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    Hair Styling Tips for Long Hair

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    Who doesn’t want to have healthy, luxurious, long hair? Every man and woman would unanimously agree that their hair is an important part of their body and also crucial to your confidence. While we would all like to have those beautiful tresses we see on TV, what we do end up with eventually is a mop of dull hair. With our hectic lifestyles and poor eating habits, our hair takes a beating that we don’t even notice until we start losing them to hair fall.

    If you want to maintain and style long hair, it cannot be achieved overnight. You need to follow a rigorous routine with absolute discipline. There are many people who resort to hair growth treatments and clinical rejuvenation to get rid of premature balding and thinning problems. Even though this is definitely a way forward for someone who wants luscious and long hair quickly, prevention will always remain better than the cure. Read more

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    The ultimate beard gift guide for sensitive skin

    beard grooming

    A beard is never just a beard, but rather a man’s pride and joy. So why not treat your bearded man with a gift that’s perfect for his sensitive skin? We give you the lowdown.

    Men are notoriously hard to buy for, and that’s a fact. Preferring to buy what they need, when they need it, purchasing gifts for the man in your life is less about finding that perfect present, and more about finding something they need that they don’t already have. From birthdays to anniversaries, Christmas to Easter, with so many occasions in a single year, it can leave us stumped when searching for that ultimate gift. Even more difficult? When your man has sensitive skin.

    But, fear not. If your other half has decided to let his facial fuzz run free, we teamed up with English Shaving Company to give you your need to know to keep his skin, and his beard, baby smooth. Read more

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    Tips To Choose The Best Curling Iron For A Beginner

    So you’ve had enough of salon visits to get your hair curled for special occasions? Do you feel irritated because of the hours and money spent on professional styling services? Well, it’s about time that you invest in the best curling iron and get shiny, beautiful locks right at your home. A curling iron is a woman’s best friend as it can help her transform her look in just a matter of minutes. While it is important to know the right way to use it, choosing the right kind of equipment is extremely important too. Here are some quick tips to help you with your first-time shopping around for the best curling iron:

    best curling iron, hair stylist

    Read more

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    Natural Hair Care Tips

    Natural Hair Care Tips

    Image credit: Karla Tobie

    I have compiled a list of natural hair care tips for newly transition hair and naturalistas. With these tips, you should achieve healthy hair, with manageability and hair growth. Read along to find out how to take care of your natural hair.
    Read more

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    The Best 10 Herbs That Will Let Your Hair Grow Thick And Long

    Hair loss is commonly found in people than you might not even imagine. Hair loss and other damages often strike to the people when they are in their mid-life. Some people have the misconception that it is only the males that suffer from hair loss, but also the females are prone to the hair thinning that can often lead to bald spots.

    Whatever is the reason for the hair loss, it is never fun. When there is a hair loss happening, we feel that our self-confidence and self-esteem is being damaged. While hair loss is damaging, but it can certainly be corrected with the different natural herbs mentioned below:

    herbs Read more

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    Your Hair Needs Food & Sleep Not Lotions & Potions

    woman face curly hair 
    When we say ‘perfect hair’ your mind probably fizzes and jumps to that one person in your life who always has salon-worthy hair. It’s so thick and wavy and oh, the way it bounces, wow! It’s only a matter of time before L’Oreal knocks on her door. She does deserve it though because she uses all the lotions and tonics and intensive hair creams and she never puts a straightener through it. It’s admirable (even if we do say so through gritted teeth).
    For you, where do you start when it comes to all the lotions and potions? Where do you turn to when split ends become your life and graying starts to sweep over your head like a horde of locusts or your hair starts thinning uncontrollably?
    Well, the first step is knowledge. You need to learn about healthy hair growth because learning will help you maximize whatever treatment route you go down. The second step is your lifestyle. Oh! Yes, you can eat and sleep your way to better hair.

    black hair

    Sleep Is Sweet

    Your hair is almost like a window into your emotional well-being because anything that affects this will also affect your hair. That is where sleep comes in; it is the most effective form of eliminating stress. That isn’t all, though. Sleep also allows your body to recharge; that’s why we sleep, and well, your hair is part of your body. Not getting enough sleep could see your hair start thinning, splitting or even graying. Amazing right, the more sleep the better.

