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    5 Best Tips On How To Get Thicker Hair

    Thick hair is often sought after. Regardless of the length of your hair thick hair just looks healthier. There are many reasons that women have thinning hair. However, you can do something about it. Here are some tips and tricks to get thicker hair naturally.

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    Natural Hair Care Tips

    Natural Hair Care Tips

    Image credit: Karla Tobie

    I have compiled a list of natural hair care tips for newly transition hair and naturalistas. With these tips, you should achieve healthy hair, with manageability and hair growth. Read along to find out how to take care of your natural hair.
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    Hair Raising Ideas for Luscious Locks

    We all have parts of our bodies that we aren’t happy with which we occasionally have to make huge efforts with just to look “normal” and for some its hair. It can start when you’re a toddler with thick, extremely curly, blonde curls that have to be brushed into submission by an overzealous mother every night and plaited; if she can get you to stand still for long enough. Eventually, she’ll say she’s had enough and have said curls lopped off into a haircut akin to Julie Andrews in Sound of Music, including the too short fringe. Trouble is, those curls will still want to stick out. Growing up, we’ll go through various styles from a feather cut, a bob, a purdey cut, a lob and through it all will continue the battle with our unruly hair.

    Thank goodness that due to the hard work of the hairdressing industry and some of the many brands of shampoos treatments and colours, on the whole as adults we look pretty acceptable and would even go as far as saying that on occasion our hair is our best feature. Now, there will be those among us who will be saying wow I wish my problem was too thick hair or too curly hair as yours may be limp, fine or dead straight but it works both ways – we always want what we don’t have! 

    We are never satisfied with what we’re given, are we? We’ve all spent many hours trawling through shops and hairdressing salons as well as online to find products or advice that we think are worth the time and money to use. So here’s a list of some of the best buys out there with a couple of great sites for hair tips and some that people with other ”hairy” problems have used with good results.

    closeup photo of woman on blue textile
    Image source: Pexels

    The Perils of Bleach

    Having a dry scalp is a nightmare especially if it’s prone to little psoriasis (just to add to the hair problems) so it’s important to learn early on that the harsher the products e.g. perming, the worse the effect on your scalp. Often people with dark hair want to lighten it and the hair will resist most efforts and where people have continued, they have ended up with hair like straw and a red blistered scalp! There are ways, of course, to add bright colors to the hair without bleach, though you need to take into account that usually the effects are not as bold or dramatic.

    All Time Favourite

    One of the most popular companies, now in the world, has to be Lush, for the sheer range of products tackling all manner of problems not to mention their ethics. Hair doesn’t always behave in the same way so needs different products at different times. Don’t believe that old rumor that your hair gets used to your shampoo or conditioner – so what you think it suddenly decides “Nope not gonna let you have a good effect on me now you’ve stocked up?!” There are so many factors that can affect the condition of your locks, leaving them anything but luscious. One of the worst can be humidity. Hair may start out the day like a smooth pedigree coat but by teatime, it’s looking like the local rough coated mutt with a halo of frizz around the face.

    Sometimes, especially in cold and windy weather, scalps also begin feeling itchy and sore and occasionally if it’s that time of the month too (thanks, hormones!) Some people’s hair is even affected by their health going from fry dry, coarse hair to lank, greasy ”hair strings” when ill and then the hair feels like it needs a really deep cleanse (as does the body!). So many problems though are covered by Lush, plus you can even colour your hair and treat it to a shine treatment using their wonderful blocks of henna – although be careful when you do and get the colour otherwise you’ll need to bleach clean the bathroom afterward!

    Splurge on a Treat

    If you fancy giving your hair a real treat, if it’s been coloured, flattened, soaked in the sea and generally been neglected, a great go to product is Damage Remedy conditioner from Aveda. A real treat, this miracle worker can be used once a week to maintain soft and sleek hair. Some can honestly see and feel a difference after the very first use. (Do make sure you give it a while to soak in and do its magic). Aveda is, of course, another company that has a fab range of products for your every follicular challenge.

    Supermarket Bargains

    You know some months the pennies won’t stretch to an indulgent conditioner or treatment but there are some pretty good brands out there in your local supermarket or chemist that student friends swear by. A popular brand is OGX who have a big range of shampoos and conditioners that won’t break the bank especially if you get a 3 for 2 or a BOGOF deal. You could actually cover most of your “Hair Moods” with their range that uses ingredients from Argan oil to Eucalyptus and Mint.

    Go Organic

    If you want to be as natural as possible without the chemical nasties that some products contain then you can’t beat Daniel Field for quality and choice. There is even a great pamphlet you can download giving you advice on what colour you should choose and loads of videos for tips and demonstrations. Organic colours are sometimes of particular interest to ladies that are undergoing treatment for cancer such as chemotherapy too as they don’t contain any nasties!

    Well, there you have it, a few suggestions of great brands that can help you all the way to luscious locks. The best tip around is to be sure to match your product with the mood of your hair then you’ll always get the look you’re after!

