The ultimate beard gift guide for sensitive skin

beard groomingA beard is never just a beard, but rather a man’s pride and joy. So why not treat your bearded man with a gift that’s perfect for his sensitive skin? We give you the lowdown.Men are notoriously hard to buy for, and that’s a fact. Preferring to buy what they need, when they need it, purchasing gifts for the man in your life is less about finding that perfect present, and more about finding something they need that they don’t already have. From birthdays to anniversaries, Christmas to Easter, with so many occasions in a single year, it can leave us stumped when searching for that ultimate gift. Even more difficult? When your man has sensitive skin.But, fear not. If your other half has decided to let his facial fuzz run free, we teamed up with English Shaving Company to give you your need to know to keep his skin, and his beard, baby smooth.

Beard Wash & Conditioner

When it comes to sensitive skin, preparation is a must. While most men will simply lather up and get going, when their skin is prone to reactions and redness, choosing the right product for their specific skin type is key. You wouldn’t leave the house without washing your hair, so why do so many men neglect to clean their beards?Unlike regular shampoos, special beard shampoos are designed for your facial hair in mind. Opting for a shampoo with soothing and moisturising properties will help to reduce coarseness and protect the beard hair, while conditioners help to smooth down frizzy and unruly hairs. For those who prefer a lighter conditioner, consider beard combing water instead – usually lighter and made from non-greasy ingredients, combing water leaves a healthy shine on even the rowdiest of beards.

Use the right tools

Whether your man’s beard is more hillbilly than hipster, or he simply prefers the stubbly look, every man needs a great quality razor that is easy to handle and will leave fewer nicks on the skin. So, if he’s left wondering why his skin is flaring up after a morning spent shaving with the same disposable model you use on your legs, then it might be time to invest in a Double Edge safety razor.While they take slightly longer to master the technique than a simple disposable cartridge razor, they provide a much closer shave and generally require fewer facial strokes, decreasing the potential for friction burns and bumps.

Don’t skip the fragrance!

There isn’t a man in the world who can say that they’ve never experienced any discomfort after shaving, and for good reason. Shaving essentially grazes the very top layer of skin, removing both hairs and dead skill cells, reducing its natural defenses. This leaves skin is open to a whole range of irritations. Aftershave, then, is the perfect antidote to the uncomfortable tightness that usually appears after shaving. Typically found in two forms, aftershave balm helps to lock in moisture and soothe, while splashes are designed to instantly astringent skin, and contain antibacterial properties. Just because your man has a beard, or sensitive skin, doesn’t mean they can’t use aftershave, and choosing one for sensitive skin isn’t as difficult as you may think.The best aftershaves should be the ultimate multitaskers – offering hydration along with essential oils and vitamins to boost the skin.For sensitive skin, keep an eye out for these ingredient
  • Argan Oil: nourishes and treats dry hair and skin
  • Eucalyptus: contains soothing and antiseptic properties to combat reactiveness.
  • Shea Oil: calms and soothes redness and speeds up healing
This post was created in collaboration with The English Shaving Company, who offer a large range of high-quality men’s shaving and grooming products.

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