The Best Wedding Dress Advice For The Alternative Bride!

alternative wedding dress

If looking like lifesize meringue on your wedding day isn’t for you, these options might be…

Every bride wants to feel special on their wedding day. No matter what your style, all eyes will be on you, and it’s your chance to shine. More often than not, brides choose to step away from the traditional frilly frock to don a dress of a different kind. Think colourful suits, printed dresses and gothic gowns.

I teamed up with London’s leading wedding dress alterations specialists, Alterations Boutique, to bring you a range of styles that are anything but conventional. Go on, be bold and outrageous.

1) Beautiful in blue

If you’re wanting to stay classy, but kick the convention of a white dress, a pale or dusky blue number is the perfect alternative for a slightly offbeat bride. These styles retain a delicate, slender, and cool look, and fit most appearance types. You can find gowns in all styles, such as the A-line, mermaid, empire and so on, either embellished with beads and diamonds or a no-frills, floaty frock.

2) Flaunt it in floral

For a bride looking to make the ultimate entrance at their wedding, a white dress just isn’t going to cut it. A trendy floral wedding dress could be exactly what you need to make an entrance into a summer setting. From watercolour-esque dresses to an elegant illusion style design, going floral can say anything from “statement bride” to “traditional with a twist.”

I’ll blend in with the guests if I wear a floral dress, right? This would be the case, but for one minor detail you have overlooked: it’s your big day, and only you set the rules. Turn the tables and request for guests to wear white. As the only one wearing a bright floral pattern, there’s no questioning who the bride is!

3) Two-piece wedding suit

Edgy and just that little bit extra, a two-piece wedding gown is subtle but super sexy. It’s a little left field but can be incredibly comfortable leaving brides looking (and feeling) great. Although some two-piece designs offer a glimpse at the midriff region, perfect for an active bride looking to show off her shape. Others have an embellished skirt and a leotard that stays in place even after hours of dancing.

The famous two-piece is also an excellent alternative for an indecisive bride that has tried on everything and is yet to find her dream dress. Separates allow you to create your own dress by choosing from a range of corset, bodices, and necklines and pairing it with a skirt in a variety of styles. You design a bespoke dress! This can also be a perfect solution for brides that are different sizes on the top to the bottom half of their body. When you book an appointment at a bridal store, ask them if they stock separates.

4) Statement Veils

More and more brides are looking for ways to revamp their look with a statement veil that reflects their personality. If your wedding dress is simple and elegant, a unique bridal veil can really complete your look. From statement-making cathedral-style veils to a delicate lace covering or feather-adorned birdcage, find inspiration in modern styles.

A wedding dress (as stunning as it may be) is worn once, stored away in the attic, never to see the light of day again. It’s sad, but true. However, a veil can be passed down through generations. Seeing your daughter wear the same veil as you did, on her big day, is enough to bring a tear to any mothers eye.

5) Skip the veil, and cover up with a cape

Don’t like veils? Why not switch things up and add a little drama to your big day with a cape? These can be decorated with lace, flowers and even crystals for that matter – have some fun with it, create a masterpiece. Call it the Game of Thrones effect, or possibly it has something to do with all the excitement of the Royal Wedding. Most brides wear cathedral-length veils, but we wouldn’t be surprised if Markle changed things up with a cascading cape.

Finally, get the perfect fit!

For any bride, the fit is everything. You’re not going to walk down the aisle with a gaping gown that hangs in all the wrong places. It goes without saying; you want to feel sleek, sexy and seriously stunning on your wedding day. There’s always going to be an element of panic as it draws closer to your big day. No matter what dress you have chosen, you want it to fit your figure.

We’d recommend contacting a professional wedding dress alterations shop if you have second thoughts about the shape, cut or style of your dress. Hope is not lost, and you certainly don’t have to start afresh with a new dress. They can help you fall in love with your wedding dress all over again. You’ll walk down the aisle confident as you know you have a dress that fits you like a glove and, honestly, gives you that jaw-dropping reaction you always wanted.

London’s Alterations Boutique offers a complete range of wedding dress alteration styles from neckline restyling and sizing alterations right through to bespoke embellishments. Speak to a friendly member of their team today on 0207 724 4147 to discuss your unique requirements.


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    My little sister has started her search for a wedding dress. She wants to get something really unique. It is good to know that floral patterns could be really nice with a white traditional dress. I wonder if it would be hard to do alternations with a floral pattern.

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