Facelift Treatment in India

Nowadays, the people residing in Delhi are very much conscious about their looks especially face and the facelift treatment in India is playing an important role to make to the looks better or to retain the existing look as a result facelift treatment in India became a much-in-demand treatment.

According to the renowned skin specialist in Gurgaon, the facelift treatment in Delhi, as well as other areas of Delhi, is increasing rapidly.

Facelift Treatment in India

Why is India an Ideal Place for Facelift Treatment?

According to the researchers, facelift treatment in India is sixth most well-known aesthetic surgery performed after abdominoplasty, breast implant, rhinoplasty, body lift and liposuction. Presently, India is acquiring enormous recognition on facelift treatment as well as for other medical treatments on a global scale. In India, metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai have become a preferred destination for skin treatment. Presently, skin problems are extremely common affecting around 10% of the population worldwide.

If someone is looking for any skin specialist apart from NCR, he/she can visit some of the renowned skin specialists in Mayur Vihar, Janakpuri, etc. as all these areas are easily equipped with highly advanced technologies that are easily comparable to those offered by developed countries.

Fortunately, skin clinics in Delhi have a multi-specialty, technically advanced and managed by a highly skilled team which provides quality skin treatment at low costs. Most of the dermatologists in Delhi are highly experienced and use latest technologies to provide best services to the patients.

In the recent years, many international patients from places like US, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc. prefer visiting India for the treatment purpose because of:

  • availability of international standard treatments at a reasonable cost with the best results.
  • State-of-art infrastructure and facilities, specialized doctors, para-medical staff, a constant up gradation of technology and equipment.
  • Consultants to help international patients.
  • There is much medical staff who can communicate properly with the international patients in English.

Why is Facelift Treatment needed?

Today most of the people believe that fairness has become a symbol of social status but because of too much work pressure or busy schedule, most of the people are undergoing through mental stress which to some extent are affecting the look of the face.

Basically, with the advancement of age also, the face loses its brightness. Wrinkles and fine lines around the nose and mouth area start showing making the face look exhausted, due to which the person loses his/her confidence.

The facelift treatment plays an important role in solving all these problems. It not only helps the person to look young but also helps him/her to gain confidence.

Different Types of Facelift Procedures:

Traditional Full Facelift:

As it focuses on a larger area, by taking help of this technique, the specialist can find profound wrinkles beneath the eyes, abundance fat and skin under the jaw, cheeks, and more. Full facelifts play an important role for the patient of age more than 50.

Mid Facelift:

Mid facelift targets smaller area, primarily below the eyes and around the cheeks and involves shorter recovery time. This procedure is often suitable for man and woman in their 30’s and 40’s who are simply looking to rejuvenate their appearance.

Mini Facelift:

Mini facelift mainly involves lifting of the muscles, removal of unwanted fat and elimination of excess skin within a shorter period. It is also referred as “weekend facelift. Most of the surgeons are using endoscopic techniques for this treatment. Basically, this procedure is for younger patients who are showing the first signs of aging.

Lower Facelift:

Basically, lower facelift removes the wrinkles of the face. Unlike other types of facelifts, this procedure is used to remove the excess skin, tightens the underlying muscles and improves the outline of the jaw. Lower facelifts are suitable for patients who want to remove the signs of aging.

Thread Facelift

Thread facelifts involve very small stitches just below the skin to lift the underlying muscles. As it does not require anesthesia so the procedure can be completed quickly. The duration of the entire treatment is about one to two hours. This treatment is appropriate for the patients between the age of 30 – 40.

The Cost of Facelift Treatment in India:

The cost of facelift treatment in India is much lower in comparison with different countries around the globe. The average cost of the facelift treatment is about $6,000, not including anesthesia, prescriptions, or preparatory tests. Mostly the facelift treatment starts at around Rs. 150000.00 while the combined face and neck lift cost starts from approx. Rs 200000.00.

Comprehensive facelift prices will include these costs, in addition to the surgical fees. If you are considering a rhytidectomy, you should discuss all costs with your surgeon.

Factors That Affect the Cost of a Facelift:

The Type of Facelift Treatment.

As the procedure of facelift treatment is faster so its cost is also more than a mini or mid facelift.

The Type of Anesthesia.

Endoscopic facelifts cost more than traditional procedures.

Additional treatments: Many patients combine facelift treatment with other surgical procedures for more comprehensive results
Specialist’s reputation: Highly experienced specialists provide effective treatment and cost more.
Location: The cost of facelift treatment also depends on the location i.e. where the person lives or in which city he/she is going for the treatment. Most of the times facelift treatment is not covered by insurance. So, many surgeons offer excellent facelift surgery financing options to cover the cost of facelift surgery. The cost of facelift treatment in India depends on various factors.

Advantages of facelift treatments

  • It helps an individual to look young without leaving any scars.
  • Wrinkles on the face will disappear or diminishes.
  • An intangible benefit may be a boost in their self-esteem.

Once performed, the treatment needs repetition at least after five to seven years.

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