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10 Ways to Make your Kitchen Decor Stand Out

A kitchen is the heart of the home. A well-designed kitchen provides a natural stimulus to the user, through an amiable ambiance. Cooking is a time-intensive job, which needs a mix of sincerity, patience, creativity and culinary skills. At times, it seems like a repetitive routine, lacking novelty. With the recognition of cooking as a relevant and glamorous job; there is a growing impetus on kitchen decorum.

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A kitchen renovation or remodeling is mostly an expensive project. But, the cost overruns can be mitigated with calculative decisions and well thought out strategies. A kitchen which looks elegant inspires the user to prepare dishes with heart and soul. You can try these 10 useful tips that will help you to design an awesome looking kitchen:

1. Opt for an eco- friendly kitchen design

With the placement of natural materials, you can turn your kitchen interiors harmonious. You can create a warming landscape with stones or pebbles. You can decorate it with the most realistic artificial flowers. If you want to ornate your kitchen, choose safe and bio-degradable stuff only. Having a large window with a garden view makes the culinary experience awesome. Use energy efficient lights. Decor items must be absolutely non-hazardous and biodegradable.

2. Have a comfortable ambiance

A kitchen is one place, where a person gets a break from the hectic daily life. The kitchen cabinet must be spacious to accommodate the cutlery items and equipment. It must have all necessary and extra stuff arranged neatly. It should be comfortable from the user’s perspective. The space must offer ease of access and it must be adequately ventilated.

3. Introduce minimalism into your decor

Minimalist design is trending in the decor industry. With the input of minimalism, the space can speak for itself. Both aesthetic and functional value of a kitchen area is raised. It is a trend nowadays to combine a kitchen with dining room. Wall partitions are replaced by flexible space dividers. This strategy saves space. In addition, there is enhanced interaction between the cook and family members. You can also use a fold up the version dining table, for effective space utilization.

4. Make the spot elegant with spatial harmony

Spatial harmony makes the space more picturesque. Round tables could be preferred for meal time conversation. You can decorate the table tops with elegant faux flower arrangements. With the help of imaginatively arranged furniture, you can have spatial harmony. You can introduce a harmonious pattern with statement tile designs for kitchen floors and countertops. Another way to bring in spatial harmony is by improving kitchen acoustics. A soundproof kitchen creates a harmonious space, which raises creative ingenuity of the user.

5. Add a picturesque look with colorful accents

With the input of bold colors and lighting schemes, you can really make the kitchen stand out. You can embellish your kitchen with colorful flowers. It is difficult to take care of plants in a kitchen ambiance. So if your day is too busy for regular plant care, you can choose silk flowers instead. These look breathtakingly real. Silk foliage is available in beautiful arrangements such as a combination of peony and hydrangea silk flowers. You can also add faux silk tulips at cardinal spots of your kitchen.

Prior to choosing silk foliage, check the quality. Silk flowers must have inherent fire retardant abilities. In addition, silk must be durable and fade resistant. These must be resilient to ultraviolet radiation and climatic extremities. Such good quality foliage will seem to bloom forever.

6. Add focal points in your kitchen space

You can decorate the centerpieces of your kitchen and dining space with fake flowers. These add a touch of delight and exuberance, making the dining experience a special one. You can also articulate the centerpieces with beautiful artifacts. You can add a vintage design with antiquities or sculptures.

7. Season-specific decor to let your kitchen shine

The design is a dynamic concept. Add dynamic factor to your kitchen by resorting to a season based decor. You can decorate your kitchen with fake foliage like lily blossoms to introduce onset of spring. For summers, you can choose yellow foliage like hydrangeas or sunflowers. Choose the flowerpots wisely, so that it contrasts beautifully against the florals.

8. Do not ignore the cleanliness factor

A kitchen is the most utilitarian part of a home. Apart from meal preparation, it is one place where utensils are washed regularly. So cleanliness is a must-have feature for overall food quality and health of the residents. Also a well designed and robust faucet for your sinks. The color of stainless steel gives a chic look. However, even the colour of ceramic can give the kitchen a gorgeous feel.

It is important to clean a kitchen daily. Any decorative accessories must be cleared off accumulated dirt. If you have a dishwasher, arrange it such that no water spills out while in use. Also, have moisture resistant tiles for your floors and wells. Else, have easy to clean flooring surfaces like linoleum.

9. Ensure there is natural illumination in plenty

Ensure there is enough natural radiation entering your kitchen during the daytime. Have East facing windows, so that the rays of the rising sun fall inside your kitchen interiors. You can place mirrors strategically to maximize radiation effects. Natural illumination is highly motivating and energizing for the cook. If you have attached dining area, natural light makes the dining experience healthier.

10. Open shelving to portray your kitchen beauty

If there are open shelves in your kitchen, you can showcase your beautiful and designer crockery. You can also place elegantly designed glassware. You can allocate spots for keeping your spices and condiments at specific locations. With open shelving arrangement, you will find it quite easy to find your cooking ingredients or utensils.


The importance a kitchen plays for the health of residents cannot be underestimated. With some strategic tips, you can make your kitchen decor stand out. Ensure that your kitchen has a comfortable ambiance. You can adopt ideas like minimalist design and season-specific decor. Kitchen cleanliness and spatial harmony are a must for healthy cooking habits. Have fresh natural light and introduce colorful accents with elegant silk florals.

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