thought of charcoal reminds you of those hot summer days of sizzling burgers, super smoked sausages and well, BBQ’s in general really. It’s those dark dirty clumps of soot that retain heat for perfect outdoor cooking, whilst also making a whole lot of mess, yeah you know what I mean. Charcoal isn’t the kind of soothing ingredient you’d imagine putting on your pretty little face from day to day, but should it be?


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    5 Reasons Why Removing Makeup Before Bed is Incredibly Important

    removing makeup before bed

    You come home from a long day at work, or night on the town feeling exhausted the last thing you feel like doing is taking your makeup off! It’s so much easier to just fall into dreamland, and after all, you can always wash your pillowcase tomorrow, right?

    “Forgetting” to remove your makeup every now and then isn’t such a big deal, but it gets to be a problem if you’re making it a habit. In a shocking 30 day experiment conducted by The Daily Mail, one woman actually aged her skin 10 years by not removing her makeup! Don’t want that to happen to you? In this article, we are going to share five reasons why removing your makeup before bed is incredibly important. Read more

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    Achieving Youthful Without The Frozen Look

    We all care about aging and how it impacts the way we look, our confidence, and the health of our skin. Premature aging is a real issue and one that deserves to be tackled. But we’ve all seen those who have gone a little too far in their pursuit of younger, healthier looking skin. Here, we’re going to look at how to make sure you take care of your skin without going over that edge.

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    Don’t Let A Skin Condition Stand In The Way Of Your Makeup Masterpiece

    Any girl has a headache with her beauty routine. Finding makeup which works is stressful, and no routine is static. As our skin changes, so too do our makeup needs. As such, the beauty routine is one of the most fluid aspects of appearance.

    But, if things are difficult for most women, they’re even harder for those with skin conditions. From eczema to psoriasis; makeup goes from an inconvenience to a nightmare. Whether you’ve been struggling all your life, or are coming to terms with a new diagnosis, the chances are that you’re desperate to make makeup work. There’s no denying that the process will be tough, but that’s not to say makeup is out of your reach. All you need to do is follow these pointers to achieve a beauty routine to rival any other.

    Develop a smooth base

    face skin condition

    Image source: Pixabay

    The base is the key ingredient to any makeup routine. If you don’t have a smooth base, no amount of makeup will help. It’s the reason many of us turn to primers before applying foundation. Sadly, in the case of a skin condition, it’s harder to develop a smooth surface. As such, makeup often peels with bad skin. It’s hardly the flattering look you’re after. To get around the issue, do everything possible to get your condition under control. You may have some knowledge already, but you can always learn more about eczema skincare online. This will arm you with the right knowledge to overcome the worst breakouts. It’s also worth visiting a doctor to help lessen flare-ups with creams and so on.

    Know your products

    makeup products

    Image source: Maxpixel

    We should all take notice of the ingredients in our makeup, but it’s more important for you than most. The wrong components could lead to pain and even worse issues for your skin. Often, opting for products designed for dry skin will serve well, as hydration works wonders for most issues. It’s also worth staying away from strong chemicals and scents. These can irritate and will worsen the appearance of your skin condition. Make sure to always opt for the most natural products you can find.

    A natural application

    Talking of natural; it’s best to stick to the natural side of things when applying your makeup, too. No matter how much you clean them, brushes harbor germs and could exacerbate conditions. Instead, wash your hands, and apply makeup with your fingers. This also has the bonus of ensuring you can work carefully around areas which are sore or need attention.

    makeup remover

    Remember removal

    Your friends might be able to get away with leaving makeup on overnight, but it’s a mistake you can’t afford to make. Failure to take makeup off means your skin is unable to breathe. Clogged pores will lead to even worse breakouts. So, no matter how much you want to climb into bed, it’s essential you take your face off beforehand. Bear in mind that many removal products also strip essential oils from the skin. Instead, opt for natural removers such as coconut oil.