    Hair Raising Ideas for Luscious Locks
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    5 Sneaky Ways To Add Volume To Your Hair

    Many people suffer with a lack of volume to their hair. And in many ways, your hair is one of the few places where you can say that bigger is better. Having full, luscious locks is the dream of many, right? But a lot of people can only achieve that look with hair extensions or hours and hours making their hair look a certain way. But let’s face it, who has time for that? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you create more volume in your hair. They are quick and easy; no one will be able to tell what you’ve done, though you’ll be the envy of many. Interested? Read on.

    Move Your Part

    We all have a favorite place where we part our hair. We’ll have been doing the same for a while. But your hair gets used to it being done one way. So if you want to create some volume, especially at the root, then change the way that you part your hair. You could change sides, change the style of part, or even just change the direction of the part (have it diagonally, for example). It will give your roots a much-needed boost.

    Use Dry Shampoo to add Volume

    When your hair is looking a little limp, but it isn’t quite time for a blow dry, then using dry shampoo can be a really good way of adding volume to your hair. Dry shampoo helps to absorb the oils left in your hair. It acts as a texturizer too as it can create volume when used correctly. So it might be worth checking out a dry shampoo guide before you get any if you’re not too sure about how to use it. It can be a quick fix on a morning, though. Who needs a blow dry?

    black beauty
    Image source: Pixabay
    Back Brush Your Hair

    I’m not talking about eighties style back brushing here, as that can cause some real damage. But you can create volume with a soft paddle brush or a comb, rather than a harsh bristle brush. Divide your hair into sections and back brush the sections that will be hidden by the hair on top. It is a good look for parties or a night out. Instant volume.

    Use a Volumizing Shampoo

    If your hair is naturally pretty lank and limp, then it can be good to incorporate a volumizing shampoo into your routine. When used nearly daily, it can help to build strength in your hair, especially at the root. So it will make a big difference to your hair and the volume of it.

    Use a Crimper

    Yes, you read that right! A crimper is a good way to get some volume. They really were onto something in the eighties… Crimp your hair at the roots, and it will make a big difference to the volume. Do it under the layers of hair that will cover it, and it will act like back brushing your hair. It gives a really natural looking but voluminous look.  

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    Essential Beauty Prep To Prioritize Before Your Big Day

    In the run-up to your wedding, you’ve got a lot to do. By now, you should have the foundation of your day planned out, including everything from the venue to the entertainment. But even when you have some of the bigger plans in place, there’s always a few things that can crop up before the big day arrives. One of those that you always need to remember is your beauty preparations. Because not only do you want to look good when you get married, you’re going to want your prep to last for the honeymoon too. So, here are a few steps you can prioritize to tackle both birds with one stone.



    First of all, you might like to think about getting a facial or a few. You’re going to want to make sure that your skin is prepped and looking as good as it can before you walk down that aisle. Although you may not be able to control stress that leads you to break out, a course of facials should keep your skin looking great. And because you need a great base for your makeup, it should be a non-negotiable prep step.

    Makeup Trial before the Big Day

    Then, you’re also going to want to make sure that you get your makeup trial scheduled in. Not everyone likes to have their makeup done by someone else, so it’s important that you can find a person that you’re happy with. It may take you a while to find the right makeup artist, so you need to schedule in trials. That way, you can be confident that you’ve made the right choice and that you can agree on the look you want.


    Hair Essentials

    After makeup, you’ve also got your hair to plan too. This may be something that you do with your bridesmaids to make sure that you all have hairstyles that work with your dresses and the style of the wedding. For this, you may want to get some tape in hair extensions that can give you more length or volume to style with. You should also look for lots of different inspiration online so you can determine whether you want your hair up or down, straight or curly, or with any accessories.


    Even if you don’t usually tan, you may want to think about getting a little glow before the big day. It can help you to look healthy and give your skin a radiant boost too. There are lots of different pre-wedding tanning options that you could consider, so you need to decide on a style that you’ll be most comfortable with, and a color that feels most natural to you too.


    And of course, you’re going to want to get your nails seen to. Every bride wants to have a beautiful manicure on her big day. Whether you choose to go with something natural or a statement color, be sure to book in as close to your wedding as possible. Plus, you may want to go for a pedicure too, especially for your honeymoon.

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    Chinese Herbs That Will Help You Prevent Hair Loss

    chinese herb

    Hair loss, also known as alopecia, is a common condition where parts of the body that naturally have hair experience thinning or bald patches. It mostly occurs on the scalp but it can also be on your beard or limbs where hair grows. This is caused by a variety of reasons ranging from stress to side effects of cancer treatments. Read more

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    The Best 10 Herbs That Will Let Your Hair Grow Thick And Long

    Hair loss is very commonly found in people than you might not even imagine. Hair loss and other damages often strike to the people when they are in their mid-life. Some people have the misconception that it is only the males that suffer from hair loss, but also the females are prone to the hair thinning that can often lead to bald spots.

