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    15 Places to Visit in India when you are Young


    It is always said that live your life when you are still young and still have time. Some of the best things in life can be experienced only when you are young. One such thing is traveling. We have here got you a bucket list of places which you should explore while you are still young. Each of these places has a unique experience to offer you and these memories will stay with you forever. You also don’t have to think twice about the cost of traveling. With Jet Airways coupons, you can experience best at the lowest price. Take a look at the 15 places in India which are worth visiting while you are still young. Read more

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    Find Deals Right Now on the Best Gifts

    best gifts

    If you know what you would like to gift someone but this is beyond your budget, you can propose a collective gift; if it is a special moment that person will receive more than one gift. A clear example can be a friend on his birthday: instead of giving him ten different things, the ten people who will buy a gift can join in and buy what the honored always wanted to have. Read more

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    8 things you should know before getting laser hair removal

    Unlike other skin laser treatments, hair removal requires some preparation prior to your laser hair removal treatments.

    First, let’s look at how laser hair removal works. Lasers emit wavelengths that target the pigment located in the root of each hair follicle. By absorbing the light, lasers are able to destroy hair follicles without causing damage to the skin’s surface. Since each individual hair is on its own growth cycle, multiple laser treatments scheduled 8 to 10 weeks apart are required for permanent hair removal.

    There are several other ways to ensure permanent hair removal. Get the best results by taking the time to do these things before your laser hair removal treatments begin.

    laser hair removal

    Read more

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    Stemuderm Review: The Complete Anti-Wrinkle Treatment For Healthy Skin

    Every woman has a special beauty regimen that they follow every day to ensure their skin look at its best at any given time. In the morning, they get up, hit the shower and they perform their beauty regimen to ensure they are good to go for the entire day.

    Most women would only remove their makeup just before they go to bed when their beauty regimen often still continues as many women prefer to wear a special cream that is designed to be worn at night.

    Unfortunately, even with all of this effort, age is one factor that cannot be treated or avoided – and the effects that age has on the skin can be quite worrisome for most women, especially when they suddenly notice their skin is aging faster than they thought it would.

    In this post, we will be looking at how Stemuderm can be used in your beauty regimen to help you get rid of symptoms related to aging.

    Stemuderm.jpg Read more

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    Questions Relationship – Perhaps You Should Listen


    In case you have someone, say a friend who questions relationship that you’re in; do yourself a big favor and listen. Most of the time your own mother, or perhaps the sister, or even best friend will discover warning signs that you already know exist, and you just deny it. No one should subject themselves to a bad relationship; life is too short for that. Read more

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    10 Anti-Aging Ingredients You Want to Incorporate Into Your Skin Care Regimen

    Mid-thirties is the best and worst time of life. The best part of it is the seniority it brings in your professional and personal lives. This is the point in life when you start getting more respect and recognition in your workplace and society. The worst part of it is the signs of aging that take your skin by storm and make you feel older than you actually are.

    It is rightly said by Betty Friedan that “Aging is not a lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength”. Running my beauty salon and nail spa Dubai, I have seen a lot of middle-aged women losing their confidence as the signs of aging start to appear. But all is not lost. The good news is, you can slow down the aging process of your skin by incorporating some of these 10 anti-aging ingredients into your skin care regimen.

    hand cream anti-aging ingredients

    Anti-aging ingredients that you should know about

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    Mainstream Etiquette: Why You Need to Dress Sharply for College

    ball gown prom dress

    Most college students love to dress up and impress other people. However, dressing for class and dressing for a party are two different things that shouldn’t overlap with each other. Dressing appropriately for students does not necessarily mean that you need a 3-piece suit in the class. The point here is to dress according to the occasion. Dressing up for school was once a ‘di rigueur’ in many college sites as it is a symbol of respecting the power of education, demonstrating respect to your professors, and showing respect to your school.

    But before we go down to the reasons why college students should practice the art of dressing up sharply, let’s tackle first what it means to dress up sharply.

    Read more

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    Natural Tips to Solve Hair Loss

    hair loss

    Can’t manage the cost of costly hair loss treatment; however, stressed over your extreme male pattern baldness? Shedding hair can be one of the real explanations behind shedding fearlessness! Our present way of life makes us significantly more inclined to issue like hair fall; which eventually prompts more prominent concern, for example, male pattern baldness. Here are some natural hair enhancing tips:

    Hot Oil Massage
    Warm some oil (ideally coconut oil or almond oil) and gradually knead your scalp utilizing your fingertips. It builds a stream of blood to the hair follicles, upgrades the quality of the underlying foundations of your hair and conditions the scalp. However, if you are experiencing hair loss, then make sure to consult a proficient hair loss Dubai clinic that can save you from the hassle.

