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In case you have someone, say a friend who questions relationship that you’re in; do yourself a big favor and listen. Most of the time your own mother, or perhaps the sister, or even best friend will discover warning signs that you already know exist, and you just deny it. No one should subject themselves to a bad relationship; life is too short for that.

When it comes down to business my own initial advice is always to avoid bad relationships from the start. I’m aware that a lot of people reading this article would just say, ‘well I wouldn’t know till I’d been in love”. That may well be true, I have no idea about you or your own situation; however, I know that in case of my friends and my own sister who happens to be in awful relationships that can be a lie.

The reality is that, often, the signs are already there. We simply tend to disregard them, and in most cases for the wrong reasons. Most of us normally ignore them simply because we really don’t want to become alone or maybe the person looks truly hot, and so on for foolish reasons. And before we all know it; we’ve been in over our heads and feel as if we’re confined and uncertain of where to start.

The good thing is that there are a lot of things you can do about this. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. With regards to this post, when I speak about a bad relationship I really don’t necessarily mean an abusive one. I simply mean that both of you are not compatible and do not get along. If abuse is present within the relationship; you should be going on to find for help, get to a shelter, go out of town with friends, anything that must be done to break free and get safe.

It is not awful in trying to find out (be truthful) if both of you can easily work on some things making them better. At times; the problems within a relationship tend to be minor and that we can simply deal with them provided that both sides would like to try. In case you really believe that your partner is eager to try it out, then try it out.

2. Many times, once the partner begins asking with regards to the relationship, and letting you know that both of you should make some changes; the opposite partner will quickly get scared and advise that both of you will move it one step further. I understand that this seems unproductive, yet it happens. In case you begin seeing the imperfections in your partner or perhaps the relationship; your own partner may turn to feel undecided about them self and as a way to keep you. They will often aim to lock you in tighter by way of letting you know that you get married or live with each other on a single roof.

Don’t be misled. In case your partner creates this change; it simply implies that they’re trying to stay away from the real issue and they are seeking to manipulate you and play with your feelings. In all honesty, in case that happens, it should get you to question the relationship a lot more, not less.

Thus, if someone you know throws questions about the relationship that you’re in; then you must pay attention to and listen closely. They’re just taking care of you and they are, right to get worried.

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