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    5 Tips to Improving Acne Prone Skin

    Some people are lucky enough to never have an acne breakout, but there are many who have not been so lucky. While most people would complain about the acne on their face, it can actually happen on any part of your body.

    Sometimes the acne is bad enough that some people lose confidence in how they look. Some acne is very severe that they become too inflamed and results in serious scarring on the face or other parts of the body. Acne affects both men and women, albeit a little bit differently. Men tend to experience acne breakouts when they are younger, while women can experience them even until they turn 40.

    acne prone skin

    In order to reduce the occurrence of acne flare-ups, try some of the tips below so that your acne prone skin will improve.

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    Fruity Face-Packs That’ll Make Your Skin Dazzle

    We’ve known for a long time that what you put into your body affects how it looks on the outside, especially something like skin which is constantly being renewed. If you eat a big fruit salad the night before, you almost always wake up the next morning looking and feeling refreshed. It’s kind of magical.

    It’s no wonder then that people are turning to fruit to boost their beauty regimes and make their skin dazzle. You don’t just have to eat fruit to get the beauty benefits: you can slather it on your face too and give your skin a natural boost. What’s more, fruity face-packs are naturally low-cost, making them ideal for regular use. Read more

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    Don’t Suffer With Dry Skin Anymore: Try These Natural Hacks

    Dealing with dry facial skin can feel like a nightmare. Not only can it lower your confidence but it can also be embarrassing. You may find it difficult to use makeup or you may be dealing with flaking skin. You’ve probably tried a range of different branded products, all claiming to sooth and moisturize your skin. But, when dry skin becomes a problem, there’s nothing better than natural ingredients. Take a look at these natural skin soothers for dry skin, some of which may already be in your cupboards.

    ice cubes, dry skin

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    Healthy Diet, Happy Skin

    healthy food skin diet

    We all know good things in life come with a cost. Girls just wanna have fun but they also wanna look beautiful and pretty. You cannot expect yourself to look healthy if you aren’t really doing anything to actually be healthy role in your life. After all, we are what we eat. Get prettier skin by including these healthy foods in your diet. Read more

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    Combating The Plights Of Eczema With A Day-To-Day Guide

    Our skin is the barrier to the physical stresses and strains of the outside world. It’s also the largest organ of the human body. It’s a complex system of nerve endings, membranes and hair follicles. The natural oils secreted by the skin are like the mechanics on a car, keeping it regulated, and operating smoothly. However, not everyone has these oils in abundance or working normally. Eczema affects many people around the world and all too often gets swept underneath the carpet because it’s not seen as a fatal disease. But, it’s a force to be reckoned with and if it’s not properly managed, can make an everyday living, an extremely uncomfortable experience. Everybody is different and that’s where the issue lies with eczema because unlike more narrow illnesses. The cause of the skin condition is subject to the individual. There a few ways that can guide you through your day-to-day living. To help you improve your health regarding this severe skin condition.

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    Beauty Is in the Beast

    We often talk about how beauty is something that is delicate, dainty and aesthetically pleasing. However, the path you take to reach beauty is filled with trial and error, challenges and all manner of beastly things. Scrubbing your face and exfoliating is something we do on a regular basis just to keep the skin clear, but when you really break it down to what you’re actually doing, you’re furiously scrubbing away dead skin in order to make way for new cells.

    There’s a certain beastly quality in all people who care about their appearance, whether they’re young, middle-aged, a senior or male or female. We have to pay attention to the beauty inside of us that is just waiting to burst out of your current shell, and in order to break that shell, we need to put in some elbow grease, money and a lot of time.

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    Eating Better For Your Skin… Food For Thought!

    It’s always food for thought, but can we eat our way to a more youthful complexion? We all know the benefits of eating well on our heart health and general well-being, but there are lots of foods that can do you wonders for your skin. What you eat can affect your skin purely because of inflammation, and as this is your body’s way half protecting itself and getting rid of toxins it can show up in things like acne, but it can also cause your skin to age. So what are the best foods for your skin?

    coconut oil, food for thought

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