    Green Tea

    Green tea revives hair follicles and animates hair generation. It likewise upgrades your digestion which at last prompts expanded rate of hair development. Simply condition your hair with green tea (not literally) and notice the change! The Bonus point here is that; it not only saves you from those dreadful pimples but oxygenates your follicles, so that the hair can grow smoothly.

    Onion Juice

    Because of its high sulfur content. Onion juice treats balding and improves the dissemination of blood to the hair follicles, restore hair follicles and decrease irritation. The nearness of hostile to bacterial properties in onion juice murders the germs that cause scalp contamination which may prompt male pattern baldness. Onion might make you cry when you cut it, but the advantages it carries with itself are rewarding.

    Beetroot Juice

    This is one case of the colloquialism ‘Answer for all body related issues can be found in the kitchen’. Beetroot helps you to finish your nutritious insufficiency that causes the hair fall. So incorporate it into your eating regimen and battle this shrewd issue. Juices have never failed to provide enough health benefits to the individuals. It is certainly not a surprising factor to stimulate hair growth with the help of some beetroot juice.


    The main driver of a considerable measure of issues that come to our direction can be diminished with the assistance of a meditation class. One of the significant issues is male pattern baldness! Incorporate meditation to your daily routine and you will surely be astonished by the marvelous impact it has on your physical health as well as on the condition, texture, follicles, and your strands of hair.

    hair loss

    Natural solutions are always the way to go for the individuals who are intimidated by the thought of going in for a treatment. However, if your case is not resolved with the help of the natural cures, then one efficient way of getting around it is to get a consultation from a professional hair expert at the best nonsurgical hair replacement clinic Dubai. Book your consultation session at your earliest so that you can put a stop to the problem as it starts.

    natural tips to solve hair loss

    Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in any guest post featured on our site are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Beauty that walks as a whole.

    Author Bio: Hellen Greek is the right person to go to if you want to get information about the famous makeup products in UAE. She is known to provide authentic details of one of the best products for hair loss and skin care.
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    How to Style Makeup Vanity like the Stars

    Ok ladies, I know we all have our opinions on the Kardashian’s – but I know we all agree on one thing – they sure know how to style their spaces.

    If you’ve ever seen Kylie or Kim post pics of their bedrooms, makeup vanities, or walk-in closets, you’ve probably seen how luxurious and decadent they’ve made their personal spaces.I’m sure you’ve also drooled over the thought of getting ready every morning and feeling like a queen.
    Well, we’re here to show you how you can create a space like this for yourself in your own home. With the following tips, tricks, and style ideas – you can create and have the next best thing in your own room. Watch out Kim…

    1. Your Space:

    First thing’s first… you need to think about your space. How much space do you have, and where would be the best spot to put your makeup vanity?
    If you have a walk-in closet with enough space, this is a great idea. If you have a corner of your room that isn’t being used, this works great too.
    Even if you have a small room and limited space, we can show you how to optimize it and create a lavish and personal vanity space for yourself.
    If you have a walk-in closet with shelves on one side, a convenient and adorable idea would be to place your vanity in between two shelves.
    This creates some cozy privacy for your vanity and also offers more convenient storage. If you have a room with a large window, a great idea would be to put your vanity table in front of the mirror.
    This also allows you to take advantage of natural daylight when doing your makeup.
    If you have a small room, consider having a bedside table that could double as your vanity when you wake up! Find a small table that can fit a chair underneath, and voila! You’ve cleverly optimized your space.