    Oil Is Ace

    Way too many people just think olive oil is good for cooking with and making salad dressings out of, but it amazing for your hair (and skin!). This is because it is called an emollient. This means nothing to you, huh? Well, what it means in hair terms is body, shine, resilience, and softness. Just massage a bit of warm olive oil into your scalp, let it soak in, washing it out with your regular shampoo and you’re good to go. Oh, and you only need to do it once a week.

    Food For Thought

    It is totally normal for hair to thin out and it is totally normal for you to want to do something about it, which is where proteins and fruits that are packed with Vitamin C come in. They are among the best nutrients for hair. Lean meats and fish, strawberries, pineapples, and oranges. Our hair is pretty much entirely made up of protein, so when out protein levels dip our hair tends to thin. As for Vitamin C, well it works to battle split ends and dry hair.

    Greens Stop Greying

    Eating fresh greens has an amazing impact on your hair because a lot of greens are bursting with Vitamin B6. Avocado, spinach and asparagus are great but you could make an entire meal out of B6 foods. Turkey breast, tuna, pinto beans, pistachios, sunflower seeds and chicken. They will all help by accelerating the rate at which color pigments develop. It’s definitely a better route to go than constantly dying your hair. 

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    What Nutrients Are Best For Healthy Hair Growth?

    I’m sure each and every person reading this piece has heard that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory (or some variant of the phrase). For a lot of us, this adage is true. We struggle to get the right hairstyle, we frequently go to the salon, we always look at hair tips at any women’s magazine. At the end of the day; we just want to have hair that looks and feels good and achieve hair growth.

    nutrients hair growth

    But the real struggle for any girl is not to have the right hairstyle; it’s having healthy hair. Any hairstyle will not look good if your hair is dead. No amount of layering and hair extensions can hide a hundred split ends either. This is why I have come up with a short list of nutrients your hair should have to help you maintain a healthy growth for your crowning glory. Read more

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    Simplicity Equals Length Retention and Hair Health

    Natural hair care is something that is very complex, especially for someone just beginning their natural hair journey. When I first became natural two years ago, I was overly excited about trying different products. I grabbed as many moisturizers, shampoos, and gels I could buy! I know that we all get very excited about our journey and want to see exactly which products work best for us. Unfortunately, the many products that we use over time can potentially stunt hair growth. I’ve learned that simplicity works wonders for your hair. After one year, of course I had hair growth despite me using tons of products. Although my hair grew, I knew that there could have been better growth overall. So I decided to change my hair care routine to a more minimalist one. I used one conditioner, one oil, and one shampoo. Knowing my staple products I always used and stuck to them. The same three products for the next year of my journey. The results were amazing! I was able to retain much more length than before. I am going to give you my tips on how I retain length and keep healthy hair, simply.

