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If you know what you would like to gift someone but this is beyond your budget, you can propose a collective gift; if it is a special moment that person will receive more than one gift. A clear example can be a friend on his birthday: instead of giving him ten different things, the ten people who will buy a gift can join in and buy what the honored always wanted to have.

Give cash

It may sound very frivolous, but cash, while not the most romantic in the world, is the most practical. If you do not know what you would like to give the person and you do not want to waste money on something they are not going to use. Easy, give the money in one envelope and the other you can buy what you want; or if you do not want to be so direct, give a gift card buy a certain value so you can use it in a certain place (and this can go from a restaurant to a shopping center). Visit for more options in this now.

Giving cash is a good idea, but it also depends on the level of trust you have with the person. If you barely know them, find out from their closest friends and give them something that they can keep.

Give experiences

According to different scientific researches, people increasingly value receiving an experience as a gift rather than an object. And what are the experiences about? It can be from an entrance to a play to a weekend in a resort or a balloon ride. That is to say, anything that constitutes an experience and a later memory. In addition to how pleasant it is for the person who receives it, leaving an anecdote in the other person helps reinforce friendship bonds. If we talk about watches MY Gift Stop have all kinds that will help you to find a suitable watch for each person.

It is a product on which we can advise you (Accomplices of your gift)

Experts have to confess that each time a client asks us for a watch, and indicates that he wants it ” wrapped for a gift”, they somehow feel a little bit like accomplices to the surprise and, of course, they sincerely wish that the gift was a success, so they appreciate both the comments and why not say, the suggestions that they usually receive from customers in the post-sale process. With the passage of time this has given them an experience that they use to advise clients when they wish to acquire a product of this type. You can have the best deals right there.


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    Worth reading post.For me I think Giving experiences is a great gifting idea.It’s something that the receiver would remember for their entire life.

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