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    What’s The Truth About Detoxing?

    The idea of detoxing has a bad rep, and admittedly there are some good reasons as to why this is. Companies for years have tried to sell products, making claims about how they can flush the body of toxins and impurities and other kinds of nonsense- when it’s been shown countless times that the body can do this by itself. However there are ways you can give your body a helping hand, but there’s no magic pill or product to do this. Instead, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and staying well hydrated is key and is the best kind of ‘detox’ you can give your body. Cut out salt, sugar and saturated fat- at least in the short run to give your body a break and it can be incredibly beneficial. Here are some of the reasons why.

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    The Many Benefits Of Showering With Cold Water

    Besides the severe climate and dropping heats outside, utilizing hot water can sometimes dehydrate out our skin and hair. It may be very tempting for a person to want to submerge into a hot bath or relax under your thermostatic shower system in a steamy shower. Cold water is known to be better for you. Unlike hot water, it does not dry skin and hair, making them prone to damage. While there is no way to repair years of damage done instantly, there are some simple tips that can aid in that remedy. Some shampoos, conditioners and leave-in products can help reduce the damage by introducing vitamins and some oils back into our hair. There are advantages to both hot and cold water.


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