    2. Your Vanity Table:

    Now that you’ve decided on a space for your vanity, you need to find your vanity table! This will also depend on the space you have to work with – but here are some ideas:
    • Scour local antique markets, garage sales, second-hand stores and flea markets, try to find an inexpensive and unique table for yourself. Look for pieces that inspire you, reflect your personal style, and make you feel happy. You should feel like a queen when you sit in front of your vanity! If you find a piece that excites you, but it isn’t in the best shape, consider re-purposing it to fit your needs. Sometimes all pieces need is a fresh coat of paint and some TLC.
    • IKEA offers some great small tables for reasonable prices as well. This would be a good place to get a bedside table that doubles as a vanity if you are working with limited space. You can also find inexpensive but eye-catching chairs here too. I have a friend that found an IKEA bed shelf that she doubled as a low makeup vanity. It works perfectly for her!
    • If you want to get really creative and show-off your unique style, try re-purposing something that inspires you into your makeup vanity table. My great-grandmother passed down her sewing machine to me and I had it sitting in my basement for the longest time. So what I did was remove the sewing machine from the top, keep the base, and added a larger table-top. Now I have a beautiful vanity table with several drawers for storage that looks chic and antique, and also reminds me of my grandmother!
    Antique Vanity table

    3. Time To Decorate:

    So – you have your table! Now it’s time to think about styling your vanity. This is the fun part… Here are a few ideas. Get creative and make it personal!
    • Mount a large full-length mirror behind your vanity to make your space look bigger.
    • Look for a beautiful antique serving tray to act as a spot to place your jars of brushes or whatever else you’d like. This can be found in antique markets too!
    • Add a small lamp/lamps to help you better apply your makeup at night.
    • Look for cute jars, boxes or compartments that will fit all your supplies and keep them organized. I have several different boxes in my vanity that hold everything from false eyelashes and eyelash glue to cotton swabs and q-tips.
    • Add your own personal touch! I have twinkle lights around my mirror and small dainty bowls that hold all my jewelry.
    • Consider adding some art to the surrounding wall, or add some shelves for things like nail polishes or any important items you may have, like a facial steamer or blow dryer/flat-iron.

    Have fun! This part is where you get to pamper your space. Keep in mind that the whole point of a makeup vanity is to create a place for yourself that makes you happy every day, and makes you feel like the star you are!

    Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in any guest post featured on our site are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Beauty that walks as a whole.

    Author bio: My name is Kaylee, a young girl with passion in Nutrition, Health and Beauty – A blogger at I’m inspired to share my creative energy and knowledge about things that I am very passionate about. 😊

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    The 3 Natural Hair Care Basics Every Newly Natural Must Learn to Succeed

    When you begin your natural hair journey it can get overwhelming as you try to soak in all the different information available online.You will easily come across different techniques, products, and ideas that are supposed to make your natural hair journey successful.

    When I first made the transition from chemical relaxers to rocking my hair in its natural state many “natural hair gurus” would tell me about different techniques, products, and ideas that were supposed to make my transition journey a successful one. However, none of those techniques, tips, or products did nothing for me until I learned and understood how to properly take care of my natural mane on a daily basis.

    natural hair care, bantu knots

    Developing a solid natural hair care routine will almost guarantee you get the beautiful and long curly hair you envisioned for yourself when you decided to go natural. To develop this daily routine of caring for your hair you need to first learn some of the basics. Without learning the basics of natural hair care you’ll probably make a few of these mistakes below like most first time naturals tend to make:

    Using too many different hair products: The manageability problems that come with our natural hair texture can be too much to handle even for the women who have been natural for years.So just imagine if you are new to sporting your natural mane. You’ll most likely panic and out of frustration run to the nearest store and buy a bunch of different hair care products and throw them all in at once and hope something works.This approach never works and will actually cause more problems like weighing your hair down and making it look too greasy.

    Washing your hair too often: This is a mistake I myself made in the beginning. You think since it’s your natural hair you can wash it as many times as you want without any consequences. However, because of the nature of our hair texture washing it too often will dry it out and cause problems like hair breakage.

    Not moisturizing your hair properly: The driest of all hair types is our curly hair. So keeping it properly moisturized all day long is very important. You not only need to know how to add moisture to your hair, but you also need to know how to retain moisture so your hair stays hydrated and soft all day long.

    This is a concept many newly naturals have a hard time understanding in the beginning.

    The 3 Natural Hair Care Basics

    As you can see, understanding how to care for your hair the right way precedes everything else. Once you understand you will have a solid foundation to build upon. You will be able to create a natural hair regimen that’s successful long-term and makes you love yourself in your natural state even more.

    This, of course, leads to you being increasingly happy, self-confident, and comfortable in your own skin. A wonderful state of mind to be in I may add.

    Here are the 3 basic natural hair care tips to maintain and grow healthy natural hair:

    Adding and Retaining Moisture

    When you make the decision to transition from a relaxed girl to a natural you’re going to quickly realize your hair needs moisture… and a lot of it.

