Summer Family Vacation In Thailand

thailand vacation

Summer at the law firm is a much quieter season as top shot lawyers take a few months off for vacation. When your weeks are easily 80 hours, it’s evidently critical for these attorneys to take a rest from the late nights and early morning vigor. Taragh Bracken’s vacation choice for the year was much more adventurous than normal, as she took a sweep through the enamoring streets of Thailand. It seems to be all the rage nowadays, and Bracken and her family did not want to miss out on the opportunity of taking in the beauty of nature in this exotic Asian country.

The three cities for a family visit in Thailand are Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai.

What Bracken did in Bangkok

There are a plethora of sights to visit whilst in Bangkok. One of the first things that Bracken’s husband wanted to visit was the Grand Palace. This attraction is something that cannot be missed and requires a good few many hours as it spans over 214,000 square feet. The next must-see is most definitely the Wat Pho—also referred to as the reclining Buddha. This temple is a holy place, therefore your entire family must cover up with a shawl. The ornate delicate

Gold leaf of this massive Buddha will leave you breathless. If you don’t fear crowded spaces and enjoy a busy marketplace, then Chatuchak Market is an undeniable stop on your bucket list. Local prices are promoted at this local jewel. A traditional Thai massage is much needed after you do all the walking around the city of Bangkok.

The Craze of Phuket

The glittering blue water and expansive white sands of Phuket make it an incredibly invigorating location for your traveling heart. If you are a water creature and also love exotic animals that you wouldn’t normally see in North America, such as elephants and tigers, then you might as well visit these sanctuaries. The Phuket Elephant Sanctuary was a wonderful addition for Bracken’s kids to learn about these majestic, kind animals. Another abnormal happening is eating lunch while viewing real-life tigers at the Kingdom.

Romance in Chiang Mai

If ancient temples are your thing, you and your loved ones must be respectful and not show any signs of affection while walking these holy grounds. The Temple of the Big Stupa can be found in the centre of Chaing Mai and is actively worshiped by monks. Something that is often overlooked is Chiang Mai’s cool night markets. Quality is prime here compared to Bangkok’s overcrowded street market. Finally, having the chance to speak with a monk may change your life. While they discuss their lifestyles, you allow them to practice their English.


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