    natural hair growth length retention healthy hair
    Image Source:
    On this new simplistic journey, you will need to choose the best shampoo for your scalp and hair. Women with natural hair have to choose wisely when making a decision on a shampoo. I suggest choosing a shampoo with natural ingredients and no sulfates or parabens. Sulfates are very drying and stripping to our curls. Sulfate shampoos will leave your hair feeling like dry hay ready to set on fire. Natural ingredients are also a must because they will give you the best results for softness and health as well. Some of the best natural ingredients you should look for in a shampoo are coconut oil. Coconut oil aids in preventing hair damage, and also it helps to keep moisture locked into your hair follicles.
    Holy grail deep conditioner, your go to for conditioning. Deep conditioning your natural hair often, will keep your hair soft. The softness makes your hair less likely to break off. I like to deep condition my hair once a week, but you can do it every two weeks also. Once again, natural ingredients are your friend when choosing the best deep conditioner. Just like you choose the healthy options to eat, choose the most healthy options for your hair. Preferably choose a conditioner with a slight protein treatment also. I prefer to use the ORS Hair Mayo Deep Conditioner.
    Moisturizers are your best friend. You will need to have a good moisturizer to help reduce the amount of breakage you have. Dry hair is the top reason for breakage, that is why moisturizers play an important role in your routine. The best moisturizer will be one that is moisturizing. It’s that simple.
    Last but not least, you need to seal in your moisture with a great oil. A common misconception women have is that oil helps to moisturize your hair. This is very false, oils only seal in the moisture you already have. When choosing an oil for your hair why not add in an extra benefit of growth. There are many oils that help to seal in moisture and aid in growth as well. One of my top favorite oils that I attribute to my growth, is Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Jbco is very anti-fungal and keeps your scalp clean which is an important factor in hair growth.
    So what have you learned naturalistas? Choose the best shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, and oil. You do not need a thousand different products for your hair. The simpler the routine, the better your hair’s health will be.

    Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in any guest post featured on our site are those of the guest author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of Beauty that walks as a whole.

    About the Author:
    Maya ScribblesHey! My name is Maya Washington and I am a 21 year old Senior in college. I have always been somewhat of an introvert when it came to talking to people or in front of a group. But I have always found it easy to express myself on paper. I used to have so many emotions and ideas cramped in my mind I would feel overwhelmed. Writing helped me release my ideas and form them into poems. Poetry has always been my passion! Maya likes to read and write poetry at any given moment. I knew I wanted to be a writer for my career, and people would always assure me that I was talented. I just had to believe it! Maya blogs at

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    Are You Losing It? Ways To Keep Your Hair Strong

    hair loss, coconut oil, blow dry


    For women, and men, hair loss is something very hard to deal with. As we grow older, we notice that our hair is thinner where we want it to be thick, and thicker where we want it to vanish! You may have noticed your eyebrows have started to thin too.  Before you panic, there are some great natural ways you can keep your hair youthful for longer, and even encourage regrowth if you have started to lose your hair.
    hair loss, coconut oil, blow dry

    There have been loads of fad fruits and diets that claim to help us with our beauty regime; it can be confusing to know which to believe and which to ignore. But if you are suffering from thinning hair and you want to avoid getting a hair transplant then Coconuts might be the answer you have been looking for.  In the last couple of years, coconut oil has gained a reputation as a hair growth agent. Of course, there are other oils which we have been excited about when it comes to hair growth.  Olive oil and castor oil have both been used by people in the past, with a variety of results. However we think Coconut oil is the real deal, let’s have a little look at why.

    Coconut oil has been used as a hair treatment and conditioner for a very long time, in fact, it has quite an impressive historical track record.  Most commonly it was used in modern developing countries such as India.  In the countries where coconut is easily grown and where processed products are not so widely available, coconut produce was a great example of resourcefulness and people experimented with what it could do.

    Naturally high in fatty acids, the coconut is only surpassed in these essential fats by canola and avocado. Not considered a good staple for regular consumption, the natural acids, and fatty properties could be beneficial. It is the properties found naturally in the coconut that shampoo and conditioner companies try to mimic. Which seems silly, when they are readily available!

