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    What A Classic Proposal Style Looks Like

    Marriage is something that has been around for thousands of years. It’s been able to romanticize the love two people share and has been looked upon as a way to give security to children. Although the concept had stayed the same, in which that it’s the beginning of a family or two people sharing the rest of their lives together, the styles have changed. The way we actually plan our marriages has changed the most as a trillion dollar industry has emerged for weddings. It all begins with the proposal which has also changed. In centuries gone by, the proposal was simply verbal and either the women accepted or she didn’t without any fuss. Nowadays, however, there are several ways a man can ask the question to his partner, that shows her how much he loves her and what kind of style and imagination he has. However, the classic proposal has stood the test of time.

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    The Best Wedding Dress Advice For The Alternative Bride!

    alternative wedding dress

    If looking like lifesize meringue on your wedding day isn’t for you, these options might be…

    Every bride wants to feel special on their wedding day. No matter what your style, all eyes will be on you, and it’s your chance to shine. More often than not, brides choose to step away from the traditional frilly frock to don a dress of a different kind. Think colourful suits, printed dresses and gothic gowns.

    I teamed up with London’s leading wedding dress alterations specialists, Alterations Boutique, to bring you a range of styles that are anything but conventional. Go on, be bold and outrageous. Read more

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    Listening sessions with Taylor Swift and invites to the Royal Wedding — times we’ve been invited to hang out with celebrities

    On Saturday 19th May, many of us gave up hope that our invite to the biggest wedding of the year was lost in the post. But, 2,640 lucky individuals did receive requests to attend the special day.

    That’s not the first time we’ve been invited to hang out with celebrities either. Together with luxury engagement rings retailer, Angelic Diamonds, we take a look at other occasions where we’ve scrubbed up to walk among A-listers.

    royal wedding

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    What Does Your Wedding Ring Say About You?

    ring, wedding ring, engagement ring, wedding band

    For some reason, an engagement or wedding ring always seems to be an area of speculation amongst folk. If you see a celebrity get engaged and they have a tiny diamond, you start to wonder why, and this can lead to us forming opinions about the people themselves. The question we really need to ask is why? Why does a piece of jewelry say something about us! Well… Read more

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    Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring

    Aside from your dress, flowers, table decorations and everything else, you need a wedding ring! It’s often the first thing people ask to see after the big day and you want to impress.

    It can be a difficult task to choose the perfect ring, especially when you’ve no idea what you want. There are so many different types of cut, colour, clarity and carat to choose from, it can be a daunting task before the big day arrives. Together with Angelic Diamonds, specialist retailers in solitaire engagement rings, we provide you with the definitive need-to-knows when it comes to choosing a ring that looks perfect on your finger.

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    Proposal Pointers For The Ladies Brave Enough To Take The Lead

    We’re going to let you in on a secret ladies; it’s not only men who can propose. Shocking, isn’t it? But alas, there it is. No longer do ladies have to wait until the leap year to pop the question. More often, women are taking the helm and getting the job done. In fact, about three-fourths of Americans say it would be okay for ladies to do the proposing. It worked for Lorelai Gilmore, after all.

    proposal pointers
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    Wedding Fashion Tips

    If you’re going to be a guest at a wedding, you want to stand out. While you don’t want to take away from the bride, you certainly want to look your best. Here are a few wedding fashion tips to help you make a great impression without upstaging the bride. Coast also has a great selection of dresses. 

    wedding dress

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    Factors to Be Considered While Purchasing Custom Jewellery

    The term “custom jewellery design” makes the entire process of purchasing jewellery very demanding. Most of the people neither understand this term nor how easy it is for an individual to select the right kind of custom jewellery. One of the main reason why people are confused with this term is the misconception that a custom jewellery design is very expensive. There are many jewellery providers in the market who can supply a custom jewellery design at a very affordable rate.

