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Wood Engraved Signs – Simple Yet a Fantastic Gift!

Elegance, effective and informative what we are talking about is signs or information engraved on wood. These wood engraved signs are widespread all around the globe. House signs, information signs, village signs and a commemorative plaque are some of the common divisions or applications of these signs on wood.

Wood Engraved Signs

They carry an important message or piece of information so that visitors or people passing by can take notice of it. They are engraved on wood to add a touch of class and aristocracy to it. Today, the signs have better finishing and a polished touch to it. They are crafted better and can be customized or pre-designed. So gifting a wooden sign is a great option.

Types of Wood Engraved Signs- Shape and Timbers used in making

Wood Engraved Signs have become really popular gifting items today. They are extremely professional and sophisticated to look at and hence the demand for them has seen a steady elevation in the recent times. Mentioned below are some of the various kinds of signs engraved on wood, varying on the basis of their timber-kind and shapes:


    1. Oak Wood Signs – Carved out on oak wood, these signs are durable and sturdy. They are mostly found outside estates and farms. Oakwood signs have a majestic and royal touch to them and can vary in texture or color.
    2. Iroko Wood Signs – This timber is imported, all the way from West Africa. It somewhat resembles teak and is highly durable in nature. These are ideal for outdoor signs and do not need attending to.
    3. Sapele Wood Signs – The reddish-brown hue of this timber makes it look strikingly similar to mahogany. It is rich and prominent in appearance. This timber is extremely long-lasting and is considered to be more durable than oak.
    4. Chestnut Wood Signs – This timber has a high concentration of high tannin that makes this timber extremely durable and hard-wearing. It is the perfect replacement for oak.
    5. Painted Oak Signs – With a whitewash over the oak board and engravings in black, the painted oak signs truly define aristocracy and superiority. With a fine finishing, these signs are by far one of the most preferred ones.

Wood Engraved Signs

There are other timbers that are used in making wood engraved signs. The more common ones that are not mentioned above are opepe, sycamore, douglas fir, cedar, ash, cherry, iroko and balau.

Shapes and uses

Elegant House Signs – These are made differently from others. They are made strictly according to the needs of a house sign. It is sure to make the receiver extremely elated.
Round or Oval Plaques and Signs – Steering away from the typical shape of house signs, these wooden engravings are sure to catch everyone’s attention at once.
Timber posts with Arms for Hanging Signs – Made from various kinds of wood, these posts can be up to 8 feet in height and can have an arm to hang a wooden sign from. Sheer class!

Custom Signage

There are custom design facilities as well. You can design them on your computer and get them done on wood as well. Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand are two common software used for this purpose. Choosing your router for engraving is important. Accuracy, price, stability and smoothness are factors that need to be considered. Too much jerking can ruin work. 1-1/2 horsepower is enough.

However, you can go for more. Painting can be a tricky job if you do not know what you are doing. Using high-quality alkyd enamel is a good option. If you are painting directly on the raw wood, then a primer coat is needed and it is best if it is of the finish color. Today, wood-engraved signs are sought-after by all. It is gorgeous and useful, and those are the two most important traits of the perfect gift. So, gift one today!


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