    Whatever is the reason for the hair loss, it is never fun. When there is a hair loss happening, we feel that our self-confidence and self-esteem is being damaged. While hair loss is damaging, but it can certainly be corrected with the different natural herbs mentioned below:

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    Age Before Beauty? Simple Ways To Look Good In Your Golden Years

    There’s a rather unpleasant rumor that the media often seems incredibly dedicated to pushing out into the world. That is the idea that you can only look good when you’re young. Because of this a lot of people treat age and beauty as things that are totally inseparable. However, this is simply not the case! Think about women like Helen Mirren and Monica Belucci. They are still considered some of the gorgeous women in the world well into their later years. Of course, you might think that these women have some secret that you’re not aware of, but in reality looking good in your golden years is much easier than you might think. Here are a few things you can do to keep yourself looking good no matter what the calendar says! 

    Close-up of Multi Colored Pencils, beauty
    Image source: Pexels

    Change your Makeup

    One thing that you cannot deny is that your face changes shape as you get older. As they age, many women are suddenly faced with the fact that their cheekbones become much more prominent. This means that using the same kind of contouring that you did before can make you look sallow and gaunt. Not only that but things like wrinkles and crow’s feet can be counteracted by changing your makeup style. You wouldn’t use colours that didn’t match your skin tone, so why stick to the same makeup routine when your face has changed?

    Change your Wardrobe

    No matter how good you look, it’s near impossible for a woman in her fifties to pull off the fashion of a woman in her twenties. Of course, a lot of people assume this means that they need to give up on fashion altogether. Of course, this is ridiculous! In reality, all you need to do is to change up your style to match your new level of maturity. Again, look at someone like Helen Mirren. She’s been able to embrace her age, and her style is filled with class and elegance.

    Turn back the clock

    alarm clock, clock, gold
    Image source: Pexels
    Of course, there are always ways in which you can reverse some of the things that time has done. Something like a vertical facelift can make a huge difference but is often a pretty drastic solution. There are less invasive things that you can do. Things like chemical peels and fillers are often surprisingly fast and painless procedures that can leave your skin looking smoother as well as helping you feel younger and more confident.

    Take care of your hair

    If there’s one dead giveaway of someone’s age, it’s their hair. When your hair starts going grey, it’s not just a matter of the colour. It’s lost many of its important oils which mean that it’s going to finer and dryer than it was before. Because of this, you need to make sure that you’re taking the best care of it possible to prevent it from becoming dry and straw-like. Using conditioner is incredibly important, but you also shouldn’t wash your hair every day. While you don’t want your hair becoming greasy, you don’t want it drying out either.


    Age Before Beauty? Simple Ways To Look Good In Your Golden Years
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    Where The H*** Has My Hair Gone?!

    bald spot

    OK, so hair loss is a bit of a sensitive issue. It can be embarrassing and really affect our self-esteem. But I’m here to tell you that it’s not the end of the world. There are things that can be done about it. So even if you do find yourself looking in the mirror and saying: “Where the h*** has my hair gone?!,” you don’t have to accept the situation. Read more

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    How To Take Care Of Your Locks This Summer

    Summer is one of the most challenging times of year for our locks. Whether your hair is frizzing up because of humidity or the delicate strands are snapping and breaking thanks to too much swimming pool chlorine, it often isn’t easy to look good in the summer months. Here are a few summer hair tips that should keep your locks shiny and healthy all summer long.

    Get A Trim

    First of all, you could consider getting a trim at the start of the summer. Split ends tend to look dry and flyaway, and if you’re going to be dealing with frizz anyway then let’s face it – split ends will just make that particular situation even worse. Your hair also grows faster in the summer so it’s likely to get out of shape and messy looking much more quickly than it does over the winter.

    slathering in the sun
    Image Source: Pexels
    Stay Out Of The Sun this Summer

    Keeping completely out of the sun’s reach might be easier said than done, particularly if you’re a beach babe who loves nothing more than slathering yourself in sun lotion and enjoying the sun’s rays. But the sun can do some serious damage to your hair – if your hair is dyed then the colour can fade if it’s under UV rays for too long, and there’s not much that’s more painful than accidentally sunburning your scalp along with your parting. If you’re going to be out in the sun for a long time then it’s important that you invest in a hat – not only will this protect your hair and scalp but it’ll also help to shade your face, thereby keeping your skin younger for longer too – result! You could also invest in a sun spray for your hair to protect it all summer long.

    long hair
    Image Source: Pexels

    Change Your Products

    It could be time to whip out a more moisturizing shampoo and conditioner than what you would normally use, to add moisture to your hair and protect it from frizz and dryness. A lot of us tend to wash our hair more often in the summer because of sweat and humidity and if that’s the case for you then you might find that it’s getting dry and less soft than it usually is. You could also switch to using microfiber hair towels which will soak up more water, meaning that you won’t have to roughly towel your hair dry which might just damage it.

    red hair
    Image Source: Pexels
    Use A Deep Conditioner

    Before you get in the pool or the ocean it’s a good idea to fully wet your hair first so that the chlorine and salt water can’t damage it too much – and if you’ve been on vacation and your hair’s taken a bit of a battering, then it might be time to treat it well with a little TLC. To do so, invest in a hair mask – you could make an evening of it by having a bath, painting your toenails and wrapping your hair up in a mask that you’ll probably have to leave on for half an hour or so. Remember that coconut oil will do wonders for it.