    Some of the factors that play a key role when an individual is looking to purchase a custom jewellery design are:

    necklace, custom jewellery

    Getting Clarity on What is Required

    There are some custom jewellery design providers who help the customers in discovering what they might like and then help them in putting the entire design together for that particular customer. Every type of jewellery design is made up of many parts. Hence, it is very important for the customer to understand the different parts before moving ahead with the selection.

    Can Changes Be Made to the Design of the Jewellery?

    Usually, the most experienced and best custom jewellery providers ensure that the customer can change the designs during the process of making the jewellery. This ensures that the entire process of making the jewellery can be custom fitted with the likes and dislikes of the customer.

    custom ring

    Do the Custom Jewellery Providers Limit the Choice of Designs?

    There are a number of custom jewellery design providers in the market. Some may be experienced while the others inexperienced. It is very common for the inexperienced ones to usually limit the number of custom designs offered to customers. This is probably because they don’t have the capacity to accommodate every request made by an individual customer. On the other side, the experienced jewellery providers are able to accommodate the request made by each customer. So, it is very important for the customer to find the right kind of experienced jewellery provider; in order to ensure that they are able to pick the most versatile jewellery designer in the market.

    How Redesigning Jewellery Can Be Used to Make the Custom Design Unique?

    In the name of custom jewellery design, some people are satisfied with the idea of fitting the existing gems, platinum, or gold in their old jewellery. Gems can be either added or removed from the jewellery to make the design look grand. Also, the jewellery can be designed in such a way that the stones can be retrofitted with gems suited for the occasion. Overall the primary reason why people go for redesigning is that it saves money and a lot of time which usually goes into creating a new design from scratch.

    customized ring

    Incorporating A Wax Model in The Process of Making the Jewellery

    A wax model is usually made in the process of making custom jewellery designs. First, the jewellery is created in wax and is inserted into a mold of plaster. After this, the mold made of plaster is heated till the wax comes out, which in turn creates room for either gold or other types of metal to be poured into the void. After all this, the plaster breaks and the jewellery are created. This process is called the lost wax jewellery process.

    Typically, a custom jewellery design is a much better option than a mass-produced item. Usually, the custom jewellery providers ensure that they have the best jewellery designers; bench jewelers and gemologists who collaborate with each other to provide the best design to their customers. Also, custom jewellery design creators usually use noble metal that is pure.
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    5 Top Ways To Feel Like a Million Dollar on Your Wedding Day

    Our wedding days are unarguably the biggest and most special day in our lives, so it’s essential that we look and feel our best. Whilst the first thing we think about is the dress, the venue and the honeymoon, we also know that the perfect wedding is all in the detail. That is also true when it comes to the bride. With the pressure on to look our most wonderful selves, we can certainly feel the strain to look and feel perfect in every way.

    bride wedding day wedding dress, million dollar

    So with that in mind today we are sharing our top tips on all the little details that make brides feel like a million dollar on the big day.

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    30 Questions to Help You Choose Your Wedding Vehicle

    Your wedding vehicle is super important because it’s the first thing your friends and family are going to see before you make your grand entrance.  It can be quite a confusing and often overlooked part of the wedding plan so we’ve gathered 30 questions you might have about choosing your wedding vehicle.

    Whether you are thinking about wedding helicopter travel – yep you heard us right – you could have a helicopter whisk you off to your honeymoon destination.

    Or, you are considering a more traditional vintage car, these questions will help you consider more possibilities and choose the right wedding vehicle for you.

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    The Key to get a Perfect Celebrant when you Fix your Marriage

    Every individual has his or her own versions of a “perfect wedding”. Due to many reasons, however; we may not be able to achieve it and can end up settling for less. But on such a occasion as that of your wedding, settling for less is an absolute NO! To help make that “perfect wedding” a reality, many choose to hire a wedding celebrant. A wedding celebrant is a professional who specializes in planning and executing a wedding.

    Wedding Celebrant