    Learning how to properly moisturize your hair and retain moisture that moisture you add to it will undoubtedly be the most challenging (but also the most rewarding) part of your natural hair journeyThis is because kinky hair gets dry very easily and doesn’t hold moisture in on its own very well. How dry your hair gets will depend on the texture of your hair or how thick and curly it is.

    Neglecting to keep your hair properly moisturized will make your natural hair transition a tough one. You will constantly be frustrated as you find yourself battling hair breakage, tangles & knots, frizz, and other hair problems. You also won’t experience any hair growth because your hair won’t be able to retain any length. This is why adding and retaining moisture is the first and most important thing you need to grasp when it comes to natural hair care.  

    Adding Moisture

    One of the best things you can do to keep your natural hair moisturized is to use oils like castor oil in your deep conditioners. Jamaican castor oil is the best type of castor oil to use in your deep conditioner to get more moisture in your hair. Also, if you find your hair is having problems retaining length the moisturizing properties in castor oil can promote natural hair growth. 

    Three other oils that are good to add in your deep conditioner to get more moisturizing benefits include:
    1. Coconut Oil – Along with being able to help your hair retain more moisture, coconut oil will also help protect your hair from heat, repair breakage, treat and nourish your scalp, and more.
    2. Argan Oil – The moisturizing properties in this oil helps make your hair less brittle and dry. Adding a few drops of this oil in your deep conditioner will also help your hair be more soft and manageable
    3. Jojoba Oil – Jojoba oil is one of my favorites because it is made up of the same chemical composition of the oil our scalp naturally produces. Using this oil in your deep conditioner will not only help hydrate your roots and hair follicles better, but it also has the ability to treat and get rid of scalp problems like dandruff.

    What a lot of women don’t realize is that water is a great moisturizer and the best part is it is easily available. All you have to do is wet your hair with water to add moisture to it and stop it from being dry.

    Retaining Moisture

    However, adding moisture to your natural tresses is only half the battle. In order to keep our hair moisturized and hydrated throughout the day, we have to lock in the moisture we’ve put in our hair.  A great way to lock that moisture in after a nice shampoo session is to use some shea butter. Shea butter is a great sealant thanks to the smooth and rich properties it naturally contains. It works by forming a coat around your hair strands so none of that wonderful moisture you worked so hard to put in has a chance to evaporate and leave your hair looking dry, brittle, and dull.

    Personally, the brand I like using is Life-Flo Organic Pure Shea Butter to seal in moisture. It leaves my curls feeling and looking soft and it doesn’t leave behind any residue. 

    However, any raw or 100% unrefined shea butter product that doesn’t contain any other additives will do just fine at giving your hair the retention benefits it needs. You can also encourage more moisture in your curly hair is by using satin pillowcases and scarves when you go to sleep at night. The smooth material of the satin helps keep prevent dryness and keep moisture in your hair while you sleep.

    Also, try to gather your hair up and put it one place instead of having it loose and all over the place as you sleep. Sleeping with your hair loose is one of the easiest ways for it become dry and begin knotting and tangling up.

    Practicing Good Hair Styling Techniques

    Practicing good hair styling techniques that don’t put a lot of stress on your hair is definitely one of the basics of natural hair care you must learn and understand. Since our hair by nature is dry any hairstyle or hair accessory that puts too much stress on our strands will cause weakened or damaged hair. This is one of the main reasons a lot of naturals experience hair breakage so often. On a daily basis, you should be mindful of the techniques you’re using to style your hair so you can avoid issues like split ends, dryness, brittleness, even worse hair loss.

    Hairstyle Practices to Avoid 

    Some of the styling techniques and hairstyles you should avoid when maintaining healthy natural hair include:

    • Flat irons
    • Hair steamers
    • Hot appliances
    • Hairdryers
    • Tight hairstyles like ponytails
    • Harsh hair chemical treatments

    Good Hairstyle Practices 

    Some good hair styling practices for naturals include:

    • Lowering the heating temperature before you sit under the blow dryer.
    • Don’t do anything that will chemically process your hair.
    • Avoid wearing hairstyles that are too tight and will place a lot of pressure or stress on your hair.
    • Use care and gentleness when handling your hair – Your natural hair is very fragile and even simple things like combing, brushing, or pulling on it too roughly can cause breakage. So always be gentle with it.

    The moment you made the decision to wear your hair in its natural state you made a commitment to wearing your hair in brand new styles you’ve never done in the past. Keep that commitment to yourself and adapt to the texture of your natural hair.

