What’s The Truth About Detoxing?

The idea of detoxing has a bad rep, and admittedly there are some good reasons as to why this is. Companies for years have tried to sell products, making claims about how they can flush the body of toxins and impurities and other kinds of nonsense- when it’s been shown countless times that the body can do this by itself. However there are ways you can give your body a helping hand, but there’s no magic pill or product to do this. Instead, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and staying well hydrated is key and is the best kind of ‘detox’ you can give your body. Cut out salt, sugar and saturated fat- at least in the short run to give your body a break and it can be incredibly beneficial. Here are some of the reasons why.

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It Can Replenish Your Body

If you eat a typical western diet, chances are you eat too much fat, processed foods, too much salt and sugar and not enough high nutrient foods. Going on an all fresh produce detox plan for a few days can boost your vitamin intake. You could get a juicer and make juices, or blend them into smoothies. You could boil, steam or roast vegetables, or enjoy large delicious fresh salads. The high water content will hydrate your body, and you’ll give it a good mixture of everything it needs. Over the course of a few days, start adding food groups back in, until eventually, you’re eating a full balanced yet healthy diet. Doing this can kick-start a longer term healthy eating plan.

It Can ‘Reset’ Your Appetite

Let’s face it, food is delicious. When we have easy access to every tasty treat that we could possibly want, it’s easy to eat too much. If you know you’ve been overeating lately and your appetite has increased, a few days on a detox plan can bring things back into perspective. Your stomach will shrink, and after a few days, you will kick your sugar cravings. It can highlight to you exactly how much you were eating before, and put you on a much better path for the future. It’s handy to do after special occasions when you know you’ve indulged as you can cut back on calories, shrink your stomach and rid your body of the excess salt, sugar and fat.

It Improves The Skin

In order to reduce wrinkles, we need to be taking care of the skin on the outside as well as nourishing the inside with the foods we eat. The right foods can neutralize dangerous free radicals in the body which are responsible for cell damage- include skin cell damage. After detoxing, incorporate plenty of fresh foods into your diet will improve your skin in the long run.

Detoxing Improves Mood and Wellbeing

Health is about so much more than the physical body. It’s about the mind too, and taking positive steps to look after your body such as feeding yourself nutritious foods can make you feel extremely positive. When your body is fully replenished, nourished and hydrated it will be able to perform to its best potential. You will have more energy, and generally feel better in every way. If you’ve started exercising to boost detoxing then this is another natural mood booster too.

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