    hair loss, coconut oil, blow dry
    The natural acid in coconut oil will penetrate through oil build-up on the scalp. This penetrative quality, along with the antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities that acids have in general, is a good sign of maintaining cleanliness.  While you may think that putting oil on your hair will have the opposite effect, making it greasy and cumbersome, the qualities in it have the opposite effect and can strip toxins and dirt from root to tip!
    Oil lubricates. This means it is a fantastic way of soothing the abrasive damage caused by brushing. If you use it regularly, then you will find your hair begins to repair itself. Which will give you a fantastic light feel and fewer split ends?  Coconut oil wraps around the hair at the scalp and into the root, preserving proteins and retaining moisture. More proteins in the hair follicle make a stronger hair shaft. Moisture in the shaft keeps it flexible and less prone to breakage. It is also fantastic for your skin, for the same reasons.
    It is the way it works in your hair follicles that make it so good for encouraging hair regrowth. The vitamins in the oil will work with your body to replenish your cells. This means your hair will naturally start to grow back. You can see the difference if you use it on your eyebrows. The hair grows in places that you never thought it would; you will have a fuller, bushier natural brow. It also helps lengthen your eyelashes too. You just need to massage it on for a few minutes every morning and evening. 

    In a study from 2003, “coconut oil performed better as a pre-wash rather than a post-wash conditioner.” Why? The oil prevented friction, which kept the hair cuticle cells from swelling. Swollen cuticle cells in hair break when brushed or combed. So you are better to use coconut oil to wash your hair and not to as a conditioner, which again might seem a little strange!

    blow dryer
    The results will vary by hair type. The previously-mentioned study was only conducted on hair from individuals of Indian descent. Those with coarser or drier hair may not need the extra protein that coconut oil traps. Thinner oils, like argan oil, might be a better fit for some of the beauty recommendations we have added.  However, for regrowth reasons, it is by far the superior.
    You cannot use too much of it. Just like with many other nature-based health and beauty “secrets,” usually the secret is to use it sparingly. If you cake it on, you will inevitably do more harm than good.  Another issue with coconut oil is that It can interact with other products. Coconut oil has specific properties that when used with hair products that have a lot of chemicals could spell trouble. Just like when you start a new medication, you need to check how it can react to what you are already taken.

    Of course, using the oil topically isn’t the only way to help improve your hair loss situation. The more omega three fatty acids and Vitamin E you add to the diet, the more your cells will thank you. This will mean your eyes, nails, skin and hair will all improve. So while it is great to use it on the skin, try feeding your skin from the inside and see if that helps too.

    If you are going through therapy that may lead to hair loss, such as cancer treatment, then you could try to use coconut oil before you see any hair loss. Ask the doctor to ensure there are no reasons that you shouldn’t try it. You may also find a cold cap helps to reduce the number of healthy cells which are killed during treatment.
    If you’re looking for a beauty boost of the natural variety, coconut oil may be a good fit for you. Just remember, with any new product – even natural – there are risks so talk to your doctor and your dermatologist before going ahead and using it as your next big remedy!
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    How to Cleanse the Scalp while Wearing Braids

    braids, natural hair, afro, kinky hair, protective style

    We often wear braids as a form of protective or low-maintenance style. By doing this the hair gets less manipulation and is able to grow. The longer we have braids installed; the more build ups we accumulate on the scalp from sweat, pollutants from the air and surroundings, dead skin cells, sebum, hair products and more. To prevent this the scalp need to be cleaned on a regular basis. This DIY scalp cleanse recipe is very simple.

    ACV Scalp Cleanse Recipe

    Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
    Water Bottle Spray
    Jamaican Black Castor Oil


    Mix 1/2 cup ACV with 1 cup filtered water or bottled water. 
    Pour in a spray bottle. 
    Add 2 drops of JBCO
    Spray over scalp and gentle massage. 


    Allow the ACV to sit on scalp for 3 minutes then rinse hair thoroughly with water to remove the ACV mixture.

    This Mixture will help to keep the scalp clean without messing up with your Ph balance. By using ACV wash once per week it will replace the need for shampooing the hair. It will also help with itching and you will be able to wear your braids much longer and still maintain a clean scalp. 

    If you are not into the whole idea of DIY hair care then you can pick up the Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 Miracles Natural Hair Balance Apple Cider Vinegar with Black Castor OilYou can also use other methods such as dry shampoo. Even though I’m not a big fan of dry shampoo.


    braids, natural hair, afro,kinky hair, protective style