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    10 Ways to Make your Kitchen Decor Stand Out

    A kitchen is the heart of the home. A well-designed kitchen provides a natural stimulus to the user, through an amiable ambiance. Cooking is a time-intensive job, which needs a mix of sincerity, patience, creativity and culinary skills. At times, it seems like a repetitive routine, lacking novelty. With the recognition of cooking as a relevant and glamorous job; there is a growing impetus on kitchen decorum.

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    A kitchen renovation or remodeling is mostly an expensive project. But, the cost overruns can be mitigated with calculative decisions and well thought out strategies. A kitchen which looks elegant inspires the user to prepare dishes with heart and soul. You can try these 10 useful tips that will help you to design an awesome looking kitchen: Read more

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    Interior Design Trends You´ll Be Loving This Autumn

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    The summer is leaving soon, and as the weather changes, so do we. If you got bored with your home’s interior design, autumn is the right time for redesigning. Before you engage in this activity, stop for a minute and work on your budget. While remodeling your house can be really fun, it can empty your pockets as well. Try to be responsible, and search for the most affordable solutions. The text below will provide you with some useful ideas so you can start working on your own interior redecoration.

    blue chair interior design

    Mix up black and blue

    During the last year, the monochromatic scheme was trending, but the following winter will be painted black and blue with some white details. This combination of colors will give your home ultra-modern appearance. The goal with this color scheme is to transform your living space into a cozy and intimate area. This effect will be much more visible if you scatter a few ambient lights all over the place.

    beautiful interior design decor

    Color blocking

    This trend has dominated the catwalk in past years, and it’s the perfect time to get in your home. Color blocking is a bold and playful style of color matching and its main characteristic is contrast. Use opposed colors to achieve fresh and energetic appeal. You should go with mustard, teal, gray-blue and coral in order to achieve best results. Play with pastel colors and design your own geometric shapes above the bed or in a living room.

    Tiles are hot this fall

    Feel free to search for tiles on Instagram, and you’ll see how popular they are this season. People are making beautiful combinations and there are so many ideas available. Choose the best one for you and start building your bathroom mosaic. You can create one for the floor and totally different one for the wall. Play with shapes and eye-catching geometrics. You just need to start and see where it will lead you.

    carpet interior design home decor

    Go minimal

    One of the hottest trends this year, when it comes to interior design, is most certainly a combination of Japanese architecture and minimalism. This aesthetic inspired and influenced numerous interior styles. Check out Shou Sugi Ban and use this technique to work with your furniture. Of course, if you aren’t qualified for this, feel free to hire an experienced professional since the whole process might be dangerous. The final product will be a beautiful room with clean lines and natural materials which will help you to relax and stay focused at the same time.

    Decluttering is always “IN”

    Whatever you do regarding your interior, make sure to clean and declutter on regular basis. All these improvements won’t be efficient if there are tonnes of stacked papers on all flat surfaces. Because of that, get yourself a big black bag and start tossing stuff in it. Some design changes may force you to get rid of a few big pieces of furniture. If you don’t want to sell or donate them, go ahead and contact a storage company, such as Super Cheap Storage. Solutions they have to offer will meet all your needs. Once you’re done with cleaning, give your best to maintain that look.

    carpet interior design home decor

    Work on details

    Your interior will be appealing just in case you know how to work with details. The last year was all about malachite and marble, and there’s a different solution for upcoming winter. Use this autumn to get yourself some precious stones, such as agate and quartz. The best pick is, of course, rose quartz. If you still decide to buy marble instead, make sure you go with green and pink variants since traditional white ones are out.

    Can’t miss with plywood

    Plywood is maybe the hottest trend among architects this season, and everybody is going crazy about it. There are some museums that launched a big exhibition dedicated to this beautiful material. You can benefit so much with plywood since it’s durable, versatile and most of all, affordable. If you want to go with simple, raw look, you can’t miss with plywood.

    Final thoughts

    Act quickly if you want to get ready for the winter. Make an affordable plan and start working on your interior design. Think about the ideas mentioned above and choose those that are best for you. Keep yourself safe during remodeling and feel free to seek the professional help for all tasks you’re not qualified for. If you already have some experience and you have all the tools to get the job done, go ahead, roll up your sleeves and refresh your home in no time.

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    Sunny Disposition: Enjoying The Real World After A Holiday

    The post-holiday blues are a thing, and they totally suck. How can it not? Just a few hours ago, you were enjoying the fruits of a far-off country, and now you’re sat in your messy apartment, setting your alarm for horrible o’clock and panicking about the amount emails you will have to deal with. Basically, you have hit reality harder than a brick hitting water.

    This begs one ginormous question: how are you meant to claw back that optimistic outlook you were enjoying so much while exploring the shores of wherever you’ve come back from?

    Well, the good news is totally doable. So, instead of munching on some one-minute noodles, watching The Notebook and crying as you wonder what the point in it all is; stop what you are doing and read our top tips on how to keep the good vibes going.


    Read more

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    Wood Engraved Signs – Simple Yet a Fantastic Gift!

    Elegance, effective and informative what we are talking about is signs or information engraved on wood. These wood engraved signs are widespread all around the globe. House signs, information signs, village signs and a commemorative plaque are some of the common divisions or applications of these signs on wood.

    Wood Engraved Signs

    They carry an important message or piece of information so that visitors or people passing by can take notice of it. They are engraved on wood to add a touch of class and aristocracy to it. Today, the signs have better finishing and a polished touch to it. They are crafted better and can be customized or pre-designed. So gifting a wooden sign is a great option. Read more

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    How To Visually Expand Your Tiny Living Space

    Regardless of the size of your home, you’ll probably find yourself thinking about more space at some point. In order to make your house look bigger and spacier, you’ll need a good action plan. The text below will provide you with some tips and guidelines which could come in handy when you decide to redesign your tiny living space a bit.

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    How to Spruce Up Your Wall Decor with PIXERS Wall Murals

    Tired of seeing boring walls with the same plain coloured paint. Why not make these walls more vibrant by adding a few wall murals, photo wallpaper customized to your desired size and image. Having the ability to customize wall murals from your own image can spruce up your environment giving you a mesmerizing final effect. These can be used for special occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, and even for your everyday life (bedroom, kitchen, office, vanity room and other commercial space) and if you are someone like me then this comes in handy as a DIY photographic background for bloggers.

    wall murals

    Read more

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