    Eating The Right Foods

    Last but not least you have to eat the right foods. Eating nutritious foods is an important and fundamental part of your natural hair care routine because it gives your hair the nutrients it needs from the inside so it can become more moisturized, stronger, and healthier. Eating the wrong type of foods too often can cause your natural hair to become damaged, dry, and dull much easier. The type of foods you should be eating more of include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat protein. There are vitamin supplements you can be taking as well to maintain good natural hair. However, it is far more beneficial if you focus on eating a well-balanced and nutritious diet first.

    natural hair


    Society wants us to believe that straight hair is better than kinky and coily hair. However, when I truly started to feel beautiful and happy with myself is when I began rocking my naturally curly hair. And sticking to these 3 natural hair care basics on a daily basis makes sure it stays that way. What basics would you recommend newly naturals should stick to when they first begin their natural hair journey? 

    Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in any guest post featured on our site are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Beauty that walks as a whole. 

    Author Bio: Ashley loves to read and write about anything to do with beauty and fashion. She really enjoys connecting with other women who are a part of this natural hair movement. She writes for a few other blogs regularly as a guest contributor. You can find more of her articles on hair over at

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    The Evolution of Shaving

    Shaving facial hair is something that men have been doing for thousands of years, cave drawings have shown men to be clean shaven, women started shaving their bodily hair much later. In ancient times men would scrape away their facial hair using stone, flint or shells.


    In the last couple of centuries, the cut throat razor was developed and it is still used by some barbers, using the cut throat takes a lot of skill. The cut throat razor is a dangerous utensil and serious in can occur if it is not wielded properly. Shaving accidents are usually caused insufficient preparation of the skin and hair before the commencement of shaving, dull or dirty razor blades.

    It is estimated that 90% of men shave daily and that most men spend 5 months of their life in front of the bathroom mirror. This daily chore and the injuries it can cause have led to the evolution of shaving products and equipment.

    The Safety Razor
    Before the invention of the safety razor many men would have to visit a barber or get someone else to shave them, a cut throat razor is not particularly easy to use on one’s self. The safety razor saved a lot of palavers, this life changing utensil was first patented by Fredrik and Otto Kampfein 1880 you can learn more its history on Wikipedia. Early safety razors would have had just one blade, today we have multiple blades, disposable razors and all sorts.

    The problem with wet shaving is it still requires a bit of work and entails a little jeopardy, electric shavers are extremely common with men looking to avoid this work and jeopardy. It is estimated that around 25% of men use electric shavers.

    The Electric Shaver
    The first electric shaver came onto the market in the late 1920’s, it was invented by a man called Jacob Schick and it cost $25. The electric shaver has evolved in all kinds of ways much more than the safety razor has, there is only so much that can be done with a handle and a blade I suppose.

    Flexible Shaving Heads
    Among the cons electric shavers had was that wet shaves were always closer. This explains why all major companies started to bring flexible heads in the early 1990s. The main idea here was to acquire the flexibility necessary to get closer to one’s face.

    Battery Life Added
    Visual indicators were first seen in the 90s. These would display the battery’s charging status. The electric razors would last as the battery did. As the battery faded, the blades would progressively weaken. However, razors today can deliver full functionality, even as the battery fades until it completely dies. This ensures consistent charge throughout the battery’s life cycle.

    Waterproof Razors
    Upon entry into the new millennium, electric razors evolved to become waterproof. You’d be good to go if you wanted to clean your unit’s head under running water or if you wished to take it with you into the shower.

    Self-Cleaning Systems
    In 2001, Braun changes the game by introducing the first self-cleaning electric razor. Users would now face-down the shaver’s base, not only to charge but also clean it.

    Braun Series 9
    Recently, Braun released the Braun Series 9. This includes 4 specially designed cutting elements: the direct and cut trimmer (used on long, multi-directional hairs), the hyper-lift and cut trimmer (used on flat hairs) and two Opti-foil elements that finish up the close shave. It’s the most efficient and fastest electric shaver in the world.

    The Evolution Continues
    The shaving game has become unexpectedly competitive. The technology is advancing at a surprisingly rapid pace. We believe there are good reasons why electric shavers that were invented long ago and are still used. What’s next? That’s only for us to guess.

    Featured images:

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    This post was written and supplied on behalf of, a site which has a wide selection of electric shaver reviews.